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VisionLab Studio Help


Clean reinstall instructions

Mar 200735Simon K Jones


Dec 201033Zorn8

My Fxvisionlab Won't render


My visionlab closes itself when i start

Nov 200927Nixinhas

Opening Problem

Mar 201024iFilmer

Regarding particle textures

Feb 201123Helge

Looking to improve my CG Composites

Sep 200923pscamm

How do I create new textures?

May 201022Phoenix Studio Production

Working with a 3-monitor setup

Nov 201020engel003

new blood /gore effects software

Mar 200920FXhomer40781

using dv2 plugins and fxpreset library

Dec 200819FXhomer40781

White screen when uploading .mov file?

Apr 201118FXhomer106763

Parts of VisionLab Studio don't work on my PC

Dec 201018DonrWolfeye

Video smaller in Windows Media Player after rendering?

Feb 201018FXhomer130136

standing on green screen question!

Dec 200818badmonk

Making an Explosion Hole in Stone Wall

Jun 200917Kirkeric

program window i can't maximize (visionslab)

Feb 200917trydeezz1

Which one to buy?

Jan 200917Siobhan73

Chroma Keying headaches,

Apr 200816niennumb1

movie/video problem [ANSWER]

Feb 200816FXhomer69442

Macromedia Projector has stopped working error - Win 7 64bit

Sep 201115petet2

Project settings and speed of rendered video

Sep 201015Viktorious

Importing problem

Dec 200915Viktorious

VisionLab Won't Start (Director Player Error)

Dec 200915theclone56

Blue screen tutorial (also called keying)

Mar 201114danielchin96

Displacement help anyone? Footage disappears!

Nov 201014Azulon'sAssassin

reduced quality

Apr 201014Toruk Macto

Alpha channel image sequence

Oct 200914leonado2

Particles Not Showing!

Jul 200914Captain Amazingly Incredi

Up grading computer.

Feb 200914spydurhank

My Alpha mask is too sharp...Apparently

Nov 200814pscamm

muzzle flash

Sep 200814prokidsfilms

how do I activate my account? [ANSWER]

Feb 2008144fingers97

reflection in moving please

Jun 200714BrnDmgInc

Can I create a PNG (no BG) video of my GS video?

Mar 201113Moonloon1

Weird Halo...

Oct 200913theclone56

Activation Help

Jan 200913GBP4563

reflections and shadows for greenscreen videos

Dec 200813Firebird5762

couple questions!

Nov 200813badmonk

stuttering choppy video!

Oct 200813badmonk

Help with serial from TubeTape [ANSWER]

Mar 200813bavo

Adding neon light [ANSWER]

Dec 200713fredclips

Now for the trickier part...Stabbing scene

Feb 201112Warnezllc

One effect won't appear.

Nov 201012Azulon'sAssassin

Bamf! help? The effect won't appear on the canvas!

Nov 201012Azulon'sAssassin

Director Player Error

Apr 201012Fudge Dog

how to move partical in front of CG character

Mar 201012sumthinwong

CG and invisibility

Mar 201012sumthinwong

Ignorance Mine

Mar 201012Sagerman

application error

Mar 201012rick johnson

flame sword movement help

Jan 201012Moviemaker222

Does VisionLab work on Windows 7 64-bit? [ANSWER]

Oct 200912jotoki

Help Please! Problems importing video

Sep 200912FXhomer57724

Can VisionLb render Straight Alpha instead of Premultiplied?

Dec 200812Dufusyte

Questions About Motion Tracking

Oct 200812Sam Larsen

Some help here plz!

Sep 200812PaPa R0aCh

Timeline and Neon Question [ANSWER]

Aug 200712FXhomer11005

Submitting a preset [ANSWER]

Mar 200712Plainly

Pre-Key Grading [ANSWER]

Mar 200712tomjscott

Cloning Problem ... PLEASE HELP!

Feb 200712Ottoman

Can VisionLab HD use 24p footage? [ANSWER]

Dec 200512Rob333

VisonLab Studio 2.0

Dec 201011PJChatman

Clips elongate

Jun 201011FXhomer47702

HELP ME! Project to fast!

Apr 201011FXhomer12238


Mar 201011Ricnel

bluescreen removing?

Mar 201011Toruk Macto

Help with using VisionLab with Sony Vegas 9

Mar 201011WillPhanto1

Widescreen render comes out standard screen

Dec 200911FXhomer30225

Shining watch with greenscreen?

Aug 200911DESMEV

Copying Key frame to the next frame over?

Aug 200911Apocalypse Studios

How hard would it be to walk on water?

Jun 200911rayj00

Cannot composite alpha and RGB

May 200911leonado2

Casting light

Apr 200911ccliffy

Do you have to draw a new light sword shape all the time?

Nov 200811benbru0608

Effects optic movement speed help

Sep 200811Mefuneakira

How can I add a Lightsaber clash? [ANSWER]

Dec 200711FXhomer46534

Create Textures with Images or Drawings in Particle Engine

Nov 200711Skatingecko

Making effects slower [ANSWER]

Jan 200711Tuffy

Move mask with Video/Object? [ANSWER]

Oct 200611doone128

Can the speed of particles be adjusted? [ANSWER]

Dec 200511Dalemations

I've tried everything!

Oct 201110FXhomer62891

Need circuit board video

Apr 201110Warnezllc

Video file wont import.

Apr 201110Prospero37

Green Screen layers Crops Background

Nov 201010cazg

Horizontal Lines

May 201010Phoenix Studio Production

Clips Don't Export Correctly After Rendering

Dec 200910mpiercearrow

VisionLab Studio quitting during startup

Nov 200910Leee

User manual?

Jul 200910binkman71

Vision Lab Studio Demo

Jun 200910pinkyandthesheep

Compositing with alpha and RGB image streams or AVI's

Jan 200910leonado2

Making stuff move "telekinesis"

Dec 200810FXhomer90944

hv30 question

Dec 200810teenagelobotomy

graphics tablet!

Dec 200810badmonk

Got the HV30! Whats the best setting for Greenscreen?

Dec 200810Moonloon1

When I render my background changes color.

Jul 200810FXhomer71833

How do I create lightsabre blades on still images?

May 200810DDB

Anyone live in South Florida know how to work VisionLab?

Apr 200810Team Pce

Super Strength

Apr 200810FXhomer46845

Where are imported presets located? [ANSWER]

Mar 200810MikeSDI

Reactive lighting [ANSWER]

Jan 200810pscamm

Extending the duration of a neon light effect [ANSWER]

Jun 200710outerringz

3D Glasses? [ANSWER]

Mar 200710Armageddon1212

Masked Grading help [ANSWER]

Mar 200710Armageddon1212

Saving grading presets with a particle effect [ANSWER]

Feb 200710Arkangel D

VisionLab Studio not compatible with Mac OS X Lion?

Jul 20119Supernova Productions

Visionlab and Composite lab not appearing...

Mar 20119Azulon'sAssassin

Moving objects and Masking

Feb 20119ChrischinLoois

Rendering speed

Jul 20109ryan126

Freehand mask

Mar 20109sumthinwong

Right click + change duration problem

Jan 20109gwion23

keying, masking, replacing with flames

Jan 20109khobar95

Render Transport Problem

Dec 20099SuburbanElement

Vlab fullscreen issues on Windows 7 w/ taskbar at screentop

Dec 20099the Fiddler

Is it possible to add the effect of someone getting hit by..

Oct 20099pinkyandthesheep

Hand Tracking

Aug 20099theclone56

Slow Motion

May 20099trydeezz1

Metal bio-morph question.

Mar 20099spydurhank

ELab won't work because I purchased VLab?

Dec 20089Bucees

Why 1440x1080 from 1920x1080?

Dec 20089Moonloon1

sin city/pleasantvill effect WITHOUT green screen?

Aug 20089Qbeck


Jul 20089Fx90

using a Canon HV30 [ANSWER]

Jun 20089mia4south

got a green screen, only small visual error [ANSWER]

Jun 20089Qbeck

"Predator" effect

May 20089FXhomer30604

Help with importing 24p/24pA

Mar 20089Dory Breaux

particle gaps fire trails [ANSWER]

Feb 20089Condornojoeg2

Effect passes over widescreen black bars [ANSWER]

Feb 20089FX500

Object Mask Tutorial Transporter Effect

Jan 20089Ryaneric77

How can I re-create the invisible man effect? [ANSWER]

Dec 20079mdslammer

Problem with 'Bodnificator' effect preset [ANSWER]

Dec 20079William O

FXHome tutorials - camera type?[ANSWER]

Oct 20079mikeb8

Applying effects to images [Answer]

Sep 20079Staff Only

How Do I Make Copies Of People Like Smith In The Matrix

Mar 20079Majo0od

Optic movement help !

Nov 20118jelyanne

Nuclear Bomb

Aug 20118FXhomer64247

How the hell do i get the full version

Jul 20118Harby123

Output Video Slows down In Vision lab

Jun 20118FXhomer57724

How to Make Scorch Marks and a Hole With Vision Lab

Jun 20118FXhomer57724

Presets in different parts

Feb 20118Warnezllc

Turning on the sound in editing lab?

Feb 20118Warnezllc

Avatar the las airbender effect?

Feb 20118Agentdd007

Some texture help...

Jan 20118Azulon'sAssassin

Prorgam loads slow?

Jan 20118WebmasterTeen

Creating from scratch and Green screen

Dec 20108FXhomer57724

plug in for low battery camera sign?

Dec 20108FXhomer40781


Nov 20108FXhomer40781

Quad handle query

Oct 20108Alanglynnis

Working with interlaced footage

Sep 20108Jam Pot Studios

Dual monitor setup on Windows 7

Aug 20108max1298

Preset preview issue

Jun 20108ChillyZebra

Motion jumping error

Jun 20108Crazy Director

3D Muzzle Flashes?

May 20108jawajohnny

Making an explosion, smoke stay put while camera moves

May 20108director1331

Shaky Playback on TV screen

Mar 20108MagicApulia Snc

Visionlab Shuts On Me!

Jan 20108Toruk Macto


Jan 20108andyp85

How to change resolution when importing a video


Having trouble slowing down heavy fires effect in visionlab

Jun 20098FXhomer58710

Flying take off shot - advice please

Apr 20098infaddict

My (not)finished movie is 700 MB big!

Apr 20098kikasuutagoe

I’ve got the hang of using VisionLab

Jan 20098FXhomer82343

How to use the Stock Footage

Dec 20088damadman

Hello i starting and i have a question about moving effects

Dec 20088Shonen NooB

Alpha Channels with text

Nov 20088spydurhank

The Best Blacksaber

Nov 20088Darth Stazz the Powerful

large picture file.

Oct 20088spydurhank

so whats the difference with full version of visionlab?

Oct 20088badmonk

any books on vision lab please?

Oct 20088badmonk

Music and cutting

Sep 20088prokidsfilms

grading headaches

Sep 20088Qbeck

Particle Speed

Aug 20088MoviePro

lightsaber problem [ANSWER]

Aug 20088Beast75

Odd line at right of monitor [ANSWER]

Jul 20088Plainly

Effect Duration Help with Demo [ANSWER]

Dec 20078Angry Chair

How do I scale the lightning? [ANSWER]

Dec 20078leonado2

invisible [ANSWER]

Oct 20078TrEmBeL

how does someone go invisible like the preview thing

Aug 20078FXhomer39017

Help with digital selection [ANSWER]

Jan 20078Plainly

Bullet impact effects [ANSWER]

Dec 20068Steve Sharkey

How do I import Canon HV20 footage into VisionLab?

Nov 20117petet2

Can't render the movie! :(

Oct 20117watterwalker

VisionLab & Mac OS X Lion

Jul 20117Axeman

Making a line of particles thinner at the back

Jul 20117Azulon'sAssassin

2 of one person fighting, need greeen screen?

Jun 20117FXhomer57724

Animation Attributes Rotation Wheel

Jun 20117FXhomer57724

quick question

Mar 20117Warnezllc

How do I create a decent shockwave?

Mar 20117Jam Pot Studios

"failed begin compression sequence"

Feb 20117Warnezllc

HV40 Camera

Dec 20107UnrealProductions

Inpont/outpoint issues

Nov 20107Azulon'sAssassin

HArd disk Space error Vision LAB

Nov 20107FXhomer42293

Video seems to import as a still frame...

Nov 20107joshohelp

Compositing stock footage

Oct 20107FXhomer57724

Getting the 24p Look. What are the consequences?

Oct 20107Darth Stazz the Powerful

Removing wire rigs from clips

Jul 20107CyberViking2000

uploading presets to presets libary

Jun 20107Wizard 789

Overall controls and keyframing

May 20107Faction Master

Layer turns black with displacement

Mar 20107sumthinwong

Particle calculation between frames/fields

Mar 20107Helge

Virtual Star Wars Set?

Feb 20107pinkyandthesheep

j'ai un probleme avec mes video

Feb 20107toufilefou


Jan 20107andyp85

Downloading Presets? HELP

Dec 20097FXchris

It just closes down...

Nov 20097watterwalker

Noise in clothing

Nov 20097martinvb

How do I animate an even speed zoom out?

Jul 20097Sugartalker

Moving Effects

Jul 20097JmanGuitar5150

How to Shift Direction of an Explosion

May 20097Kirkeric

costum saber

May 20097FXhomer56360

Help with intro title card in the style of Doctor who.

Apr 20097Calvyn

Adding Multiple Masking for Lightsaber FX

Jan 20097Neo5932

Rapid Fire Laser preset and interlaced footage

Jan 20097FXhomer88905

Bullet Trail Side

Dec 20087FXhomer88905

Guidelines Disappear

Nov 20087Darth Stazz the Powerful

Newbie, thinking about purchasing FXHome

Oct 20087Mr Pants

does this kind of software exist? please help.

Oct 20087spydurhank

creating masks

Oct 20087FXhomer49176

would this be smarter:

Aug 20087Lerman Productions

can't find activation keys. [ANSWER]

Jun 20087spydurhank

Rendering in Widescreen [ANSWER]

May 20087Jabooza

Superman Flying! [ANSWER]

Apr 20087FXhomer46845

bullet for bullet trail!

Mar 20087powersurge

Making effects last longer than 100 frames [ANSWER]

Feb 20087future producer

slow rendering

Feb 20087MillerBros

Problems with lego stop motion [ANSWER]

Jan 20087Angry Chair

Hologram Help! [ANSWER]

Jan 20087Torched Entertainment

VisonLab Demo VS Full Version VisionLab [ANSWER]

Dec 20077FXhomer7718

Aide :)

Oct 20077FXhomer36946


Aug 20077Vision

Stop Motion Question- Newbie [ANSWER]

Jul 20077AzGunrunner

Skin tone and glowing eyes [ANSWER]

May 20077ramavalanche

Can Visionlab do this effect? (Example linked)

May 20077FXhomer14180

How can i do this effect when the guy running...

May 20077The Flash

Customizing your particle texture [ANSWER]

Mar 20077Plainly

Object mask question, logo with fire [ANSWER]

Feb 20077CaptainGhost

Can you create kickback recoil on gun props? [ANSWER]

Feb 20077FXhomer21127

Lightsaber arm cut [ANSWER]

Nov 20067jpnaranjo

How do get a layer from one project into another? [ANSWER]

Oct 20067SyroVision

Where Is VisionLab?

Aug 20116Ray2010

StarGate Puddle

Jul 20116FXhomer57724

Change the color on video

Jun 20116FXhomer57724

"Failed to compress frame" :'(

Apr 20116FXhomer106763

Glow looks fine in VisionLab, but VERY odd once rendered?

Apr 20116Hikaru755



Making clones help?

Feb 20116Warnezllc

Exporting clips from Final Cut Express 4 to Visionlab

Feb 20116rockstarbd82

Turning fire and muzzle flashes black

Feb 20116Azulon'sAssassin


Feb 20116Orxato

change language to French

Feb 20116tiare39

Can I do a pure displacement layer?

Jan 20116Azulon'sAssassin

Moving a pre-set to desired location

Jan 20116Warnezllc

Some lightsaber help.

Jan 20116Azulon'sAssassin

Serial Number and Trial to Real Version questions

Jan 20116rockstarbd82

Render questions

Oct 20106pixelboy

Rendering with Alpha Channel

Oct 20106Dan Gilbert

Exported Videos are a Tad Wide

Sep 20106Darth Stazz the Powerful

Using grade objects

Jul 20106RockeyJStudios

Rendering issues

May 20106jappster

Finally had a project, found cripple-ware and a crash

May 20106ChillyZebra

Different Clocks for Films

Apr 20106Darth Stazz the Powerful

Render speed

Feb 20106yngwiexxx


Feb 20106CryisisFX

VLC Conversion

Jan 20106Darth Stazz the Powerful

Lighting question

Jan 20106khobar95

Rendering issues. please help

Dec 20096FXhomer60969

HELP! MS C+ Library Aborts!

Nov 20096joe cacciatore

Fixed light source with an optic flare with camera movement

Nov 20096Iannou

mask is different color!

Sep 20096badmonk

HD Footage with Vision Lab

Aug 20096Dancamfx

Neon Light effects moving out of place...

Aug 20096ImaginateThat

Editing size of clip

Jun 20096FXhomer51950

Problem with presets and chinese letters

May 20096FXhomer33147

Can Visionlab matte an object without bluescreen?

May 20096ChromeHeart

Ship Entering The Atmosphere (i need Tarn to take a look!)

Feb 20096KidMovie13

Setting up VisionLab with dual monitors

Jan 20096cwiehl

Bullet holes in VL...?

Jan 20096Gino East

Recording things playing on your computer...

Jan 20096junfanjohn

Resizing The program's Window...

Jan 20096Gino East

keyframing effects - what am I doing wrong!

Dec 20086moviemaker555

how do YOU organize your VFX shots in VLS?

Dec 20086badmonk

Evaluating VisionLab and I have questions

Dec 20086khobar95_old

picture in fxhome

Nov 20086prokidsfilms

Help on what to Buy

Nov 20086Lamplighters

Lightsabers Part 2?

Nov 20086diamondrocks

DEMO requirements and expiry for VisionLab Pro

Oct 20086PJChatman

Leaving One Color

Oct 20086Darth Stazz the Powerful

Invisibility Issues

Oct 20086FXhomer49673

human torch in 3dantics

Oct 20086FXhomer49176

fire on hand

Sep 20086prokidsfilms


Sep 20086torag

Animating photographs in VisionLab

Aug 20086Alanglynnis

Human torch? [ANSWER]

Jul 20086Z films

Skin color

Jul 20086klaymen95

Smoke / fog issue

May 20086Boa1969

Downloading plug-ins, but I dont own product [ANSWER]

Mar 20086FXhomer68737

video cloning

Jan 20086FXhomer20597

Yellow eyes, like a sith [ANSWER]

Sep 20076lewisbates1991

I want to make someone dissolve... but HOW?

Aug 20076FXhomer39017

harry potter 4, duel tutorial please! [ANSWER]

Jul 20076NeoMatrix

Green clothing with greenscreen [ANSWER]

Jul 20076AzGunrunner

Patronus Effects from H. Potter

Jul 20076BrnDmgInc

How to use presets like Matrix View and Burning?[ANSWER]

Jun 20076TheAba

How do you freeze frame? [ANSWER]

Jun 20076zero eric

Why buy VisionLab Studio when... [ANSWER]

May 20076Motoman

Lightsaber cutting a wall, is it possible? [ANSWER]

Feb 20076FXhomer21127

displacement effect? [ANSWER]

Jan 20076kilian66

where'd my lightning and laser presets go?

Apr 20125rockstarbd82

Please help - quality drop!

Oct 20115Bazorca

Compositing silver on green/blue screen?

Sep 20115rockstarbd82

Layer 2 Videos on top of each other!

Aug 20115FXhomer57724

why does the program take so long to load evry single effect

Jul 20115AlphaTeam

MORE particle effect questions(SORRY :/)

Jun 20115Azulon'sAssassin

Help! ... Drop in final quality!

Jun 20115Bazorca

Presets Cause VisionLab To Crash

Jun 20115Michael Grant

Rendering Problems with sound

Jun 20115FXhomer57724

Quick Time Mov Picture file - Animation- With Visionlab

May 20115FXhomer57724

Program is turning off!

Apr 20115CichyNinja


Apr 20115mikeb8

reversing particle effects

Apr 20115rockstarbd82

Star Wars Lightsaber effects without need for frame b frame

Mar 20115FXhomer133257

Electrocution effect?

Mar 20115Azulon'sAssassin

Couple of questions...

Feb 20115Azulon'sAssassin

How do I add sound to my projects?

Feb 20115Reinaldo Cancel

Help Me, Pleaseeeeeeeeeee...!

Feb 20115Sufian796z

How do I export my movie?

Jan 20115Robopsychologist

Help - imported media shows up as a black screen

Jan 20115Robopsychologist

Head shot (hiding the bullet hole)

Jan 20115Warnezllc

Footage brightens after export/rendering

Dec 20105Geo Ghost

Help Me :!

Dec 20105FXhomer126015

Animated garbage mattes

Nov 20105Azulon'sAssassin

Sniper View issues

Nov 20105Warnezllc

I can't tell what textures I'm importing!

Nov 20105Azulon'sAssassin

1 out of 5 muzzle flashes appear after render

Nov 20105Warnezllc

Is MPEG4 suitable for editing?

Nov 20105acproductions

Basic masking question

Sep 20105pesapesa

Simulating Camera Movement

Aug 20105ThePhantomShadow

Rendering speed question

Jun 20105PhilWesson

Wolverine Spin Effect And Claws Effect


The program

Jun 20105FXhomer94999

Uploading preset tubule

May 20105Phoenix Studio Production

can't seem to edit videos

May 20105mendozajc

Problems with rendering my movie

May 20105FXhomer60148

Gradually increase the size of Optics

Apr 20105Galdors


Mar 20105Viktorious

The colour black disappears

Mar 20105Galdors

I am considering upgrading to Vision Lab.

Mar 20105Fudge Dog

making an invisible person

Feb 20105FXhomer40781


Feb 20105iFilmer


Jan 20105DimwitFilms

Run Time Error

Jan 20105FXhomer47702

ring of fire, wave of destruction?

Jan 20105khobar95

Footage special FX help

Jan 20105Fighter1

Trouble registering VLab Studio

Dec 20095khobar95

Adding sound and editting after rendering through FX

Dec 20095John Krukar

How do i get rid of the words that pop up on my video?

Dec 20095FXhomer52361

Film Importation

Dec 20095black ronin1228

keying out footage

Nov 20095powersurge

Extra Material

Oct 20095SuburbanElement

Render optics with alpha channel - No automatic transparency

Oct 20095KKB-FILM

rendering times

Oct 20095FXhomer47702

Time Remaping...

Oct 20095CryisisFX

serial key download where?

Oct 20095leonado2

Masking Help (More detail on Object Masks and Invisibility?)

Aug 20095CryisisFX

LIGHTSABER help - 4-point wireframe but no NEON GLOW!

Aug 20095FXhomer116181

Layers and Masking

Aug 20095Apocalypse Studios

Any way to use different effects for different layers?

Jul 20095nuyawk

lighting car lights?

May 20095FXhomer61116

How to Give the Appearance of Feet off the Ground

May 20095Darth Stazz the Powerful

Tweening Particle Rate and Lifetime

Apr 20095Darth Stazz the Powerful

help with shifting video positions

Mar 20095FXhomer40781

Where are the BIG firey explosion FXpreset?

Mar 20095PJChatman

figuring out cloning

Mar 20095FXhomer84922

Animating a Grade effect

Mar 20095ccliffy

Fell in love with a girl: Grading

Mar 20095Qbeck

How do I key with a radius?

Feb 20095Moonloon1

incase someone high up was gonna arrest me...

Jan 20095Qbeck

Jitter in VisionLab Studio too

Jan 20095Ej Music TV

Moving presets around in the canvas

Jan 20095Triaxis Productions

help me choosing video camera

Dec 20085Rene K B

Can you stick an effect to the movie, while panning?

Nov 20085FXhomer52636

Lightning in VisionLab

Nov 20085krakatoa


Oct 20085Mr Pants

Importing Audio to VisionLab Project?

Oct 20085lcmmania

Scrolling in Visionlab

Oct 20085SGB

question about preview render!

Oct 20085badmonk

value key help

Sep 20085Qbeck

help with duplicating

Sep 20085x0220

Looping an animation

Sep 20085FXhomer1337

Problem with Rendering muzzle flashes!

Aug 20085FXhomer62748

Force Field Help wanted

Aug 20085Big Guy

All I know is how to do Lightsabers... can I have help?

Jul 20085Lerman Productions

post video for download

Jul 20085nerfgunnerz3

grade filters within one grade object [ANSWER]

Jun 200851luckydog

Losing stuff on visionlab [ANSWER]

Jun 20085StupidLikeAFox

Dust Being Kicked Up By Helicopter

May 20085Torched Entertainment

how to move masking

May 20085nerfgunnerz3

Mask or garbage matte?

Apr 20085Boa1969

Advanced Masking [ANSWER]

Apr 20085FXhomer46845

Desperate for help with muzzle flashes [ANSWER]

Apr 20085FXhomer57175

If I were to buy the downloadable version [ANSWER]

Mar 20085GeekOfComedy

General Inquiry [ANSWER]

Mar 20085RyanZ

Blur stays within alpha channel [ANSWER]

Mar 20085Darth Stazz the Powerful

Grading concepts how to get them into visionlab [ANSWER]

Mar 20085RigomrtsFX

how do I make a 3d tunnel with visionlab?

Feb 20085Condornojoeg2

Can you reverse Particle effects? [ANSWER]

Jan 20085Eirath

Creating a Demon [ANSWER]

Dec 20075FXhomer82746

Neon Lightsaber Help [ANSWER]

Dec 20075Skatingecko

Slow motion? [ANSWER]

Oct 20075Kevin11383

How to make productive titles for a film [ANSWER]

Oct 20075Videomaker5012

I've ordered VL in the post, but can I download it? [ANSWER]

Sep 20075The Flying Fox

Hole in the ground after explosion [ANSWER]

Aug 20075FXhomer18641

Freeze Scene [ANSWER]

Jun 20075Majo0od

Lock mask to save time... [ANSWER]

Jun 20075zero eric

Creating artificial depth of field [ANSWER]

May 20075007StyLe

Venom from spiderman

May 20075FXhomer14180

Time re-mapping

May 20075Sayak

How do I get a photo behind the actor? [ANSWER]

Mar 20075donjuanzx9

How do I use AlamDV explosion? [ANSWER]

Feb 20075kilian66

Shock Wave From an exploding planet? [ANSWER]

Feb 20075GIants1714

I need help recreating an effect [ANSWER]

Jan 20075FXhomer16950

About playback and slow motion... [ANSWER]

Dec 20065Steve Sharkey

Where is the commercial license? [ANSWER]

Nov 20065Lior

Effect quality (non-square pixels) [ANSWER]

Oct 20065SteveW

Displacement invisibility [ANSWER]

Sep 20065Richard Summers

Matching shutter speeds? [ANSWER]

Mar 20065ashman

Aspect Ratio

Jan 20124WedgeOz

Lettering special effects?

Jan 20124Belle

Harry Potter Help

Oct 20114Azulon'sAssassin

Message on start-up

Aug 20114Alanglynnis

.mov Problem

Aug 20114AntonMagic

Making a downward burst of particles.

Jul 20114Azulon'sAssassin

Flame glow

Jul 20114Azulon'sAssassin

Runtime Error!

Jun 20114MyCreationTV com

How to make a Vapor Trail from a jet

Jun 20114FXhomer57724

How to slow down a particle effect

May 20114Galdors

Rendering problem

Apr 20114andyp85

Effects/Presets Don't Appear on Rendered Movie

Mar 20114Easterling

Available Codec's

Mar 20114pscamm

Is This Converting

Mar 20114Darth Stazz the Powerful

When I turn smoke black on visionlab it doesent appear

Feb 20114Agentdd007

Stock Footage Keying

Feb 20114dinnsfire5

I'm 13, any tips on using 'key' I keep messing it up.

Jan 20114JNJRproductions

VisionLab Studio (Trial) wrong file type?

Dec 20104Sidsniffles

Creating custom Templates?

Dec 20104Hikaru755

lose voice when rendering

Dec 20104KBaschke

very quick question about camera shake

Dec 20104FXhomer40781

More displacement problems!

Nov 20104Azulon'sAssassin

holographic display

Nov 20104Sevecon

Adding Sound Effects

Sep 20104FXhomer106628


Sep 20104The Great Sage

HD help

Aug 20104UnrealProductions

How do I export video?

Aug 20104FXhomer79439

Comprehensive framerate options?

Jul 20104Ballowall

Removing background when render - for importing to other app

Jun 20104FXhomer79703

Alamdv2plugins star destroyer

Jun 20104Wizard 789

Who know SERIAL CODE ?

May 20104FXhomer40600

Why when i render a job, fx looks with vertical lines.

May 20104Utuayey

How to create a plugin

Apr 20104Happy Samurai and Company

Commercial License

Apr 20104Fudge Dog

Damaged project file reanimated :-)

Apr 20104Helge


Mar 20104Fudge Dog

How do I get a key file?

Mar 20104HappySamuraiMovies

Glitches after render

Mar 20104Viktorious

star wars x wing

Mar 20104Wizard 789

Windows 7 64 bit and Visionlab?

Mar 20104spydurhank

Grading help

Mar 20104eg66633

Missle Smoke Effect?

Feb 20104Moviemaker222

Having issues loading Presets

Feb 20104Mastica450


Feb 20104Viktorious

Maintaining quality with multiple renders

Feb 20104ryan126

Help With Visionlab For Mac

Jan 20104StupidLikeAFox

grey frames

Jan 20104FXhomer110911


Jan 20104khobar95

How to Achieve a Effect Such as This

Jan 20104Darth Stazz the Powerful

Crashing at Render

Dec 20094mpiercearrow

Different Shades of Green... Problem?

Dec 20094Bucees

Rendering keyframes - what do they do?

Nov 20094Viktorious

Is there a way to add a text effect with visionlab.

Nov 20094pinkyandthesheep


Oct 20094klaymen95

Controlling mask duration

Oct 20094FXhomer100419

I bought vision lab bundle from tube tape I havent recieved

Sep 20094SCOTTYX

Green screening a Lightsaber!

Aug 20094CryisisFX

VisionLab Image Sequence Crash

Aug 20094pscamm

Stock Footage:Explostions

Aug 20094scottblanks

Stock Footage for flying

Jul 20094scottblanks

Cropping - sizing

Jul 20094FXhomer144792

Running for a non-admin account - presets don't show

Jun 20094goodrichm

rendered effects dropping off of video

Jun 20094Chappy

Alpha masks.

May 20094spydurhank

Greenscreen: Hold out matte?

May 20094Gschwind

help creating a severed head effect

May 20094maddude155

Security Laser beams?

May 20094Neiderhauser

Help with Fog

Apr 2009410 Zen

grading HD footage

Apr 20094FXhomer40781

Background replacement without chromakey or matting

Apr 20094Crazy Director

Can you create a fade transition in VisionLab?

Mar 20094FXhomer58374

Shimmer on DV footage when using quad to "zoom"

Mar 20094Alanglynnis

Please explain tween.

Feb 20094Moonloon1

can visionslab work with text

Feb 20094trydeezz1

cant remove logo after rendering

Feb 20094FXhomer85499

no alpha channel export in demoversion?

Nov 20084FXhomer41948

Objects go outside of the projects settings

Nov 20084Anarchy Films


Nov 20084pscamm

Slowing down particle emmiter

Oct 20084Cfrench77

Best settings for losing mini DV greenscreen jagged edges?

Oct 20084Alanglynnis

Advanced Jumper Effect

Sep 20084StupidLikeAFox

Force Jump 2

Aug 20084Big Guy

Can someone help me out with meteors?

Aug 20084Lerman Productions

Reformatting hard drive - then reinstalling Visionlab Studio

Aug 20084Alanglynnis

I need some help with particles such as...

Jul 20084Lerman Productions

not that its neccesary, but...

May 20084Qbeck

Best way to make animation [ANSWER]

Apr 20084Dustpan

How to get rid of a mask [ANSWER]

Apr 20084mik950

Subject disappear [ANSWER]

Apr 20084FXhomer57874

How can i make that cool invisible predator effect in vision

Apr 20084Angrygirlproductions

How do I do the 'Predator' effect? [ANSWER]

Apr 20084mik950

Pour les Français...

Mar 20084Wario

Text and transition effects [ANSWER]

Feb 20084tactranger

Finding sound effects [ANSWER]

Feb 20084FXhomer69442

Help needed with speed of effect.

Jan 20084Denders

Best Video Editing program to use with Vision Lab?

Dec 20074Big Guy

Rendering back into Pinnacle Studio 11 [ANSWER]


Help on particle speed for smoke [ANSWER]

Dec 20074MillerBros

3d animation compositing [ANSWER]

Nov 20074FXhomer32851

Adding animation from Daz Studio [ANSWER]

Nov 20074Bflat5

Transparent video over web page [ANSWER]

Nov 20074Realtor

Drag and Drop? [ANSWER]

Oct 20074TrEmBeL

Licensing & install on multiple computers? [ANSWER]

Oct 20074the Fiddler

Can VisionLab be used for set extension effects?

Sep 20074kidschlocko

Is it possible to block out nudity [ANSWER]

Sep 20074FXhomer39017

HVX200 on visionlab [ANSWER]

Sep 20074Lior

Explosion Help [ANSWER]

Aug 20074B E N

Finding sound effects [ANSWER]

Aug 20074ShortcircuitZ

No Grade Effects [ANSWER]

Aug 20074FXhomer56645

"Invisibility" effect [ANSWER]

Jul 20074FXhomer29267

Muzzleflash Smoke [ANSWER]

Jul 20074HR93

Can't find the displacement map effect [ANSWER]

Jul 20074Dragonskinstudio

Please, I need help with a blood spot effect

Jun 20074Rafnix2004

Keying + scene colour at night [ANSWER]

Jun 20074New Productions

Spider-man effect

May 20074FXhomer14180

Explosion... [ANSWER]

Apr 20074Osciss

"Force" moving objects [ANSWER]

Mar 20074Sermido

Problems with bullet trail side effect [ANSWER]

Mar 20074lonesn1per

Ghost Effect [ANSWER]

Feb 20074Ottoman

Downloading Video Tutorials [ANSWER]

Feb 20074GIants1714

Scrolling objects on timeline, which tool? [ANSWER]

Feb 20074Arkangel D

Glass reflection [ANSWER]

Jan 20074kilian66

layers missing after having rendered [ANSWER]

Jan 20074Plainly

Particle Placement [ANSWER]

Dec 20064CaptainGhost

Syncing sound and effects [ANSWER]

Dec 20064Steve Sharkey

Duplicating yourself "The Test" [ANSWER]

Dec 20064oECHOo

Varying transparency of lens flare [ANSWER]

Nov 20064Barf51

How to make a lightsaber? [ANSWER]

Nov 20064RacerX

MacBook Pro Vision Lab Help

Mar 20123UnrealProductions

Mask/Matte/Feather problem

Feb 20123rockstarbd82

How to Create a Rainbow in VisionLab

Oct 20113CableProductions

A specific lightning effect

Sep 20113Azulon'sAssassin

Quality Drop

Sep 20113Vash2k2000

MagCore.dll Not found = Rendering errors

Aug 20113Crazy Director

keying problems

Jul 20113normal parakeet

rendering glitches

Jul 20113normal parakeet

What Video Format ?

Jul 20113FXhomer161239

Making particles spread out and fade from a center point.

Jul 20113Azulon'sAssassin

moving objects and red hot metal effect

Jul 20113sonofagun97

Spreading out lightning.

Jul 20113Azulon'sAssassin

TV Static Effect?

Jun 20113rockstarbd82

Fade in and out and Transtitions

Jun 20113FXhomer57724

Will there be a VisionLab Studio upgrade?

Jun 20113ryan126

Terminator 2 liquid metal effect

Jun 20113FXhomer57724

Downloading Presets

Jun 20113pinkyandthesheep

Picture Problem

May 20113matchyman

Flickering lightning

May 20113Azulon'sAssassin

File Impost Problem

May 20113matchyman

Weird Director Error

May 20113CableProductions

Cloned Girls

Mar 20113Muirb1

Serial Code?

Mar 20113DevonDanes

How do I get rid of this annoying black line?

Mar 20113Jam Pot Studios

Windows 7 Vision Lab Studio error

Feb 20113joseingaran2447

Compositing stock footage

Feb 20113Azulon'sAssassin

Can you create and Save a custom Mask?

Feb 20113Angry Chair

cut and paste

Jan 20113lsander

Helllllllllllp! please... i can't open files.

Jan 20113FXhomer64651

Adding text?

Jan 20113Warnezllc

Can I flip footage or pictures?

Jan 20113Azulon'sAssassin

Rendering Video

Jan 20113FXhomer113062

Neon Glow- Lightsaber questions

Jan 20113FXhomer113062

Black Arrows on canvas

Jan 20113Sidsniffles

Fish Eye Lens

Dec 20103Darth Stazz the Powerful

Lightning issues

Dec 20103Azulon'sAssassin


Nov 20103Azulon'sAssassin

Perspective problems

Nov 20103Azulon'sAssassin

Particle help

Nov 20103Azulon'sAssassin


Nov 20103dills19

Convert video in AVI

Sep 20103FXhomer80472

Help with light sword video

Aug 20103pesapesa

effects in toolbox

Aug 20103Awesomeness

importing videos

Aug 20103Awesomeness

Rendering Framerates

Aug 20103JemarcusOgletree

My mask won't copy and paste

Jul 20103Galdors

Gleam effect with masks

Jul 20103Darth Stazz the Powerful

Creating a preset

Jul 20103Zorn8

Question about Footage: Gore

Jul 20103Warnezllc

composite question

Jul 20103Adz83

How do I export?

Jul 20103swedenmarkerling

Changing project settings

Jun 20103movinforward

movie maker importing

May 20103alex264

Cannot Connect Graph, Unsupported Format (DirectShow)

May 20103MvSpidey

Trial duration

May 20103ChillyZebra

Wanted: Tutor For "Visionlab Studio" In Australia

Apr 20103FXhomer116280

"Multiply" layers with FXHome

Apr 20103nuyawk

Right-click canvas scrolling...

Apr 20103matthewfuller999

problem on screen

Apr 20103link5

Need help making person stretch like Mr Fantastic...

Apr 20103JUIDAR


Mar 20103FXhomer74285

Creating the Best Composite

Mar 20103Darth Stazz the Powerful

Sound in Visionlab

Mar 20103druguer


Feb 20103Mason25


Feb 20103FXhomer94862

help with 3D animation software.

Feb 20103pinkyandthesheep

nuclear explosion and ghosts...

Feb 20103pinkyandthesheep

Additional footage and effects question...

Feb 20103CodeDog

How do I restore the default codec (simply called "Vide

Feb 20103robertov


Feb 20103iFilmer

Environment gravity - tweenable?

Feb 20103Helge

New to FXHome - Some guidance?

Jan 20103PhilWesson

how do i clone

Jan 20103FXhomer110911

Grading B&W Footage

Jan 20103ChromeHeart

Importing Video

Jan 20103M. Anisman Pictures

Trouble importing HD clips

Jan 20103Indiana Bond

is there a way...

Jan 20103pinkyandthesheep

Getting words to break with breaking glass effect

Dec 20093FXhomer58374

rendering problem

Dec 20093pinkyandthesheep

how do i render in widescreen?

Dec 20093Bacon Boy

star wars holograms?

Dec 20093FXhomer61116

Can VisionLab's effects compare to stock footage?

Nov 20093watterwalker

updating OLDER version of VisionLab Studio ?


Copying attributes from one project to another

Oct 20093FXhomer81923

credits keep popping up

Oct 20093lonesn1per

Time Freeze?

Sep 20093CryisisFX

Tracking effects onto moving arms

Sep 20093RelaxRelapse

Halfing a scene

Sep 20093nuyawk

Blurring on edges of image with green screen

Aug 20093FXhomer144792

Green Screen FX Preset

Aug 20093tranquilitybase

How to make someone falling?

Aug 20093FXhomer40781

how to use an object mask?

Jul 20093FXhomer135309

Simulating a Steadicam?

Jul 20093scottblanks

How to make lightning or electricity blast

Jul 20093FXhomer51950

How to make VisionLab stop checking for updates?

Jun 20093Zippy

set uv filter and box mode for minidv greenscreen

May 20093marklinn

How To Make An Effect Longer

Apr 20093FXhomer90944

New Camera records in MP4 format - can I import into vision

Apr 20093FXhomer144792

stopping cropping

Apr 20093FXhomer40781

layers - background plates

Mar 20093FXhomer97943

Large Address aware !

Mar 20093pscamm

Working with particals

Feb 20093trydeezz1

Activate VisionLab

Jan 20093Escaped Madman


Jan 20093Lamplighters

Hello again, Key frames, Garbage...

Jan 20093junfanjohn

green screen layers - how to put yourself behind an object?

Jan 20093teenagelobotomy

Colour Balance/Matching

Jan 20093Angry Chair

Footage: Special Effects

Dec 20083Neiderhauser

First video made in Vlab.

Dec 20083jamie9

Say if I upgraded from Effectslab to Visionlab..

Dec 20083Singwolf

shortmovie camera?

Dec 20083Jonathan Damborg

any way to group together masks and effects please?

Dec 20083badmonk

best way to add a glow on someones face please?

Dec 20083badmonk

Multi pass compositing

Nov 20083pscamm

trying to make a bullet hole "hit"

Nov 20083FXhomer40781

Totally New to Visionlab

Nov 20083FXhomer69324

Copying Attributes

Nov 20083Gibith

Creating an icon

Nov 20083Darth Stazz the Powerful

The Whole Lightsaber Scene

Nov 20083Darth Stazz the Powerful

how to turn off an effect COMPLETELY

Oct 20083FXhomer90944

fxpresets tutorials

Oct 20083Darth Stazz the Powerful

Super Strength Effect?

Oct 20083powersurge

dual monitor issues

Oct 20083FXhomer49176

Advancing on the timeline

Sep 20083pscamm

Finished with lightsabers

Sep 20083prokidsfilms

Mask question

Sep 20083mikeb8

Image help

Sep 20083jamie9

How do i make a person come out short?

Sep 20083x0220

Using Blender with FXhome?

Sep 20083Slyth66

Duration of images

Sep 20083Antilles

Particle movement with Camera Motion [ANSWER]

Aug 20083Slyth66


Jul 20083FXhomer51938

Importing Alpha channels

Jul 200831luckydog

Magic sphere effect [ANSWER]

Jul 20083Draftnbyu

Gleam from Eye [ANSWER]

Jun 20083Dead Iris

Video canvas [ANSWER]

Jun 20083No Homework

Playback Options for differnt layers [ANSWER]

Jun 20083GreatBiscuit

Depth of field

May 20083mik950

Pre-key grade?

May 20083druguer

Saved .avi video is too fast [WIP]

May 20083FXhomer30604

neon light tween strength [ANSWER]

May 20083Darth Stazz the Powerful

Bugs under skin

Apr 20083FXhomer46845

blood effects in visonlab

Apr 20083FXhomer55159

Serial Number [ANSWER]

Apr 20083No Homework

creating textures in photoshop?

Apr 20083Darth Stazz the Powerful

Lightsaber Clash Effect [ANSWER]

Apr 20083Smallz426

Creating Presets with multiple parts [ANSWER]

Feb 20083AXE

Detach canvas and timeline windows [ANSWER]

Feb 20083FXhomer52460

Can I grade a mask?

Jan 20083Moonloon1

Animating a light house with a rotating neon glow

Jan 20083PaulT

Loading presets without internet connection? [ANSWER]

Jan 20083FX500

Where can I find greenscreen presets? [ANSWER]

Jan 20083Bacon Boy

Where is an explosion effect? [ANSWER]

Dec 20073Dinoman

Dual Monitors? [ANSWER]

Dec 20073Moonloon1

Put in background color [ANSWER]

Dec 20073ramavalanche

What is the best reinstall procedure? [ANSWER]

Dec 20073leonado2

Richocets [ANSWER]

Nov 20073FXhomer42766

i saw this once but cant find it now 3d movie clip [ANSWER]

Aug 20073RigomrtsFX

Is there a way not to play from the beginning? [ANSWER]

Aug 20073VengeanceGOD

get effect to match up with video [ANSWER]

Aug 20073lewisbates1991

merging layers, to create preset? [ANSWER]

Jul 20073NeoMatrix

good ways to create a real life explosion [ANSWER]

Jul 20073Blackfang

Need some help cutting up a clip [ANSWER]

Jun 20073Blackfang

Why can't I do grading presets in VisionLab? [ANSWER]

Jun 20073FXhomer15535

Burnt effects from Light sabers

May 20073Nuckle Child

Screen resolution [ANSWER]

Apr 20073Eagleburger

War Of The Worlds

Apr 20073Joecool1081

How do I move an effect origin [ANSWER]

Mar 20073FXhomer15361

Burning a Clip?

Mar 20073Arkangel D

Keyframing Shapes in Optics [Answer]

Mar 20073tomjscott

Motion Tracking [ANSWER]

Jan 20073FXhomer315

Mac mouse scrolling? [ANSWER]

Jan 20073ccirelli

Editing Film and Effects? [ANSWER]

Dec 20063Exodusarchangel

Cel shaded look [ANSWER]

Dec 20063Armageddon1212

Dual Monitors and VisionLab [ANSWER]

Oct 20063SteveW

Gore effects problems

Feb 20122FXhomer32918

Video Clip Problem

Feb 20122DarthSlim

Visionlab and VideoWrap Don't Work With Lion

Feb 20122Darth Stazz the Powerful

Multiple effect

Nov 20112bedardyv

i have change location

Sep 20112watterwalker

how do I relink media files?

Aug 20112Robopsychologist

Media Offline

Aug 20112jakeknapp

VisionLab Last Update

Jul 20112FXhomer57724

Final Cut Express to Visionlab and back to Fincal Cut Expres

Jul 20112eman6

Displacemt Map Question

Jul 20112matchyman

Problem with installation on Windows 7

Jul 20112wsbob

VisionLab Keeps Going Unresponsive

Jul 20112Bacon Boy

Visionlab studio

Jul 20112FXhomer118054

Reinstalling windows and Visionlab

Jul 20112FXhomer57724

Motion tracking...?

Jul 20112pinkyandthesheep

960 x 540 (16:9) Animated Movie Aspect Ratio Problem.

Jul 20112The Void Entertainment


Jul 20112ChrischinLoois

all my presets for vision lab studio demo have been erased

Jun 20112crazed clown

pls help me out...

Jun 20112Prakhar m

playtime movie after rending

Jun 20112Roel

Changing the color in stock footage

May 20112FXhomer57724

Pic problem

May 20112NickMorrison88

Quicktime pic, animations!

May 20112FXhomer57724

Motion Tracking import?

May 20112mikeb8

Visionlab and stock footage changing color!

May 20112FXhomer57724

Help please

May 20112matchyman

Low quality render.

May 20112FXhomer60969

Annoying Mask/Matte Geometry Problem

May 20112The Duelist

Optic Eye Color Changer

Apr 20112FXhomer102490

right dimension settings from FCE to visionlab and back?

Mar 20112rockstarbd82

FXHOme Vision Lab studio interface messed up.

Mar 20112FXhomer132402

not compatible videoformat

Mar 20112FXhomer184610

How to save a finished project?

Feb 20112Reinaldo Cancel


Feb 20112Secrios

Render fast speed, help me please

Feb 20112gtproduction


Feb 20112chaylego

How do I make the Death eater effects like in Harry Potter?

Feb 20112Agentdd007

How do i install downloaded presets

Jan 20112AlphaTeam

Masking issue

Jan 20112rockstarbd82

Window position on a multi monitor system

Jan 20112FXhomer2606

Obstructed Lens Flares

Jan 20112Darth Stazz the Powerful

is this product sold in the USA?

Dec 20102DevonDanes

Presest Not Showing

Dec 20102FXhomer88102

Morphing help...

Dec 20102Azulon'sAssassin

Poltergeist scene

Oct 20102FXhomer40781

How do you create the Misty Fog?

Oct 20102mcicki

Floating Feet - Blending a Composite

Sep 20102Darth Stazz the Powerful

Sound effects

Aug 20102Awesomeness


Jul 20102RockeyJStudios

Affecting one shot not the other.

Jun 20102Gingernorton


Jun 20102FXhomer98811

fxpresets dont move freely

May 20102director1331

Can I really not sell this program and transfer a license?

Apr 20102niennumb1

Best Codecs

Apr 20102ryan126

How to Change the Keyframing Mode

Mar 20102MagicApulia Snc

Forum d'aide francophone.

Mar 20102Wario

I need help! I can't maximize.

Mar 20102Gyabeng

If I could make one request...

Mar 20102PhilWesson

Effect Reflections

Mar 20102Igotcherspam2

Problem with Macromedia Projector

Feb 20102drmcphil


Jan 20102Vash2k2000


Jan 20102M. Anisman Pictures

What's new about visionLab Studio - any future release ?

Jan 20102FXhomer109285

same error

Jan 20102Midwaycarlos

EUREKA! My Bigfoot Disappeared!

Dec 20092mpiercearrow

key file problems

Dec 20092elliot

Effectslab Pro and VisionLab Studio close on me!

Dec 20092x0220

Smallville fx

Nov 20092FXhomer126975

Is there way to blur someones face?

Nov 20092pinkyandthesheep

What are the best settings for an imported avi file?

Nov 20092mik950

Star Wars droids

Nov 20092FXhomer61116

Rendering Frame Size Problems and Lines

Nov 20092FearFilmz

Forum D'entraide

Oct 20092Wario

Rendering Photos

Sep 20092Darth Stazz the Powerful

Can you change animation frame speed?

Sep 20092SCOTTYX

Will my projects be saved when I have code

Sep 20092SCOTTYX

Adding Footage from Special Effects DVD

Aug 20092ReconMike

hi Q button

Aug 20092lewisbates1991

freeze frame effect

Aug 20092FXhomer40781


Jul 20092dangerzone15

Unable to move effect

Jun 20092FXhomer51950

Virtual Set / Newsreader

Jun 20092FXhomer63683

VisionLab Studio langage

Jun 20092FXhomer95288

Visionlab batch rendering

Jun 20092hydraxon

Using a photo as a video background

Apr 20092FXhomer144792

poster frame

Apr 20092trydeezz1

Realistic Cigarette Smoke

Feb 20092Darth Stazz the Powerful

Back lighting?

Jan 20092junfanjohn

Is there a downloadable version of the VisionLab Users Manua

Jan 20092FXhomer93566

Changing skins on the software

Jan 20092FXhomer53309

Stock footage cloud file (from flying tutorial)

Dec 20082teenagelobotomy


Dec 20082moviemaker555

install on 2 PC's?

Dec 20082badmonk

Gapping from Emitter help?

Dec 20082WeLuvMovies

The Purpose of Laser Perspective?

Dec 20082Darth Stazz the Powerful

Laser Gun Shot help

Dec 20082moviemaker555

1920x1080 with black bars

Dec 20082badmonk

Mask out part of an image that i do not want altered?

Dec 20082Trekker007

How can I achieve Doctor Who and Torchwood style movie grade

Dec 20082FXhomer64870

Can't figure out animation at all

Nov 20082FXhomer40781

Problem importing 10 bit .mov

Nov 20082Moonloon1

Deleting Frames

Nov 20082FXhomer88905


Oct 20082Sam Larsen

How can you achieve the view switch in the flying tutorial?

Oct 20082Qbeck

Moving emitter/object help Vision Lab

Oct 20082Icken9

need help with program key

Oct 20082FXhomer92401

Production Art

Oct 20082powersurge

I can't move my effects!

Oct 20082FXhomer62252

keying out white

Oct 20082Darth Stazz the Powerful

How to add plug-ins to VisionLab Studio

Oct 20082ChaosFX

Rendered Effects spilling onto canvas

Oct 20082GreatBiscuit

Taking still shots from footage

Sep 20082jamie9

More than 1 version of VisionLab

Sep 20082DonrWolfeye

whats the point of converting an image stream to a .mov?

Sep 20082Qbeck

Green screen stop motion help using visionlab

Sep 20082druguer

How to speed up your forcefield?

Aug 20082Big Guy

Can I reinstall?

Aug 20082Lerman Productions

can visonlab create entirely 3-D animation?

Aug 20082Dirk Magius

Choppy Lightsaber Movement

Aug 20082Teekon

Reinstalling [ANSWER]

Aug 20082FXhomer54352

Question about school discounts

Jul 20082KasierRuby

VisionLab User Manual

Jul 20082FXhomer74411

Changing size for particles... [ANSWER]

Jul 20082Lerman Productions

what to do first... [ANSWER]

Jul 20082FXhomer54352

No movement with Battlestar/Firefly preset [ANSWER]

Jun 20082Red Dog Records

questions about purchasing [ANSWER]

May 20082Qbeck

ambient light vs color balance

May 20082Darth Stazz the Powerful

Thermal vision?

May 20082FXhomer78867

fire fx

May 20082FXhomer26802

Is keying with footage in a progressive mode better?

May 20082danburdon

Superman:Bullet Eye

May 20082FXhomer46845

just to make sure with compositing.. [ANSWER]

Apr 20082Darth Stazz the Powerful

Adding Moving Backdrops Such As Cities [ANSWER]

Apr 20082FXhomer59540

beam me up scottie, teleportation [ANSWER]

Apr 20082Angrygirlproductions

movie length for grading [ANSWER]

Feb 20082Darth Stazz the Powerful

Trying to create a shatter out effect

Feb 20082Condornojoeg2

gamma vs brightness

Feb 20082Darth Stazz the Powerful

Matrix Style fx

Jan 20082FXhomer41460

Where is the cd key? [ANSWER]

Jan 20082FXhomer20624

Transparency filter.. [ANSWER]

Jan 20082FXhomer28993

'Transporter Deres' effect [ANSWER]

Dec 20072Ottoman

Invisible man [ANSWER]


How can I save/make a preset?[ANSWER]

Dec 20072FXhomer11809

Dissolving Someone [ANSWER]

Dec 20072Ottoman

Matrix effects [ANSWER]

Oct 20072Videomaker5012

sizzling smoke from a blood wound

Sep 20072spaghetti man

Tuto En Francais Please [ANSWER]

Aug 20072JCLMA

harry potter spells

Jul 20072lewisbates1991

Stopping time, "Heroes" style [ANSWER]

Jun 20072FXhomer22133

My smoke monster is to fast [ANSWER]

Jun 20072cepo

VisionLab does have tools for an realistic explosion?

May 20072The Flash

Spiderman web shooting

May 20072FXhomer14180

Dragging and Droping Particles Problem.

May 20072FXhomer10668

How to grade only a masked object [ANSWER]

Apr 20072simseman


Apr 20072Joecool1081

sin city preset

Apr 20072Joecool1081

Sin City [ANSWER]

Apr 20072Joecool1081

How to affect particles?

Mar 20072cwiehl

How to make the camera shake [ANSWER]

Feb 20072RigomrtsFX

Two separate colored swords in lightsword fight? [ANSWER]

Feb 20072scottblanks

Displacement - Invisibility

Jan 20072Darthmoobey

Moving Muzzle Flashes [ANSWER]

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Adding 3D computer graphics... [ANSWER]

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Can the Sin City look be done? [ANSWER]

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What are the steps to prevent/fix De/Interlacing problems?

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Would it still work

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In the window system when run tip application error

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Cineform files crash visionlab

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Rendu accélerer (Francais)

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Final Cut Express to VisionLab

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New codec

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Harry Potter Effects... any suggestions?

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Planar Tracking...Would'nt it be nice

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SUPPORT: Frequently Asked Support Questions

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Requesting a turtorial on how to make demon eyes if possible

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