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Preset Requests


Harry Potter Effect help

Sep 2010382xZProductions

Bat Flying Effect

Jun 2010382xZProductions

Fantastic four

Jun 200734FXhomer37990

Harry potter 4 effect

Jul 200632VRBstudios


Jan 200632Underdog Productions

ANY Presets

Oct 200728Bucees

Force lightning

Jun 200626Gman 007


Apr 200722GavSalkeld

Smoking preset

Jan 200621SGB

Nuclear mushroom cloud

May 200920spencerschleicher

Smallville Plug-ins

Sep 200619Stee


Aug 200619MECEP

MG42 Muzzle flash/ smoke

Sep 200617Dancamfx

Corridor explosion

Feb 200617beastie14719

Need A Cool Force Field!

Mar 200616JUIDAR

Blood effects .. shot to head and torso ?

Dec 200516tolstrup

Equillibrium Pistol Flare/Flash

Oct 200615RusSEAL

Effects Lab preset links

Jan 200615GeneralGrievous

Optic. A gold lightsaber clash similar to in Star Wars.

Dec 200515jrg2134

Turning into smoke

Apr 200814Rockfilmers

I need a free nuclear explosion!

Jan 200714mikeh

Particles from EffectsLab Trailer?

Feb 200614jrg2134

Tutorial Proposition?

Apr 200913No Degradation

Dirt/ground explosion

Jul 200813Shanghai

Casino Royale (2006) Grading

Dec 200613Eargrove Productions


Mar 200613JUIDAR

Dragon Ball Z - Ki Attacks

Feb 200613JUIDAR


Jan 200613FXhomer83

Dust poof

Jan 200912GBPpro

primeval anomaly

Jan 200812riftmaster

Primeval Portal

Mar 200712Ste

lightning at the screen

Mar 200612obidean

Bullet Trail

Feb 200612Thriller

How do make Optic: Len Flares?

Jan 200612jrg2134


Jan 200612Septors

Fire column

Jan 201111Azulon'sAssassin

ping pong ball

Jul 200911joe billy

debris collapse

Jul 200811ChampMM JRMMA


May 200811JediMaster567

Nccinema stock footage

Mar 200811Fergo

Dalek Vision CLAB

Dec 200711riftmaster


Aug 200711JUIDAR

flies yes flies

Mar 200711Lior

Original Enterprise (1960s) plugin

Feb 200711FXhomer13983

Need a Termanator liqudation effect

Jan 200711Naruto

More Fireworks.

Feb 200611jrg2134

Force Lightning Preset Challenge

Dec 200511Steeb

Animated Ufo effect.

Apr 200910richie2uk

Rock Pelting

Mar 200910jamesharding


Jul 200810Bolbi


Apr 200810MoltenWhale

Any Smash Bros requests?

Mar 200810Link123456

Water Hit

Jun 200710SlickV19

Any way of getting arrows?

Mar 200710mercianfilm

Two Armies Moving At A Great Distance

Dec 200610Belita


Aug 200610Black Ink Productions

War of the Worlds presets

Apr 200610bBrown

detonation films

Mar 20089tidge2008

"Transporter" effects

Oct 20079jevex

heroes effect

Aug 20079fxmaniac

35mm grading

Jun 20079Eargrove Productions

CG Bullets needed...

Jan 20079alpha11 sponge

8mm - Effectslab Lite

Jul 20069Thriller

70's film

Jan 20069Thriller

RoboCop Crosshair

Mar 20118Robo Reiko

Fire or Flame

Aug 201082xZProductions

CGI Pikachu AlamDV2 Charector

Jun 20108TristanYoshi

Dark knight sonar vision

Jun 20098CONA H

Jump Scar From the movie Jumper

Jun 20088MN501EAGLE

Grey Volleyball

May 20088Fergo

Something under the ground

Jan 20088JUIDAR

Request] A sparking ball of electricity (Example included)

Nov 20078The Mighty Atom


Feb 20078Videoace123

Hills Have Eyes Type Grading

Dec 20068Belita

Supernatural Grading

Jun 20068Stee

Digital Blood

Mar 20068geigel1

The Night preset

Mar 20068Frank Grimes


Jan 20068irishcult

Bullet hits

Dec 20058Erfa

Non Matrix Style Bullet Trail

Jul 20107TristanYoshi

Dust Particles

Jun 201072xZProductions

Need Help with Detonation Films

May 20097Shanghai

Big Bang

Feb 20097PLANB

Creating Frost/Freezing objects

Jan 20097FXhomer53444

how come my request got removed?

Jun 20087The FE

Electrcity in Effectslab pro Elle Power

Mar 20087GeekOfComedy

Realistic Flames

Feb 20087AXE

Lightning Preset in Effects Lab (Lite Or Pro)

Feb 20087FXhomer20532

Dust Wave

Jan 20087JUIDAR

FXhome video gleam effect

Sep 20077Darth Stazz the Powerful

anime style ring *Hey look what I made*

Sep 20077Link123456

harry potter

Aug 20077Black Ink Productions

Ejecting shotgun shell

Jul 20077Josh3B

Spider-man WEB

May 20077strider4660

dalek vision

Apr 20077fxmaniac

fire wip

Apr 20077Mangekyo

Bright Grade

Apr 20077Disturbing Sam

Speed blur

Jan 20077strider4660

360 Rotatable bullet preset needed.

Jan 20077Snaffle J. Bean

bamf! effect?

Dec 20067casfetes

Storm trooper death

Dec 20067MagikGraphix5878

lord of the rings

Oct 20067Horcruxes88

v for vendetta "dagger time" trail

Jul 20067BasementProductions

lightsaber forcefeild innterferance

May 20067bat25

lightsaber style effect

May 20067bat25

Atmosphere Clash

May 20067Obi Wan Kenobi

Bullet hitting Metal Ricochet

Mar 20067irishcult


Jan 20067ForeverYoung8

How do you make Magic Particles?

Jan 20067jrg2134

Debris Preset

Sep 20096FXstudios99

dirt explosion

Aug 20096joe billy

Glass Shattering

Oct 20086razmataz1

Dragonball z energy beams(kame..., etc..)

Sep 20086druguer

rage dool

Mar 20086FXhomer45478

Smokey Explosion

Feb 20086Fergo


Jan 20086BEEF

teleporter Rings

Nov 20076Rocinante

Mario Bros presets

Aug 20076The Nemesis2161

300 Style Effect

Jul 20076ares89

Ghostbusters Beam Effect Preset Request

Jul 20076chrisakamagic83

energy ball explosion

Jul 20076Darth Stazz the Powerful

Anyone want to make a sonic boom/ripple effect?

May 20076FilmClub

Sin City Lighting

Apr 20076Joecool1081

Fire Wings

Feb 20076Arkangel D

Oldboy look.

Feb 20076BringPopcorn

Grading effect of ice

Dec 20066Buu

Underworld Evolution grading

Dec 20066Regor Hammer


Nov 20066DavidLittlefield

Meteor Hit

Oct 20066Ste

day to night

Oct 20066rathgeber films

Laser Hit Sparks

Aug 20066frodo1987

DBZ Laser

Jul 20066tthunder87

Massive Explosion

Jul 20066King of Blades

Argh! I be looking for a CO2 fire extinguisher Effect.

Jun 20066Professsor

Barrel Smoke and Bullet Hit Smoke

Apr 20066irishcult

Dust blowing around a force field! HELP!

Mar 20066JUIDAR

Breaking Glass

Feb 20066Thriller

matrix code

Jan 20066bigMaKstudios

Rifle Scopes?

Jan 20066Jrad

thick fog

Dec 20056GeneralGrievous

X Ray Vision

Jul 20105Lyle

Ocean splash

May 20095Goldenjabba

Machine Gun

Apr 20095Terminal Velocity

poster effect

Feb 20095ChampMM JRMMA


Jun 20085ChampMM JRMMA

Bullet hits on walls.

May 20085Regor Hammer

CloverField Effects

May 20085Filmaker92

Robots, Terminators, and Sentinels

Apr 20085evg2005

free effect,footage and more

Feb 20085FXhomer10313

Import compression codec

Jan 20085leonado2

Magazine/clip fall out of gun

Nov 20075Qbeck

dalek laser

May 20075FilmClub

shock wave

Apr 20075skamania man

loopable ghostly ball

Mar 20075WeLuvMovies

Wood Bullet Hit wanted

Jan 20075PLANB

"Predator like" displacement

Jan 20075MB3 Productions

lightning and saber swell

Jan 20075Corby

Yet another naruto topic

Sep 20065jgtrox2

Animated displacement filter?

Aug 20065AG Productions

Roswell Alien glowing hand

Jul 20065filmguy415

Super Power Elements

Jun 20065Balketh


Jun 20065Septors

Thanks for the Presets

Jun 20065Garrison

Fire Power Preset

May 20065Penguindude14

HELP! Need Modified Dirt Effect

May 20065JUIDAR

Need Mutant Power Effects!

Apr 20065JUIDAR

Engine combinations for Presets?

Mar 20065Clintorules


Mar 20065druguer

sir cuddle's (andrew's) presets :)

Feb 20065Cuddles

Yellow War Light?

Jan 20065Jrad

Shotgun blasts?

Dec 20055Seven

Should have stock footage...

Dec 20055xWilliamSchultzx

Better Explosion Preset

May 20114CableProductions

HP Beam Help

Sep 201042xZProductions

Halo HUD

Jul 20104stackproductions

Police Lights

Mar 20104Galdors

Uploading presets to the preset library?

Dec 20094MikeandMorrisTV

satellite imaging

Sep 20094Lyle

Alam DV2 Plugin Of A House

Sep 20094Fudge Dog


Aug 20094DX6channel

Energy gathering effect

Apr 20094FXhomer11809

Fly type preset

Apr 20094Mike Q

welding sparks

Mar 20094Brixter101


Feb 20094WheresmyPBProductions

Fire cracker spark

Feb 20094PLANB

Ping Pong Ball

Aug 20084moneyball32


Jun 20084ThEPhOeNiX ThEHaXoR

Need For Speed:Most Wanted

May 20084Filmguy4815162342

Cone Portal Needed

Apr 20084Dinoman

3D Model Space Craft/Shuttle

Apr 20084FXhomer69288

AlamDV2 Plugin's

Apr 20084MoltenWhale

storm troopers needed

Feb 20084FXhomer10313

The Assassination Of Jesse James

Feb 20084Filmguy4815162342

Call of duty 4 injury

Jan 20084Shadowlord

Tidal Wave

Jan 20084Dinoman

Lamplight and Ted Sprague

Dec 20074CJ500

Bullet Squib/Mark Effect.

Nov 20074FXhomer42766

Could Use Some Help on Getting/Finding These...

Oct 20074Gar


Aug 20074Mangekyo

particle effect

Aug 20074Tryst

realistic flying

Aug 20074Horcruxes88

Harry Potter and Ootp Telporting beam

Jul 20074notoriusc

Lightning reaction

Jun 20074The Duelist

Twilight princess *Wierd blocky teleport effect*

Jun 20074Link123456

shield throw...

Apr 20074darthkyle


Mar 20074fxmaniac

spider-man webbing

Feb 20074Corby

Rain effect

Jan 20074SilverDragon7

Saber Wound

Nov 20064King of Blades

A water stream preset for FXL

Oct 20064NinjaBros

More FXpreset Meteor Effects?

Sep 20064jrg2134

Startrek Effect

Sep 20064Madfork2002

Harry potter wand light

Jul 20064jgtrox2

Return of the king effect

Jul 20064VRBstudios

Looking for new force lightning presets...

Jul 20064ther2kglitch

Old Video Film

Jun 20064Garfield Street

Q flash from Star Trek Next Gen

May 20064ragnar

Grand Theft Auto

May 20064HandsomeScholars

A big splash!

Apr 20064petet2

24 The TV series countdown

Mar 20064Professsor

Camera shake plug-in

Mar 20064Z28Jerry

Single Bubble

Feb 20064JUIDAR

Laser and Explosion for this

Jan 20064ragnar

Blaster Laser

Jan 20064Greg Webb

Multi-layer presets

Dec 20054Obi Wan Kenobi

Lightsword presets

Dec 20054Sigssoft

How about a nice long shooting star?

Feb 20113Struker

Black Orb and Tendril-y smoke

Dec 20093Galdors

war movie grade object/filter/etc.

Nov 20093MichaelOmegatron

Energy Sword

Mar 20093Cyan

VHS Look

Feb 20093The Nemesis2161

Shoop da woop laser collection

Dec 20083DodgyKamikaze

Black, White, and 1 Color?

Oct 20083TSHADproductions

Effectslab Pro preset request

Oct 20083PLANB

Gun Shot Hole

Sep 20083UnrealProductions

Camera flash wffect

Sep 20083DVStudio

Need help with water effect!

Sep 20083JUIDAR

Running Propeller

Aug 20083Dawnoflife7218

2 Point Neon Light Effects

Aug 20083FXhomer49825


Jul 20083Fergo

Partical Dust

Jun 20083IPresents

a new fire

Jun 20083Pepita2202

Black Hole Preset

Apr 20083Dinoman

35 mm Effect

Apr 20083AXE

HOw and where do I submit a preset?

Mar 20083JUIDAR

Presets in 1 ZIP

Mar 20083DaRaVEn3D

Presets back into Preset_Packs?

Feb 20083Miko

Grading: calm fishing scene

Jan 20083Link123456


Jan 20083StefanH

Bomb Fuse

Jan 20083Shadowlord

Grouped presents

Dec 20073troyesleygann

How can I make presets?

Nov 20073FXhomer37435

rocketeer jet exhaust

Oct 20073j e hicks

Predator Self destruct

Oct 20073Bucees

Terminator HUD Preset

Oct 20073FXhomer25151

Bright White Light spell

May 20073NinjaBros

Force Field

Apr 20073Joecool1081

Liquid Body

Apr 20073Snook360

Is there any Anime-style/Cartoon-style presets?

Feb 20073ger360

Band of Brothers Preset?

Feb 20073ccirelli

Star Trek beaming

Feb 20073FXhomer12624

Bullets hitting dirt

Jan 20073Oboys

i need a 3D render of a crane

Jan 20073joshh

Volcano Hight Effects

Jan 20073Arkangel D

Dragonball effects

Jan 20073smalls

movie film that looks as it is burning

Jan 20073RigomrtsFX

Liberator teleport

Dec 20063Link123456

Film grading

Dec 20063Eargrove Productions

winter breath

Dec 20063Darth Stazz the Powerful

Super Breath

Oct 20063gorramwhedonfan

Make Dragon ball Z Effects

Sep 20063colton

x ray vision preset

Jul 20063FXhomer7462

explosion shrapnel

Jun 20063The Chad

Fluff preset help

May 20063Darkest Hour

Small Gunshot Explosions

Apr 20063NickD


Apr 20063Balketh

Heavy snow

Mar 20063JadenKepp

How about a monthly preset library?

Mar 20063JimJohnD

How would i upload a presets into my Effectslab library!

Feb 20063FXhomer9244

Magic Color Thingy.

Jan 20063jrg2134

Some explosions and some fire

Dec 20053smallanditalian5

I Need A Spark Shower Effect for lightsabers cutting metal.

Apr 20112FXhomer167933

Sinking ship bubbeling water

Jun 20102csacuff

Palm Pre

Aug 20092cazg

Mystique from X-Men fade away effect

Jun 20092evg2005


Jun 20092sir alex

Donnie Darko Destiny Spear

May 20092JasonX1024

Saving Private Ryan

May 20092UnrealProductions

Can someone please make a spider man web effect?

Jan 20092Darth Fughog

Auto motion tracking

Dec 20082Odd cl

Giant Venus Trap Plant

Dec 20082Dinoman

FXLab Golden Particle Preset Required Will Pay!

Dec 20082FXhomer8282

Make Presets for characters in web episode series

Sep 20082FXhomer25151

like a Dream Cloud or Thought Bubble

Aug 20082iRaquel

Green screen backgrounds

Jul 200820 0 0TheDirector0 0 0

Simple steam FX presets wanted

Jun 20082Shooter

Need Animations Compatible With Effectslab Pro

May 20082FXhomer57093

Realistic ground explosion with rolling fire/smoke ball

Apr 20082NightMan

How to clone, turn on invisibility or create energy shield?

Mar 20082MikeSDI

Does somebody have a nice Stargate-Wormhole preset?

Feb 20082Fergo


Feb 20082StefanH

portal gun muzzle flash and trail from the game

Feb 20082Qbeck

I need a grading preset

Jan 20082RodyPolis

clips falling out of guns?

Jan 20082Qbeck

i need presets please help

Dec 20072FXhomer10313

How to export effectlabs into avi?

Nov 20072faizai77

Smallville "pressure-wave"?

Oct 20072jevex

An f-16 HUD

Aug 20072Weeboo

Smoke ring

Jun 20072Link123456

Smallville Heat Vision

Jun 20072TheAba

fiery explosion for effectslab lite

Mar 20072japan1

Street fighter

Sep 20062tthunder87


Jul 20062tthunder87

Domino style grading.

Jul 20062airhead1790

Black Dark Smoke preset help

Jul 20062hatsoff2halford

Camera Shake

May 20062JUIDAR

Tracer bullet rounds coming towards cam

May 20062ashman

Human Dust Preset

Apr 20062bBrown

Sound Effects

Mar 20062druguer

FILM LOOK preset Request!

Mar 20062JUIDAR

could somebody do a football ball?

Mar 20062nelsongenio

spinning captain america shield

Feb 20062darthkyle

Rocket trail toward camera

Jan 20062muzzle

Flashing lights of an Airport Landing Strip - Lego

Jul 20111FXhomer132239

hydrogen leak

Jul 20111FXhomer132239


Mar 20111JemarcusOgletree

Need "Terminator Salvation" grading Preset

Feb 20111JUIDAR

Jagged Animated Energy Sword help please!

Jan 20111JUIDAR

Harry Potter awesomeness!

Nov 20101Azulon'sAssassin

READY MADE Water Splash Presets

Mar 20101Duck Studios

Anyone willing to make a Fairy plug in for Vision Lab?

Mar 20091Avenger111

Phantasm Sphere

Nov 20081mjdixon

Various Water Effects

Oct 20081JUIDAR

ring of smoke

Jul 20081Fx90

Anti Air Smoke Shot

Jul 20081JasonX1024

Fish eye effect

Jun 20081Pepita2202

Fire Light

Jun 20081Filmguy4815162342

New credit movie?

Jan 20081JamieBrown

Cool Comic book grade

Aug 20071The Nemesis2161

frost on surfaces

Jul 20071VisionFilmmaker

Phantom Zone Grading

Feb 20071Ste


Jan 20071notoriusc

New Portal Effect

Dec 20061Ste

Ground Burst Preset?

May 20061RusSEAL

Dust blowing in different directions

Apr 20061JUIDAR

Horror Blue

Feb 20061Thriller

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