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CompositeLab Help


Action Essentials 2

Sep 200930Comadreja Incendiada

Still trying CompositeLab Demo and have questions

Mar 201026alienux

Does CompositePro plugin w/Premiere 2.0? Help!

Jun 200823Elijah

the predator cloak [ANSWER]

Jun 200718DJP444

Garbage Matte View

Nov 200917FXhomer35088

Transparent Video

Dec 200817diginetmedia

Newbie to this world

Nov 200916MrRawlin

Chroma probs with miniDV, need comp/grade help

Jun 200916taplinb

i need green screen help fast!...plz

Aug 200716FXhomer39143

fly like superman

Apr 200716lewisbates1991

green screen

May 201115EJR32123

MP4 Conversion

Sep 200915Brobin

Rendering to Animation codec

May 201014cardoso

Please help me understand how to work with layers

Jun 200814navahos

Clean reinstall instructions

Mar 200714Simon K Jones

Blending poser animation with alpha background [ANSWER]

Nov 200614mrmouse777

Creating clones [ANSWER]

Aug 200614ChromeHeart

were can you get the manuals for these programs

Oct 200913thesaucier

Blender into CompositeLab Pro [ANSWER]

Nov 200713IcyDesertFilms

Resizing? [ANSWER]

May 200713mercianfilm

Fish eye lens effect? [ANSWER]

Oct 200613Mugsy42

How to view CLP on ext monitor when running on a laptop?

Nov 200912lingyai

Absolute Beginner With Big (well in my mind!) Ambitions

Jul 200912SamArmstrong99

I'm New Here Text & Audio

Feb 200912hosannavideos

Photo bleeding

Nov 200812Lamplighters

Silver effect [ANSWER]

Oct 200712Bucees

Glowing Eye [ANSWER]

Sep 200712Frank Black

Force Jump with No Green Screen [ANSWER]

Jul 200712samaltman

Filter browser not visible under attributes in Toolbox

Feb 200712Biotron

Using Image as Background [ANSWER]

Oct 200612DavidLittlefield

Director Player Error - FAQ fix not working

Feb 201111Sean04

Setting Garbage matt to appear 1/2 way through the video

Jul 201011FXhomer43160

really bad quality

Jan 201011FXhomer116676

Which rendering codec to use?

Dec 200911gamecocktrev

teleporting actors

Sep 200911FXhomer54438

Help need on a project of stars wars beginning!

Jan 200811FXhomer50669

How To Do Glowing Eye/Body Effect [ANSWER]

Aug 200711WorldFamousFilms

How do i add sound?

Mar 201010rileyy

Tarn's hologram and interference movie examples

Sep 200910FXhomer54438

Please I'm New I need Help (Anyone speak spanish?)

Aug 200810arteimagem

Green Screen Background Help!

Jul 2008100 0 0TheDirector0 0 0

Smallville super speed tutorial

Jul 200810FXhomer58407

Greenscreen cloning [ANSWER]

Mar 200810Monica

Day for Night

Jan 200810SlikProductions

Buying green screens [ANSWER]

Jul 200710klaymen95

Suggestion about grading [ANSWER]

Jun 200710hippa03

How do I get a wmm file into compositelab?

May 20109Finni101

3DS Max Z-Depth

Apr 20109nuyawk

Kodak Zi8 1080p Help Needed!

Jan 20109Garvey86

How do I make multiple clones?

Aug 20099Electra Motions

I'm super New, help with the process.

May 20099Rudgey

Moving projects between FXLab and CompositeLab

Mar 200991 Shot

Unintended Posterization effect

Feb 20099nw316

Editing Help Please

Aug 20089Tbozz

how apply gradual transition

Jul 20089RyanZ

walking through a portal?

Jul 20089ChampMM JRMMA

Where to find virtual backgrounds? Newsroom? [ANSWER]

Apr 20089Mel3

Cutting Off Limbs [ANSWER]

Oct 20079codyburke610

how to animate [ANSWER]

May 20079Tubby Studios

hw to use displacement [ANSWER]

May 20079FXhomer37990

spiderman? [ANSWER]

May 20079lewisbates1991

Importing Multipass Rendering [ANSWER]

Jan 20079bobzilla

Resolution setting for title image for gleam [ANSWER]

Dec 20069petet2

Summer Camp Movie Project Advice

Jun 20108Boycarino

Trying to create a Walk-on video- can’t retain Transparenc

Apr 20108CBL

Travellng mattes

Dec 20098Vuemaster2009

Animate / Quad: How to edit coordinates for A-D?

Oct 20098lingyai

Garbage matte borders very vivible; help please

Oct 20098lingyai

Installing on more then one machine

Aug 20098FXhomer77664


Jul 20098theclone56

What is a normal render speed?

Jul 20098agrogers

green screen help

Jul 20098karenlynn58

Right click, Right?

Jun 20098FXhomer81334

Compositing footage that has Green already keyed out

Mar 20098thenits

Where is the RAM button?

Jul 20088RyanZ

Exposure [ANSWER]

Apr 20088klaymen95

Using background multiple times [ANSWER]

Apr 20088StuntMusic

Day for night [ANSWER]

Aug 20078Mekke

freeze frames [ANSWER]

Jun 20078Rockfilmers

Gradual color change [ANSWER]

May 20078Captayne

Help key framing a filter so its effect reduces [ANSWER]

Aug 20068petet2

composite lab pro on restricted user

Apr 20117EJR32123

Render compression question

Oct 20107nerb2k10

Mp4 Convert

Aug 20107ConorS79

can I green screen out side?

Jun 20107Micah master studios

Bluescreen or Greenscreen is there really a difference?

Feb 20107Commander Kalif

changing a person's skin color

Sep 20097FXhomer54438

Whats the effects that lets you add shadows

May 20097underthecastle

Integrating the greenscreen image with the video clip

May 20097FXhomer108895

Work area

Mar 20097nw316

landing e.g coming threw the roof

Dec 20087cavickers

I need help rotoscoping a fancy cursive L

Oct 20087ChampMM JRMMA

black encroaching on key

Oct 20087FXhomer49176


Aug 20087MelJ

Another Garbage Matte/Greenscreening Question [ANSWER]

Jul 20087Jake365

Color Gradient making striped background [ANSWER]

Jul 20087Catie

Clone Fight [ANSWER]

Apr 20087FXhomer46845

Lifting subject out of background [ANSWER]

Mar 20087StuntMusic

iPod Commercial? How [ANSWER]

Mar 20087samaltman

Girl Throwing The Ball To Her Clone [ANSWER]

Aug 20077FXhomer9032

Motion tracking with Icarus [ANSWER]

Jul 20077RodyPolis

Turning 30 zombies into 3000 [ANSWER]

May 20077Josh3B

Match lighting between subjects [ANSWER]

Apr 20077Xil

Trying to convert DF's dirt explosions to work in FX comps?

Mar 20077M60 Gunner

Scanner Darkly preset [ANSWER]

Nov 20067Zero767

Recreating The Warner Bros. Logo Wave Effect [ANSWER]

Sep 20067Harvey

dll error loading .mov file

Sep 20116DJChrissyChris

what do i do after im done editing the clip

Aug 20116jjmaster96

Can't open .mov clips in composite pro

May 20116GerardG


Feb 20116FXhomer97267

Importing problems

Jan 20116FXhomer97267

what do you think

Jul 20106Micah master studios

green screen animation question

May 20106FXhomer106903

Render format issue

Jan 20106Terminal Velocity

Not importing out of Imovie

Dec 20096Obispo

Full HD (1920X1080) AVCHD format

Dec 20096giannis1972

I want to render with blue background

Nov 20096FXhomer33504

How to grade a video from a sunny afternoon to a cloudy shot

Sep 20096FXhomer49575

Problem with logo

Jul 20096FramedMomentsStudios

spill suppression with Red doesn't work

Jun 20096NightMan

creating a drop shadow for one layer

Mar 20096Kris Kind

Green Screen Still Pictures In Composite Lab?

Mar 20096AnythingGoes

rendering issue, can see edges of canvas

Feb 20096FXhomer53592

Chroma-Key background help please!

Feb 20096Hampster121 Productions

constraning effects within footage


Having some difficulty with rendering composited footage

Jan 20096aelowan

how to do cartoon effect

Dec 20086joshh

Hitting Object out of Clone's Hand help!

Jul 20086Springerdude11

Lighting my green screen.

May 20086GunLeg3nd

Multi-core Processor support

May 20086Junuc Kleen

help with a gleaming eye.

May 20086griffus21

Bluescreen? [ANSWER]

Mar 20086FreeFallStudios

Help, cut myself out of background [ANSWER]

Mar 20086klaymen95

Help with keyframing [ANSWER]

Jan 20086FXhomer17539

Lighting My GreenScreen [ANSWER]

Jan 20086AngelCross3

Composite Lab On Intel iMac [ANSWER]

Jan 20086bobzilla

Importing HD into Comp Pro [FIXED]

Nov 20076xanetia

video doesn't fill up the screen [ANSWER]

Nov 20076RodyPolis

Moving Projects from PC to Mac [ANSWER]

Nov 20076HexadB

Where can I buy a greenscreen? [ANSWER]

Sep 20076mirrormoonfilms

Color Matte? [ANSWER]

Sep 20076jdmkenji

Flying help [ANSWER]

Aug 20076klaymen95

Inner Shadow Effect? [ANSWER]

Jul 20076jdmkenji

Tron effect [ANSWER]

Jul 20076Rockfilmers

I need to get rid of things in the background [ANSWER]

May 20076Josh3B

How to make 3D clips/images in Composite lab

May 20076B3N

Can't delete key frames for garbage matte? [ANSWER]

Apr 20076petet2

Need help with using layers [ANSWER]

Apr 20076jawookie2

Virtual sets? [ANSWER]

Mar 20076Ballowall

Green screen avi partly hidden by a mask [ANSWER]

Mar 20076callagan

how do u clone the same person lots of times [ANSWER]

Jan 20076joshh

How do I get an animated gif into CompLab Pro? [ANSWER]

Nov 20066petet2

How could I make the screen flash? [ANSWER]

Oct 20066Zero767

24 style split screen [ANSWER]

Jul 20066ChromeHeart

Grading Questions- Is CL right for me? [ANSWER]

May 20066jmax

Is CompostiteLab pro available for Inel-based Macs..?

Jul 20115iggy88

rendering speed

May 20115nerb2k10

clp on mac and windows

Apr 20115EJR32123

Always freezes when rendering

Apr 20115FXhomer101978

Render Error HELPP!

Mar 20115BlackDiamondStudios

Poor-er Resolution Problems

Mar 20115Macon Magic Productions

Rendered .MOV appears washed out

Mar 20115BellaSiena

Audio Help

Feb 20115FXhomer97267

Ghost help? Not sure how to make one.

Jan 20115Azulon'sAssassin


Jan 20115dannynewman

can lite version retain alpha on render?

Sep 20105FXhomer26235


Aug 20105rileyy

My hair

Jun 20105Micah master studios

film copied twice (with fx and without fx) to data stick

Apr 20105FXhomer48286

How much "better" is VisionLab compared to Composi

Apr 20105studiolynga


Feb 20105huddfilms

Direct Play Error String Expected [#hack: #exit_lock_true]

Feb 20105CR Productions

how do i put backrounds in my movie

Jan 20105Macon Magic Productions

Best Workflow?

Jan 20105jmparsons

Help with Importing

Dec 20095Obispo

Unable to specify FX parameters by typing in values

Nov 20095lingyai

Need Help Making Resizing Consistent

Sep 20095DrJerry

Pink Face

Sep 20095Brobin

Best Multitrack Video editor for windows?

Aug 20095Brobin

2 sound layer for clones

Aug 20095Sebberdreng

Why Aren't My Codecs Showing As Render Options?

Aug 20095Simanticus

How to use the software

Jun 20095FXhomer37069

Splash Screen box won't close

Apr 20095FXhomer137865

How many layers can you composite?

Apr 20095meast1431

Frame viewer for Backgrounds, etc

Jan 20095AAV

How to do focus?

Nov 20085Lerman Productions

Virtual Set

Nov 20085Joope

Change Scan Method

Oct 20085Gary Miller Productions

sreen screening

Aug 20085FXhomer74118

I need your expertice...

Aug 20085MelJ

Question for any of you Pinnacle Studio Users

Aug 20085RyanZ

Greenscreen help

Aug 20085movieprodigy

Question- Effects

Aug 20085RyanZ

Video on foreground text with different video background How

Jul 20085cswimm

Bluescreen help!

Jul 20085Z films

Garbage Matte Greenscreening

Jul 20085Jake365

Quick Question - invisibility

Jul 20085RyanZ

Help with this clip - display and keying color settings

Jun 20085Elijah

importing files, can I capture [ANSWER]

May 20085ryboog

Hey Fish Eye effect ? [ANSWER]

Apr 20085Pepita2202

exporting to a picture file such as .jpg [ANSWER]

Apr 20085griffus21

Grading after Keying out Green Screen

Apr 20085irishcult

How would you do a loopable background? [ANSWER]

Mar 20085StuntMusic

Back Up Software? [ANSWER]

Jan 20085Fever

Need help compositing two images together [ANSWER]

Dec 20075FXhomer36248


Nov 20075FXhomer23326

How to alter the RGB values. [ANSWER]

Nov 20075Snook360

Hit By A Car [ANSWER]

Oct 20075codyburke610

Jedi force effects [ANSWER]

Oct 20075lewisbates1991

Any solution yet to pixelization to the footage? [ANSWER]

Sep 20075jdmkenji

Layering help [ANSWER]

Sep 20075Frank Black

Make an artificial green screen [ANSWER]

Jul 20075Defcorpse

T3 morphing [ANSWER]

Jun 20075lewisbates1991

Compositing for "Night" shots [ANSWER]

May 20075Goldwing Productions

Do you have to have a greenscreen? [ANSWER]

May 20075DJP444

help with green screen stuff [ANSWER]

Mar 20075zgproduction movies

How do you remove the white background [ANSWER]

Mar 20075M60 Gunner

What's best for green screen ?

Feb 20075FXhomer12989

Shrinking in CompositeLab? [ANSWER]

Nov 20065Tommy92L

Key grading and keying advice needed [ANSWER]

Nov 20065petet2

How do you do the army truck light beams? [ANSWER]

Oct 20065jgtrox2

Question about mp4 converting.

May 20114FXhomer17442


Apr 20114EJR32123

Terrible hot spot on green screen! Need some help.

Mar 20114Josh3B

Beginner help

Feb 20114FXhomer97267

Video Pixelation

Feb 20114FXhomer97267

The Price

Jan 20114Scarecrow


Jan 20114dannynewman

Greenscreen Help

Jan 20114dannynewman

I'm putting a gradient on a film that is going to be..

Dec 20104juneau

Live Video Stream, like the weather channel

Dec 20104jare215th

Getting started with the basics on Composite Lab

Dec 20104FXhomer125821


Dec 20104NovaProducteur

Video Style

Aug 20104ConorS79

How do I make Avatar 3D?

Jul 20104Finni101

Source Files (attn: Tarn)

Jun 20104PhilWesson

Rendering with sound

Jun 20104Micah master studios

How to mix a Green Screen clip with another clip

Jun 20104Smashitable

put fx,objects and multiple cloning infront,behind actor hlp

Jun 20104Asher

Check right Chromakey in live

Apr 20104ldj72

split screen?

Apr 20104rileyy

Rendering Question

Feb 20104Ron

My actors look see through on the video

Jan 20104FXhomer129693

Stock footage not working on a bright background

Dec 20094Lerman Productions

downloading effects

Dec 20094thepabs3

My videos come out fast

Dec 20094Obispo

How do I apply a picture as a green screen background

Dec 20094Obispo

For a given track: Key Grade vs Grade?

Nov 20094lingyai

spill suppression help needed

Sep 20094FXhomer54438

compositelab rendering - how do I retain widescreen?

Aug 20094Telperion67

Compositing Animations with Alpha Matte

Jul 20094BigNoseKid6000

Help with green screen & footage! :)

Jul 20094Electra Motions

I need help with adding backgrounds on CompositeLabPro

Jul 20094bigperson17

Help cant download the new version

Jul 20094FXhomer33592

Background Color & Rendering?

Jul 20094NusbaumLab

Beach Video footage

May 20094FXhomer85405

Adding blood to severed head

Apr 20094FXhomer92801

square pixels and so - graphic should fit the screen

Apr 20094Kris Kind

raising a dogs eyebrow (still image) in a video clip.

Feb 20094Kris Kind

detonation films help.

Jan 20094Lowhelan

Live Green Screen

Dec 20084matchyman

I need help creating a depth of field effect.

Nov 20084FXhomer38317


Oct 20084Preston11

Make a Silhouette

Sep 20084Mumblefilms

Compositing Help needed

Sep 20084DavidFrommi18

Preset Help

Sep 20084DavidFrommi18

Like a film preset

Aug 20084arteimagem

Glowing Eye

Aug 20084RyanZ

Adding points in garbage matte [ANSWER]

Jul 20084hippa03

How to create a shadow on a moving matte.

Jul 20084hippa03

Green screen question

Jun 20084FXhomer41496

Replace moving object

May 20084Barna8us

Can't render with multi-file setting [ANSWER]

Apr 20084luvmusic33

Walking on car

Apr 20084RodyPolis

Hit by car

Apr 20084FXhomer46845

Question about "cutting myself out of the background [A

Mar 20084Frank Black

Cloning [ANSWER]

Mar 20084klaymen95

Worth the buy? All I need is a good keyer.

Feb 20084demoncheeseball101

Render Playback Problem [ANSWER]

Feb 20084FXhomer27928

making giant

Jan 20084cyclon

Suggestions for actual green/blue screen? [ANSWER]

Dec 20074FXhomer41899

Greenscreen kits [ANSWER]

Nov 20074Cinecell

Light Spill in Compositelab Pro HELP? [ANSWER]

Nov 20074chrisakamagic83

Bluescreen or Greenscreen... [ANSWER]

Sep 20074Cinecell

How do you mask? [ANSWER]

Sep 20074Tubby Studios

Removing a head help [ANSWER]

Aug 20074japan1

Maximum layer capacity [ANSWER]

Jul 20074mercianfilm

Render a clip backwards [ANSWER]

Jun 20074griffus21

How do I assign objects to garbage mattes? [ANSWER]

May 20074PhilK

Changing the ski scenery [ANSWER]

May 20074M60 Gunner

Masking a grade object [ANSWER]

Apr 20074nfsbuff

Help: Apparition effect.

Apr 20074Regor Hammer

Throw a person in to the air and back down again [ANSWER]

Jan 20074joshh

Masking to a monster... [ANSWER]

Jan 20074FXHomie

Masking/Cloning [ANSWER]

Jan 20074Goldwing Productions

Can compositeLab multiply (clone) people? [ANSWER]

Jan 200744Starters

New to greenscreening [ANSWER]

Nov 20064dudewitmoves12

How can I extend my background image? [ANSWER]

Nov 20064geigel1

Displacement spreading like in FXhome example [ANSWER]

Oct 20064Underdog Productions

Person walking down hallway [ANSWER]

Jul 20064Zero767

Having trouble compositing with white background.. [ANSWER]

May 20064ChromeHeart

Color Sampling for different cameras [ANSWER]

May 20064lwmedia

String Expected notice when trying to download .MOV file

Sep 20113DJChrissyChris

no sound

Aug 20113jjmaster96

Green Screen help & FCP

Aug 20113thepinster

Quality is Lower when put in Composite lab pro! help!

May 20113Imps13


Apr 20113EJR32123

hue key

Apr 20113EJR32123

Rotation problem

Apr 20113EJR32123

Action Essentials 2 Importing Problems

Mar 20113Macon Magic Productions

How to mask some green from the Chroma Key green removal

Mar 20113BellaSiena

How to transition overlapping image objects...

Mar 20113BellaSiena

taking off the green background

Mar 20113fofo

rendering errors

Mar 20113smutbaron

making a small mask

Feb 20113Macon Magic Productions

My rendered video is shorter than my original, why?

Feb 20113jearthebear28

Help uploading footage to Youtube?

Jan 20113FXhomer97267

Rendering issue

Jan 20113Scarecrow

Problems importing my .mov files into Composite lab Demo

Jan 20113jtpeltz

Quicktime issue

Nov 20103blackface

How many downloads?

Sep 20103FXhomer28142

Is there a way to digitally enhance the size of your eyes?

Aug 20103Principal Productions

Video Speed

Aug 20103FXhomer92559

a lot of clips keying

Jun 20103DESMEV

black and white?

Apr 20103rileyy

Can't import for Video camera directly to canvas

Mar 20103HugeGaines


Mar 20103rileyy

Sound is all messed up

Jan 20103MikeandMorrisTV

How do you access a different codec in FXHome products?

Jan 20103Struker

Why does it say "problems making your temp folder!

Jan 20103MikeandMorrisTV

Keying in CompositeLabPro versus PhotoKey3

Dec 20093AlbertPhotog

Can I iron my greenscreen?

Dec 20093Obispo

Greenscreen backgrounds for video.

Dec 20093Crane

Background "pixely" when I render?

Dec 20093Stand4Truth

Masking- how do I set up the the layers?

Nov 20093FXhomer23326

Question "FXpresets:only usable asGrade obects" wi

Nov 20093lingyai

Change The Background

Nov 20093FXhomer59887

Chroma key clean up

Oct 20093FXhomer89579

Greenscreen help

Oct 20093reanimation

should I buy?

Oct 20093pinkyandthesheep

want to split a clip

Sep 20093dazzmos

Rendering - how long does it take?

Aug 20093DanRobinson

I can't use project view with garbage matt.

Jul 20093FXhomer91520

Need help taking the backgrounds out of image streamed

Jun 20093dizazta

greenscreening problems...any suggestions?

May 20093Amentahj

looping a timelinelayer

Apr 20093Kris Kind

Backround Videos

Mar 20093FXhomer15025

Composite lab demo limitations

Feb 20093FXstudios99

How do I reverse videos

Jan 20093cinah

Switching from pc to mac

Jan 20093fraud

Trouble keying out white background/Issues with stock footag

Jan 20093FXhomer40948

Multiple Green Screens

Dec 20083FXhomer50883

Smoothing camera movement

Dec 20083Dark Pivot

Taking off

Dec 20083cavickers

Suitability for teenager of this product

Dec 20083FXhomer78996

Working with greenscreen (beginner) help!

Nov 20083FXhomer49364

I Lost My Greenscreen Option

Oct 20083D1Redman

bullet hit effect

Oct 20083FXhomer40781

Possibility of exporting to flash, transparent background?

Aug 20083midaqua

any help on green screen background

Aug 20083RyanZ

Flame On...Etc

Jul 20083IPresents

Stock footage

Jul 20083IPresents

Question- Masking

Jul 20083RyanZ

technicolor look in clab (three strip)

Jul 20083ChampMM JRMMA

Greenscreen background problem

Jul 20083FXhomer45971

day for night

Jul 20083ChampMM JRMMA

video/photo background content - where can I find it?

Jul 20083FXhomer74657

Confused- Cloning

Jul 20083RyanZ

progressive scan? [ANSWER]

May 20083Regor Hammer

A Green Screen With Wrinkles

Apr 20083SandAndPalms

Jumper Effect [ANSWER]

Mar 20083samaltman

Saving settings to use multiple times [ANSWER]

Mar 20083StuntMusic

how do you clone?

Feb 20083wazup

Help using garbage mattes [ANSWER]

Feb 20083FXhomer36248

Masking... [ANSWER]

Feb 20083D3L3T10N

Questions about cloning [ANSWER]

Jan 20083Monica

Becoming Invisible [ANSWER]

Dec 20073Indiana Bond

Adding FX to CompositeLab shot? [ANSWER]

Dec 20073Moonloon1

compositing on a green screen [ANSWER]


Slow Motion [ANSWER]

Nov 20073EMS

Where are the keying tools? [ANSWER]

Nov 20073FXhomer30610

Chroma Key then adding and grading [ANSWER]

Nov 20073irishcult

Can I have a live video keying? [ANSWER]

Oct 20073FXhomer34737

Grading in Compositelab tutorial.

Oct 20073B3N

How DO I brighten up my subject? [ANSWER]

Oct 20073Frank Black

Invisible man without greenscreen? [ANSWER]

Sep 20073Cinecell

Garbage Mattes and masks [ANSWER]

Sep 20073Link123456

Flying tutorial required

Aug 20073FXhomer29898

Increasing the duration of an image stream. [ANSWER]

Aug 20073Weeboo

Resizing actors [ANSWER]

Aug 20073Josh3B

Flying Backgrounds [ANSWER]

Jul 20073trapjaw

desperate red screen help [ANSWER]

Jul 20073Niall Horn

Super speed [ANSWER]

Jun 20073Gman 007

how do i make 3d backgrounds [ANSWER]

May 20073Tubby Studios

how do i make day night [ANSWER]

May 20073Tubby Studios

Creating opening credits [ANSWER]

Apr 20073FXhomer17851

dissolving effect

Apr 20073zgproduction movies

Masking for a few frames [ANSWER]

Apr 20073lewisbates1991

Removing unwanted people from scene [ANSWER]

Feb 20073lewisbates1991

make me smaller

Feb 20073lewisbates1991

Missing day-for-night grade [ANSWER]

Feb 20073Ianb93

Using fabric for greenscreen? [ANSWER]

Feb 20073FXhomer34433

i don't get displacement [ANSWER]

Jan 20073JJStudios

Importing 3D objects. [ANSWER]

Dec 20063Khromthefxhomer

A moving 'Gleam' effect for a title. [ANSWER]

Oct 20063Regor Hammer

Using displacement map [ANSWER]

Oct 20063soupinabox

Drop shadow effect on masked image [ANSWER]

Jul 20063petet2

CompositeLab and Mac OS X Lion

Aug 20112Axeman


Jun 20112FXhomer102085

Problem rendering in Composite Lab Pro

May 20112AnthonyKaye

audio) does not make it onto the video

Apr 20112FXhomer97928

Shadows and Reflections

Mar 20112minglemind

exported footage has no decent alpha channel

Feb 20112FXhomer83467

Getting Smaller

Feb 20112FXhomer97267

i cant import videos

Feb 20112superpooper41

Interlace question

Jan 20112juneau

Help combining greenscreen footage and background

Jan 20112FXhomer97267

I Can't Animate a Mask

Jan 20112DuckiProducktions

How do i get FXhome clips on Windows Movie Maker?

Jan 20112BirtzieXD

Rendering Speed Problems!

Dec 20102FXhomer133086


Dec 20102FXhomer127274


Dec 20102Bernardm


Nov 20102Snorkelstink


Nov 20102tonyt123

Split Screen Help/ Setting two different audio sources

Oct 20102comedykid925

exporting long video

Oct 20102ChpmunkBoy


Oct 20102FXhomer90508


Oct 20102Brendan72

Framerate in iMovie9

Sep 20102FXhomer105132

Publish to computer

Jul 20102VerendumProductions

How to make multiple clones with out them disappearing.

Jun 20102Asher

Filmed with DV... camera sideways for a vertical canvas...

May 20102cardoso

imovie and composite lab

May 20102koolkat12

How and do I make numerical changes in the toolbar?

Apr 20102White Balance Guy

the reverse effect?

Mar 20102rileyy

How do i add sound?

Mar 20102Macon Magic Productions

how do i regain my original sound

Mar 20102Macon Magic Productions

Sound not matching up

Mar 20102Artizen

Director Player Err. (string expected) despite clean re-inst

Feb 20102Wrighton

How do I get backrounds

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Software for creating landscapes

Dec 20092Crane

Green Screen Photos

Dec 20092Obispo

How do I integrae Composite Lab Pro ad Adobe Premiere Elemen

Dec 20092Churchmedia

sound FX

Dec 20092dazzmos


Nov 20092jmparsons

Why can't I render widescreen format?

Nov 20092FXhomer33504

como puedo renderizar con soniodo con el fx

Oct 20092FXhomer7829

Where can I learn how to use green screen with CompLab pro?

Aug 20092JackMan INC

Render to FLV file

Jun 20092Dayo

multiple greenscreen video clips

Jun 20092FXhomer65470

how do you get rid of an out-frame?

Jun 20092FXhomer105976

scaling multiple layers at once

Apr 20092Kris Kind

How to select areas to key?

Mar 20092Natdiamond


Mar 20092ChampMM JRMMA

Virtual studios

Feb 20092FXhomer53592


Feb 20092FXhomer44793

Multiple Green Screen Advice Please

Jan 20092minorpro

Playing my Imported clip in CompositeLab

Jan 20092joshwah22

Attributes Tab

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Need help with effects

Dec 20082FXhomer36968

Keying off green screen

Dec 20082greengirl

Trouble Using Green Screen

Dec 20082greengirl

Can't see my whole work area.

Dec 20082bluesguitar

Movie or Picture inside a movie

Nov 20082Lamplighters

Greenscreen Malarky

Nov 20082FXhomer49364

2.5d matte animation

Nov 20082FXhomer34030

yellow background, not greenscreen

Oct 20082FXhomer16156

how to get another clip to play when another as finished?

Oct 20082futuristicdude123


Sep 20082FXhomer61766

Fire Effect question

Sep 20082RyanZ

Changing project settings..

Jul 20082Deimos909

Composite mode

Jul 20082FXhomer34072


Jul 20082MelJ

Superman Flying

Jun 20082SlikProductions

grade apply to one layer

Jun 20082ChampMM JRMMA


Jun 20082Sweetneers

What Color Depth does Pro Work with?

May 20082Bryce007

lift shaft

May 20082matchyman

Only "Grade Object" showing up in Effects Browser.

Apr 20082drusoicy

how make any body fly plz help me ?

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What is compositing? [ANSWER]

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Animation baseline [ANSWER]

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Empty Shell Casings

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Color balance

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I need help finding background footage [ANSWER]

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Using particle presets in CompositeLab [ANSWER]

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Shaking the ground [ANSWER]

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Green Screen - Invisible effect [ANSWER]

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Compatability with Serious Magic Libraries?

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Dual Core Support? [ANSWER]

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Help me for corporation as visual set [ANSWER]

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Presets [ANSWER]

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choped in half but fall diffent ways [ANSWER]

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chroma key [ANSWER]

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Help with cloning [ANSWER]

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making people invisible [ANSWER]

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Car throw [ANSWER]

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hologram stock footage [ANSWER]

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Compositing greenscreen footage [ANSWER]

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Freezing the frame... [ANSWER]

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How to make someone invisible [ANSWER]

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keyframes and tweens [ANSWER]

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masking objects [ANSWER]

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Transparency of tiff image [ANSWER]

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Moving quad after greenscreen [ANSWER]

Apr 20072Phoenix in flames

Creating presets [ANSWER]

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Still Photography

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How do I create a disco mirror-ball effect?

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Copy-paste between projects [ANSWER]

Feb 20072BruMia

help teleporting [ANSWER]

Jan 20072JJStudios

Day for night [ANSWER]

Jan 20072krt

Green Screen Problem

Nov 20111EJR32123

SUPPORT: Frequently Asked Support Questions

Dec 20091Axeman

CLP doesn't seem to recognise my preferred codec - Lagarith

Nov 20091lingyai

Tarn's super girl (animation) ?

Dec 20081cavickers

After you save your project, and then work on it again, is

Aug 20081RyanZ

glass shatter effect [ANSWER]

Jul 20071nevill

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