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PhotoKey Help


Wishlist of improvements

Apr 200938FXhomer84319

Help [WIP]

Aug 200838FXhomer49420

Saving Image To Memory Card

Mar 200921FXhomer67163

Unable to save pictures with PhotoKey 3

Jul 201020scaigs

Help Please - Urgent!

Mar 201119PExpress

Removing backgrounds from original picture

Sep 200819HeatherSlater

Automatic processing of green screen images

Jul 201018stagecrew

Kodak 6800 printer

Jul 201117stagecrew

Batch Image processing

Feb 200817teampix

Overlays and backgrounds

Nov 201016Actonevideopro

Transparent Background

Apr 201016SteveGN

Help with shadows on portraits

Nov 200816Enrique Photo Art

Slow import using tethered camera

Oct 201115FXhomer49875

Blue turns Purple w/ Green dropped

Mar 201115Skywing269

cannot export anything

Feb 201115giggles8810

Exporting file and other questions - evaluating

Oct 200915FXhomer123690

Trying to shoot stainless steel watches..HELP.

Apr 201014MrHorology

Will this Greenscreen be ok?

Feb 200914DingDong555

updating [ANSWER]

Jun 200814FXhomer21627

Keying with Red/Pink tool costume (sample included)

Jul 201013Dave Oleary

I bought the software from tubetape,how the heck do I get it

May 200913FXhomer65947

Mask feature Idea

Nov 200713JimJohnD

FX 4 saved files not printing

Jan 201112cartervj

Back Ground Turning Turning Black

Apr 200912FXhomer57169

Batch multiple backgrounds

Dec 200911FXhomer100929

Batch Unique ignores orientation, size, resolution, bg image

Feb 200911FXhomer120255

Keyboard shortcuts

Feb 200911FXhomer120255

Photokey - View Mask?

Jan 200911Elijah

problems getting a clean edge

Nov 200811vinnie

using a digital background purchased on internet

Mar 201110metaphysicallady

PhotoKey 4 and Blue Screen

Feb 201110FXhomer164474

Basic help

Apr 201010Rozeeday

Import always goes to PK's Green Screen directory in PK3 Mac

Feb 201010njush

PhotoKey 3 Pro Hot Folder

Nov 200910Colville

Teathered Cameras

Mar 200910Mondo

Image resolution

Jan 200910papaquebec

right side of toolbox will not come up fiters, postions ect

Jan 200910FXhomer57169

Upgrade to PhotoKey 2

Nov 200810FXhomer64261

Welcome to the PhotoKey support forum!

Nov 200710Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 4.1.0004 Beta to fix printing issues

Sep 20119Cogz

Anyone here use Photokey for event photos?

Jul 20119alvin

oops, shot green uniform on green screen

May 20119FXhomer111781

Where to buy Background and Overlay images.

Mar 20119FXhomer112052

Unclean green removal.

Dec 20109FXhomer67795

can multiple images be used to make one picture

Nov 20109FXhomer140711

German Users here?

Oct 20109FXhomer114078

Loading program

Mar 20109funshots

PhotoKey 3 Pro Printing

Feb 20109NYMFanPhotos

Can't remove the green in my photos

Jan 20109kreedy

Windows 7 and PhotoKey Pro 2

Oct 20099xtremed

PhotoKey 2 not keying as well as PhotoKey 1

Oct 20099Ruffles

having problem with green being remove from clothing

Dec 20089FXhomer59461

My pictures show up darker [ANSWER]

Apr 20089lilcj500

Where to find copyright symbol to add to pics

Dec 20118Planet

100 digital backgrounds

Sep 20118FXhomer133121

Save new custom canvas size setting

Apr 20118Digiteyez

Background coming through foreground picture

Jan 20118FXhomer90125


Oct 20108jennyd

Black pixel issue

Aug 20108StylishGirl10

Recently used backgrounds list query

May 20108Barry In Las Vegas

Multiple overlays

May 20108Casey-NL

using backgrounds that didn't come with PhotoKey 2 Lite

Apr 20108FXhomer109311

Exporting a file to JPEG or TIFF from FX 3 (none pro)

Mar 20108FXhomer157443


Jan 20108FXhomer87395

Photoshop Plugin

Jan 20108wmm

Overlays and position

Sep 20098yukoner2

help with spotty background

Aug 20098FXhomer67560

Lost Please Help!

May 20098Camera happy Tracy

Export Just the Keyed Subject with Transparent Backround

Feb 20098cottonj

Help keying photo

Feb 20098Elijah

photo key batch

Feb 20098FXhomer144931

Green Screen showing up

Dec 20088b4dynamite

Dfference when processed image is opened in Photoshop

Dec 20088isabel95

Backdrop with second flash [ANSWER]

Apr 20088carden


Mar 20127xtremed

I need the forground without a background (cutout)

Jan 20127yearbook advisor

How can I export as a jpeg instead of PNG

Nov 20117FXhomer110736

Printable User Manual

Oct 20117cgraber

Error message when installing plugin for CS2

Nov 20107Cliffie

Batch processing in the demo

Oct 20107Cliffie

color turquoise

May 20107Laurens Mitchell

Adding images to Photokey

Dec 20097Mister B

how do you make an overlay in photoshop

Jan 20097FXhomer31333

Saving PNG Files

Mar 20126Littlepunk

Mask Eraser tool

Dec 20116RRossi

Hair problems in photographs using green screen

Oct 20116Sharonbo

Can't Find Backgrounds on FXWebsite

Oct 20116TonyGibblePhotography

Automatically display new image in main preview window.

Mar 20116FXhomer164474

Green Tint on subject's blonde hair

Feb 20116HausApril

photokey and sony snaplab on windows 7

Jan 20116jeromeriley

Problem with PK4Pro

Dec 20106xtremed

Printing multiple images on same page via Photokey 3 Pro

Dec 20106Ladd Photo

Photokey Pro 4 Hot Folder and EOS Utility remote capture

Nov 20106adamfilipo

Color sifting: yellow turns into orange

Nov 20106FXhomer107883

Associating exported pictures with personal data


Green Screen Workflow

Sep 20106Martin Kimeldorf

Photo Key 2 light

Apr 20106FXhomer96298

Chromakey CMYK values

Feb 20106xtremed

PhotoKey3 Pro Trial

Feb 20106Wall2WallPhotos

User guide

Jan 20106kvora

background photokey 2 lite

Dec 20096FX flippinphotos

photokey 3 pro: it chops an inch when i print

Dec 20096StudioPRIMETIME

Where to find background images

Oct 20096BobLasky

Green Halo on Hair

Oct 20096FXhomer43974

Transparent legs

Aug 20096scottey


May 20096MechelleGR

I can't download PhotoKey

May 20096FXhomer39322

green screen reflection on my product photo

Apr 20096FXhomer56420


Mar 20096FXhomer56387

I am not able to see canvas size on the right side

Mar 20096FXhomer144931

Quality degrades after processing

Jan 20096FXhomer73795

Collection of digital backgrounds

Jan 20096Crackerjack

photokey open page

Dec 20086janice

Upgrade Question Paper Size?

Dec 20086FXhomer26320

Camera Capture

Sep 20086Mondo

PhotoKey Batch auto rotate and import?

Sep 20086Ruffles

Licence question

Aug 20086vinnie

NEW Photokey Batch almost there

Aug 20086FXhomer43021

Not all green screen is removed [WIP]

Jul 20086FXhomer63598

How to change the canvas size [ANSWER]

Jul 20086Rennaf

Will not remove the chromakey? [ANSWER]

Jun 20086FXhomer24855

can not open program [WIP]

Feb 20086Jerry

Mac & Windows?! [ANSWER]

Nov 20076NickF

Unable to run Photokey 4 pro under WIN 7 Home edition

Mar 20125gxjones


Dec 20115FXhomer109155

Feature requests

Nov 20115Joe@Barksdale

photokey 3pro files won't open in photokey 4pro?

Oct 20115chrisjimphoto

Masking and photos with black

May 20115franktapnack


Apr 20115KWKellyPhotography

How to replace photos and text in magazine overlay

Mar 20115tavia

PhotoKey 4 Pro help

Feb 20115Samantha

photokey3 plug-and photoshop 64bit

Dec 20105FXhomer131978

Using the plug-in in Photoshop

Nov 20105FXhomer107591

Cant get my mask to activate at export

Nov 20105MarlinPenton


Nov 20105preciousmoments4you

Printing issues with PhotoKey 3

Oct 20105sergio0187

Photokey 3 Pro with Hensel Integra Pro Plus 500 W Studio kit

Feb 20105FXhomer97756

Is there a tuttorial for creating overlays

Dec 20095FXhomer18833

white background blending thru

Dec 20095StudioPRIMETIME

Why is it changing my DPI?

Nov 20095TinaC

Another background issue

Nov 20095TinaC

Export as a jpeg

Nov 20095vslg1

Borderless printing Problem

Oct 20095FXhomer51031

Preserving EXIF data when you export

Sep 20095FXhomer66605

Blue keyed on greenscreen when using spill supp.

Sep 20095Tim Lerche

Backgrounds change on unique setting

Sep 20095Tim Lerche

Can I get a foreground image to cast a shadow

Aug 20095FXhomer25108

On The Fly Compositing

Jun 20095Colville

Print Image Borderless

Jun 20095FXhomer97903


Jun 20095FXhomer75395

Subject has areas of transparency?

Apr 20095FX78704

Just a quick question about creating backgrounds/overlays

Mar 20095StuntMusic

New Version 2.1.0000 changes

Mar 20095CroftStudios

my menu does not show up anymore

Mar 20095FXhomer144931

Floating subjects

Feb 20095FXhomer62066

Fine black line around image

Feb 20095Michael2009

Downloaded trial version but dont' understand how to try...

Feb 20095SLKsMA

Clicking Toolbar Icons

Dec 20085bullalayao


Dec 20085FXhomer61783

part of photokey batch is missing

Nov 20085ffp1974

Suggestions for Batch from an event photographer

Oct 20085WeDoGreenScreenTeam

How do you take out the 2 lines off my picture!

Oct 20085FXhomer32074

Key File location

Oct 20085FXhomer55918

No Puedo Intalar Photokey En Mi Computer

Sep 20085horaciofoto2

Editing Pictures

Sep 20085Shopaholic

Updating FXHome Photo Key

Sep 20085Stealth007s

Black Or White Thin Outline Around My Subject [WIP]

Jun 20085FXhomer68776

Printing problem from Olympus P-10! [ANSWER]

Dec 20075FXhomer37004


Jan 20124peterg

Photo Booth ~ Displaying Processed Image

Jan 20124bubbalee

Studio Setup

Sep 20114FXhomer99876

Is there a demo on the work flow of how to print on site?

Sep 20114JamieJames

How many event photographers on his forum?

Aug 20114stagecrew

DNP DS40 Dye Sub Printer

Aug 20114stagecrew

Need to erase a photo flaw...

Jul 20114MamaCas

what do i do about large pictures that i want to import

Jul 20114FXhomer125321

Help with Using Photoket at events / Multiple layer problems

Jul 20114FXhomer123046

I wish to see completed photos on external monitor

Jul 20114alvin

I Sometimes Have Problem With Green Cast

May 20114FXhomer46416

PhotoKey 4 vs Photoshop plugin

Apr 20114FXhomer21843

Anyone getting the cannont write to file error?

Apr 20114Jgollinger

Printing from Photokey4

Mar 20114FXhomer67525

HotFolder Prints to Automatically Print Photos

Mar 20114FXhomer112052

photos from photoshop?

Mar 20114goslin

Photokey 4 exporting images with black backgrounds?

Mar 20114scatterbrained

Overlay Images/ bkgrd ...

Feb 20114FXhomer65250

Users of Nikon D3000 with PhotoKey (Pro)

Feb 20114jonecool

Can't Upload Photos

Feb 20114MamaCas

Sandwich Overlays?

Feb 20114TNSweetPea

PhotoKey 4 Pro Batch Export with different backgrounds

Jan 20114jonecool

SnapLab UPC10

Jan 20114GuillouxEventsPhotos

How do I export a file and retain a transparent background

Dec 20104John Wilson

Photokey 4

Dec 20104codec3

How export image with text?

Dec 20104Urinal

New update image rotation issue

Dec 20104FXhomer101692

photokey 3 VS photokey 4

Dec 20104Micah master studios

RAW [ORF] images in Photokey?

Dec 20104MamaCas

Effects and Filters

Dec 20104FXhomer99066

proplem with activating

Dec 20104FXhomer131978

Lightroom Work Flow?

Nov 20104AlbertZeroK

How to question

Nov 20104HJB Productions

how do you add 2 or more subjects to your foreground?

Oct 20104Krows9

Image import issue

Aug 20104Drtruck

Pdf Manual available?

Jun 20104bvinson

Auto-Masking foreground

Jun 20104Carty

how to transfer images to photshop

May 20104FXhomer94919

open in editor

Apr 20104FXhomer37244

Using Pro on Multiple Computers

Apr 20104rmarshall301

CS5 compatibility?

Apr 20104Hillbill

JPEG formate

Mar 20104rita0925

Proper Lighting

Mar 20104FXhomer109748

Photokey 3 produces low resolution images.

Feb 20104FXhomer97756

Photokey 2 Lite installation with out a DVD drive

Feb 20104User10

Photoshop "action" for PhotoKey 3 plugin?

Feb 20104Dave Oleary


Feb 20104lblazy

no users manual or instructions

Feb 20104FXhomer109275

images on greenscreen are automaticly cropped way too much

Feb 20104FXhomer109275

Photokey 3 pro

Dec 20094mark cozzoli

Trouble Installing Photokey Pro 3

Dec 20094Pitchermom

What do you do when your subject wears green?

Oct 20094Cherished Memories Photo

Blondes and Greenscreen Problem.

Jul 20094Dougeeee

Green Shirt

Jul 20094ReidPcola

Issue with colors on background

Jun 20094FXhomer56968

green screen problems

Jun 20094FXhomer74354

Photokey2 Trial not working

Jun 20094FXhomer59215

Where Do I Get The Backgrounds to add?

May 20094flydog

Magazine Overlays

May 20094FXhomer2848

can i print my own description on overlays?

May 20094FXhomer52383

green screen

May 20094FXhomer88252

PhotoKey query (email address removed)

May 20094FXhomer88252


May 20094AspireGreen

Keyed photos saved as TIFF have gray/black background

Apr 20094toddg


Apr 20094FXhomer48325

Backgrond pictures with photo key

Feb 20094FXhomer87482

Photokey 2 Save Option?

Dec 20084sfbmovieco

Halloween party was a success!

Oct 20084Ruffles

Intel Core Duo processor?

Oct 20084FXhomer62066

Print problems with Photo key Batch and print drivers mac os

Sep 20084BollingerPhoto

photo key to large for my computer screen

Sep 20084FXhomer59369

Fringing and poor extraction of hair

Aug 20084vinnie

Where is my download


light on greenscreen [ANSWER]

Apr 20084FXhomer22580

More magazine covers [ANSWER]

Feb 20084Seabee1972

Green background is deleted but so is a crown [ANSWER]

Dec 20074Teecha

Spill Supression pulls yellows out of entire image [ANSWER]

Nov 20074Max Pixel

PhotoKey 5

Mar 20123stagecrew

2 pictures in the same background

Feb 20123FXhomer195097

Greenscreen & cloth shops

Feb 20123FXhomer98413

PhotoKey 4 Pro Crashing

Feb 20123cartervj

Invalid activation key

Jan 20123LLawler

Corrupt images when using hot folder

Jan 20123MikeDCS

Photo shop clippling paths

Jan 20123sliip

Green screen problems, how to work around doing masks

Jan 20123sliip

15 Hours still no activation code

Dec 20113Heri

Complete eraser of green screen

Dec 20113tlc


Dec 20113magiceye

pk4pro Toolset question

Nov 20113wowter

Pictures turning out blurry

Oct 20113Sheracer

Can I retain the Hot folder selection in PhotoKey 4 Pro?

Oct 20113reekster

FXhome PhotoKey 3 Pro Project File

Oct 20113harmon1zer

the lines on the photo

Oct 20113sarina123

Multiple Foreground Images

Sep 20113RRossi

Westcott PhotoKey 2 Lite...

Jul 20113FXhomer150892

Cant find add shadow in photokey 4 ?!

Jul 20113FXhomer116239

Error code 1007

Jun 20113FXhomer67779

Images getting cut off in Photokey 4

May 20113FXhomer143246

can we live composite in photokey?

Mar 20113alvin

I can't down load the PK pro 4

Mar 20113spinib123

Selecting all images in Batch

Mar 20113cartervj

PK4 - Camera 'BUSY'

Mar 20113NPTImaging


Feb 20113Samantha

Can't Drag and Drop

Feb 20113fotoguydfw

Green screen still showing up

Jan 20113tcalion

Mask effect in PhotoKey?

Dec 20103MamaCas

how to make the templates for indiana jones

Dec 20103Brickwall Design

PhotoKey Pro on rented computers

Dec 20103njush

corrupt output files

Nov 20103photoguy747

New to green screen

Oct 20103cartervj

serial # activation

Sep 20103shutterbug2010

like your product, just a few questions before i buy

Jul 20103scousemax

Insertation of Logos

Jun 20103Carty

does anyone know the "size" limitation for Photoke

Jun 20103FXhomer125742

multiple foreground pictues

Jun 20103FXhomer66453


Jun 20103FXhomer108070

Printing full bleed?

May 20103Snaptech

Where are my backgrounds?

May 20103plh1234us

Interesting glitch: Keying BOTH blue & green

May 20103njush

Foreground shirt colors change when imported

Apr 20103generalee

Green Background and Green T-shirt

Mar 20103Mupo

need help

Mar 20103luzznit

The FX library on Photokey

Mar 20103druguer

whats the difference ?

Feb 20103luzznit


Feb 20103FXhomer97756

Can you silhouette a person in Photokey 2 lite?

Feb 20103Planet

want to teather my camera with a firewire to photokey 3 pro

Feb 20103photodaveohio

Export extraction . . .

Feb 20103wmm

Where to find printed help for Photo Key 3

Jan 20103photographybysheilab@mac.

How can I save as jpeg...

Jan 20103lblazy

Does Photokey3 std or Pro support command line interface ?

Jan 20103FXhomer126352

Using flash with PhotoKey

Jan 20103FXhomer91859

Green Eyes Turn Brown

Dec 20093asitp

How To Get Rid Of The Green Outline On My Foreground Photos?


PhotokeyPro 3 demo

Nov 20093vinnie

Having trouble getting backdroup photo to fit forgeound

Oct 20093FXhomer109562

original backgrounds gone

Oct 20093FXhomer75947

Soft edges or halo

Oct 20093Cherished Memories Photo

Background>Import>Change>...default to "Thumbn

Oct 20093Moonbear

PhotoKey 2 Pro Export Sizes

Sep 20093DealerScapesLLC

Colors change when opening old project.

Aug 20093epiphanyphoto

green cast behind heads bride has part of her flower green

Aug 20093FXhomer57169

2 windows at once

Aug 20093FXhomer115886


Jun 20093mbjarvis


Jun 20093mbjarvis

Process running when closed

May 20093FXhomer85825

Saving Settings In PhotoKey 2

May 20093FXhomer77333

Product key activation

Apr 20093FXhomer26290

Moving foreground

Apr 20093keyboard44

Masking Troubles

Mar 20093Crackerjack

PhotoKey Pro 2

Mar 20093Mondo

Set Defaults?

Mar 20093yesterdaysmuse

Printer Option

Feb 20093Michael2009

pixalation in foreground


photo with white cross

Feb 20093FXhomer59066

green screen not completly removed

Feb 20093FXhomer144931

Submit to Gallery - help?

Feb 20093CroftStudios

How to move the foreground image?

Feb 20093caltana

background formats

Jan 20093FXhomer57823

Suggestion - Slugs

Jan 20093Elijah

can not print full page landscape [ANSWER]

Dec 20083f55w46st

help with backgrounds for green screen

Dec 20083FXhomer53283

Saving image option?

Dec 20083DepthOfField

Should I put models feet on blue backdrop?

Dec 20083FXhomer50476

Pre-purchase question.

Nov 20083NLAlston

PhotoKey vs. PhotoKey Batch

Oct 20083Amanda

HAIR has white spots and looks like digital break up

Sep 20083FXhomer44928

white background?

Sep 20083FXhomer52443

Export dpi

Sep 20083FXhomer108745


Aug 20083slam68

How do I eliminate the green halo

Aug 20083FXhomer22580

White X on Images? [ANSWER]

Jul 20083creativesoultv

Looking for answers to already asked questions [ANSWER]

Jul 20083wjrosser

Unable To Activate [ANSWER]

Jun 20083BMEROTH

Photokey color correction off... [WIP]

May 20083carden

User Interface Comments

Mar 20083FXhomer63693

Polarized Backgrounds [WIP]

Dec 20073FXhomer48108

Dark pictures

Apr 20122rthitoff

Faceover in Photokey 4

Apr 20122rthitoff

This Image Can Not Be Saved. Warning box, Yellow Triangle.

Mar 20122FXhomer68751

No Background Folder

Mar 20122rbeamon

HELP PLEASE - need to keep green on uniform in photo!

Mar 20122mrsericah

An Undo shortcut or option

Feb 20122cartervj

PhotoKey batch process to Quicktime video?

Jan 20122iggy88

Not recognizing photokey lite

Jan 20122FXhomer91746


Jan 20122kevindurham24

Trying to reinstall my photoKey 2

Jan 20122FXhomer129020

Reinstall the program in a computer that has disconfigured

Jan 20122salvagerar

Unique Layers

Dec 20112RRossi

Hot Folder Work Flow

Dec 20112RRossi

Background Not Completely Removed

Nov 20112StitchUp

Photokey 4 PRO Photoshop plugin?

Nov 20112Aki2011

Simple question - Hopefully

Oct 20112FXhomer128609

Background size

Oct 20112FredJClaus

New to Photokey Pro4 / Snaplab Event Printing

Oct 20112LMS

problem retaining eye colors, &blue/green colors in clot

Oct 20112FXhomer107524

Chroma Key (white)

Sep 20112FredJClaus

Testing programs

Sep 20112FredJClaus


Sep 20112FXhomer48508

Photokey Pro - Saved Projects - Changing Backgrounds?

Sep 20112focusedfrog


Aug 20112wjack911

link sample

Aug 20112FXhomer135535

Using multiple pictures on the screen

Aug 20112FXhomer135535

help cannot install program

Jul 20112barbarabad24

This Program Do Not Work As Easy As The Company Said

Jun 20112DANNY619

Positioning problem!

Jun 20112FXhomer167251


May 20112tommcelvy

Porting Photos

May 20112FXhomer107466

about green screen

May 20112khamees

Hot folder imports part-saved images

Apr 20112Travis27

Multi Images Without GreenScreen

Apr 20112FXhomer141956

Photo key 4 vs Photo Key 4 Pro

Apr 20112dabest

PhotoKey 4 Pro & 2 Computers

Apr 20112FXhomer116854

Photoshop plug in

Apr 20112inksbycheree

Saving with layers instead of a flat image

Apr 20112FXhomer91348

just brought photokey 4 Pro need help finding the manual

Mar 20112docburns

Exporting in PNG

Mar 20112Extreme Sports Cards

Help Cutting out a photo

Mar 20112Cherished Memories Photo

overlays from outside sources

Mar 20112goslin

license mac and pc

Feb 20112cartervj


Feb 20112FXhomer65198

Settings set to background not appearing in export

Feb 20112StuntMusic

Viewing background Discs

Feb 20112FXhomerMisB

color profile gets lost while keying

Jan 20112mstoll

Upload images not working on website

Jan 20112FXhomer101692

Any news on a new version of the Photoshop plug

Jan 20112FXhomer101692

Multiple Images on Same Print

Jan 20112cssulliv

Black spots under eyes

Jan 20112tcalion

Batch question Photokey 4 - fixing individual images

Jan 20112Ruel Cordero

How to inform about a pirated FxHome product ?

Jan 20112sadeqnairat

French tutorial


Can anyone help?

Jan 20112Xquisite

Saving files as JPEG?

Dec 20102R2DD

saving file

Dec 20102FXhomer108070

Looking to upgrade from 4 to 4 pro

Dec 20102Samantha

Urgent Help Needed - Onsite

Dec 20102jenandjody

Can someone help me? Photokey 2 lite?

Dec 20102FXhomer83053


Dec 20102Samantha

"100 Digital Backgrounds"

Dec 20102vikingrobot

problem transferring my work

Dec 20102Willybear

I can't activate the PhotokeyShop.programkey

Dec 20102FXhomer107591

How do I create a shadow

Nov 20102Fan of FX

Problems with correct orientation of photo when importing

Nov 20102shillmann

PK3 Pro upgrade

Nov 20102wmm

Shadows on greenscreen in photo

Nov 20102sjdavis

Please please add this to V 4 before it is out

Nov 20102FXhomer101692

backgrounds in photokey pro 3

Nov 20102FXhomer60067

Edging around dark hair

Oct 20102FXhomer85747

Getting Hot folders to open up from my camera

Oct 20102dougie1554

Shooting subjects with flat surfaces

Oct 20102dsproducts

Instant Download

Oct 20102notjustamoma

Movie Overlays

Sep 20102FXhomer51293

New requested items to be added to Photokey

Aug 20102FXhomer101692

Enhancement Request: CSV Import to drive text fields

Jul 20102njush

Enhancement Request: "Retain Alpha" masks retain

May 20102njush

Subject sitting on green screen floor

May 20102Atlas

new for fxphoto key how to safe file & open

Apr 20102FXhomer81498

Looking for Photokey 3 plugin

Apr 20102EandDPhotographers@snet.n

Photokey3 Pro Effects

Apr 20102FXhomer72209

PhotoKey 3 Pro license

Mar 20102wmm

photokey file

Mar 20102mj716

Keying pics with Gray and White Backgrounds

Mar 20102FXhomer106659


Mar 20102FXhomer95087


Mar 20102jgiuliany

Can you install Photokey 3 Pro on BOTH MAC & PC

Mar 20102Lennon the Photographer

How much minus green

Mar 20102mphoto7

Photokey 3 Backgrounds have labels

Feb 20102Jerms

Loading Photo-key on portable hard drive

Feb 20102FXhomer54454

I hyave the wrong soft ware!

Feb 20102FXhomer57169

Help can't find 100 backgrounds

Jan 20102FXhomer82804

How to edit many photos in same canvas to make a poster?

Jan 20102FXhomer87395

photokey 3 pro kit

Dec 20092FXhomer162458

Background bleed thru

Dec 20092Ahanlin

Purple voloe is removed on blue background

Dec 20092V&K Portraits

Color Problem

Dec 20092FXhomer83518

Photo Key 2 Lite Printing/exportiing errors

Nov 20092FXhomer75647

Why i can not render

Nov 20092FXhomer109787


Nov 20092FXhomer57169

100 digital backgrounds

Nov 20092FXhomer63039

What's New?

Nov 20092FXhomer120255

Proper Lighting for green screen

Nov 20092FXhomer83518

Batch images

Oct 20092BobLasky

Multible foregrounds

Oct 20092jdbackgrounds

Greeting card

Oct 20092cktufuor

Striated Pattern

Oct 20092FXhomer40823

File Name/Number on Prints

Sep 20092FXhomer51031

Slider Controls

Sep 20092barringtonr

Looking for old time/sport card photo overlays

Sep 20092FXhomer44836

Making an application program with PhotoKey2 Pro

Sep 20092FXhomer80128

Mask Usage

Aug 20092FXhomer57169

Photo Key

Aug 20092FXhomer87482

Samples to work with

Aug 20092yukoner2

Printing from PhotoKey

Aug 20092Buckhorn

green cast behine head, and brides green part of flower

Jul 20092FXhomer57169

Putting text onto photos

Jul 20092mbjarvis

Select an ICC for paper when printing

Jul 20092FXhomer23714

Printing from Photo Kiosk

Jul 20092tomsphotographics

Trouble Getting New Background


My Background Disappears When I go to Position

Jun 20092Barry In Las Vegas

How Do I Save Picture In My Pictures & Green Screen Subj

Jun 20092Barry In Las Vegas

Launch project from the command line

May 20092FXhomer129200

color shift

May 20092FXhomer87592


May 20092volt

upgrading from fxphoto to fxphoto2

May 20092kmarker

Can you merge several images and place them on a background?

Apr 20092FXhomer52635

Large images using FXhome PhotoKey2

Apr 20092FXhomer84102

Can you...?

Apr 20092dannyt

What's soo different...?

Apr 20092dannyt

How does the photo key 2 works

Apr 20092dannyt

How do I change a backgrounds to another background

Apr 20092cktufuor

PhotoKey instructions

Mar 20092FXhomer56387

Am using green screen subject wearinng yellow shirt and hat

Mar 20092FXhomer57169

blue halo around hair

Mar 20092FXhomer76126

more lighting make it different colour


Director Player Error

Feb 20092photocart

Foreground Image not showing up on the canvas

Feb 20092caltana

Photokey Batch

Feb 20092FXhomer73795


Jan 20092FXhomer52347

multiple foreground images on same background

Dec 20082Tincope

Color handling of batch and single different

Dec 20082FXhomer28542

Program lags after printing

Nov 20082FXhomer51984

Bitmap Image file as a Background?

Nov 20082FXhomer55918


Nov 20082vinnie

Supine subjects

Nov 20082FXhomer44113

Batch remove

Oct 20082FXhomer84831

Video Tutorial?

Oct 20082FXhomer109543

Key Image Color Shift

Oct 20082RandyB

Regardin updating

Sep 20082FXhomer39094

Director Player Error

Sep 20082FXhomer31297

adding photos

Sep 20082FXhomer55638

Colour management

Aug 20082vinnie

Great Program but some things should be fixed or implimented

Jul 20082FXhomer43021

missing font [WIP]

Jul 20082FXhomer57178

Possible to edit overlays [ANSWER]

Jun 20082FXhomer52169

shadow [ANSWER]

May 20082FXhomer56527

Installed trial, purchased, have key, wont activate? [WIP]

May 20082FXhomer67909

Feature Requests

May 20082FXhomer26320

Doesn't run after install [ANSWER]


Best import file format? [ANSWER]

May 20082carden

photoKey window is too big for my screen [WIP]

Apr 20082FXhomer51168

New Feature request

Apr 20082FXhomer69511

How to restore the original colours in detail please? [WIP]

Feb 20082FXhomer66906

Batch Processing [ANSWER]

Jan 20082FXhomer37244

Automatisation as script [ANSWER]

Nov 20072Zeebopadula

backdrops or backgrounds

Mar 20121BloccBoyzInc

trying to see why upgrade prices are different once i log on

Mar 20121FXhomer141356

Solution to slow import of images from photo booth software

Mar 20121sdonn

importing projects photo key4 pro

Feb 20121FXhomer195097

When trying to move an object the programs goes at a snails

Feb 20121jdbackgrounds

Hotfolder and autoexport delay

Feb 20121sdonn

Feature Request

Dec 20111RRossi

Re-Installing Photokey 2 Lite

Dec 20111FXhomer116714

push completed pics to email

Oct 20111vslg1

Unable to burn photokey pics to cd

Oct 20111Tricity

workflow for event work-how to trim time?

Sep 20111alvin

Program is no longer valid

Sep 20111FXhomer146917

Exporting as 16 bit tiff

Jul 20111juandent

i cant up grade to photokey 4

Jul 20111lanz

ERROR 1003 - The PhotoKey 3 plug-in...

Jun 20111FXhomer128059

Auto Export startup

May 20111HighCountry

canvas dimensions

May 20111wowter

Help: Main Canvas Freezes in Photo Key Pro 4

Mar 20111FXhomer112052

Postcard function

Dec 20101xtremed

Figured out a lighting scheme using 1 light

Sep 20101Martin Kimeldorf

New photography forum

May 20101Simon K Jones


Oct 20091franktapnack

Multiple Backgrounds for single image

Apr 20091FXhomer77333

Help with import

Feb 20091FXhomer82186

Printing Issues

Dec 20081bullalayao

drop shadow - separate layer - alpha channel

Dec 20081FXhomer79712

How I can get the Alpha Channel/ Layer in Photoshop CS3

Nov 20081FXhomer58343


Nov 20081FXhomer89401

Feedback and printing suggestion

Mar 20081FXhomer64097

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