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Stock footage: Turning an image stream into stock footage

Feb 200640Oeyvind

Compositing: Invisibility & cloaking!

Jun 200838Simon K Jones

Large Glass Door Break

Mar 200935CoolBeans Studio

Wizard Combat Tutorials

Feb 201033Simon K Jones

Lightswords: ILM Quality Lightsabers

Jan 200633Redhawksrymmer

Compositing: How to Clone in Effects Lab

Sep 200630JT9

Particles: Creating realistic fire

Jan 200630Axeman

Masking: Cutting Off Limbs

May 200622Oeyvind

How To make the Death Eater Apparation/ Flight effect! DONE

Nov 201021Azulon'sAssassin

Compositing: How to fly!

Apr 200819Simon K Jones

Text tutorial listing

May 200619Axeman

Lightswords: Good quality lightsword with only one layer!

Feb 200619jrg2134

Lightswords: Jabooza's Bright Light Sword Method

Nov 200618Jabooza

Compositing: Force Jump

Feb 200618Oeyvind

Lightswords: Creating a basic lightsword

Jun 200518Simon K Jones

Help. How the key/grade out the green glow.

Feb 200916cazg

Keeeping sound tutorial

Jan 200916cavickers

Lightswords: Creating RvD style lightsabers in EffectsLab

Mar 200716Jabooza

Tracking tutorial for Visionlab.

Aug 200915spydurhank

Trailer Flash in EffectsLab *TUTORIAL*

Jul 200815A l e x

Compositing: Shockwave and Force Push

Jan 200615Oeyvind

How to make yourself have a chroma key suit.

Jul 2008140 0 0TheDirector0 0 0


Jun 200814StupidLikeAFox

Gun Blow Back

Aug 200813StupidLikeAFox

Compositing: Interactive Lightning

May 200813VisualFXGuy

Neon Light: Creating Spider-Man spider web

May 200713Jabooza

Grading: Smallville SuperSpeed

Jan 200713jrg2134

Neon Light: Making good ship engine flares.

Feb 200613jrg2134

how to do sit and float special effect.

Dec 200812AwesomeFist

Grading: Grading concepts

Mar 200612Simon K Jones

Compositing: Invisibility With Displacement Map

Nov 200711Digital Boy

Particles: Abyss-Style Water Creature in EffectsLab Pro

Mar 200711pixelboy

Optics: Lens Flares

Jan 200611Cogz

Lightswords: Authentic lightswords

Jun 200511Simon K Jones

Filmaking: Writing a script

Apr 200411Simon K Jones

Computer Screens

Apr 200910CoolBeans Studio

Textures: Creating Particle Textures from Photographs

Jan 200610Axeman

General effect help

Dec 20109Azulon'sAssassin

Animated intro with text and stills Tutorial.

Dec 20099spydurhank

Human torch NEW

Dec 20089cavickers

Movie intros using 3D space?

Jul 20089Jerry James

Taking an object from a clone

Jun 20089Bucees

Human Torch

Mar 20089FXhomer62125

Presets: Understanding presets

Mar 20069Oeyvind

Neon light help.

Dec 20108Azulon'sAssassin

How do you get weapon lighting?

Jul 20108WBarnett

How to add realism to your Blue Lightsaber

Jan 20108Legovip

Cloning in a mirror.

Mar 20098spydurhank

Compositing tutorial- blue + green screen basics-techniques

Dec 20088DVStudio

Realistic Suicide- FxLab

Jun 20088Tommy92L

Lightswords: Understanding lightsaber activations

Feb 20078Jabooza

Grading: Sin City Style Effect

Feb 20068Evman

Filmmaking: Video camera basics

Apr 20048Simon K Jones

walk through a wall

Oct 20097ChampMM JRMMA

Invisible Man Tutorial in Visionlab.

Sep 20097spydurhank

CLab Cloning Tutorial

May 20097DVStudio

Cloning How To-Tutorial

Mar 20097DVStudio

Model Ship Flying Fast!

Feb 20097Moonloon1

Creating Particle Textures Tutorial

Feb 20097FXstudios99

how toadd Categories to toolbox

Jan 20097jim703

Lightsaber Reflections

Jan 20097StupidLikeAFox

The Exhaustive Lightning Tutorial- Check back for revisions!

Jul 20087The Duelist

Masking: How To Mask Filters In Effects Lab

May 20067JT9

Lightswords: Glow affection

Mar 20067Oeyvind

Lightswords: Creating a Light Saber

Jul 20057Arktic

Stock footage: Conversion using Adobe Premiere

Jun 20057nimozap

Filmmaking: The order of production

Apr 20047Simon K Jones

harry potter effect help

Jul 20116FXhomer128054

Clone Help

Dec 20106Azulon'sAssassin

Sylar Fire Tutorial

Aug 20106StupidLikeAFox

How do you create a realistic gun shot?

Aug 20106Vdeogamer

Realistic Explosion- Video Tut

May 20106Bucees

How to make overlays.

Feb 20106kreedy

Virtual Set tutorial

Dec 20096NP Dodge


Sep 20096FXhomer63653

Special Effects at their Best!

Sep 20096CTFPlaya360

CLAB Green screening tutorial

Jun 20096DVStudio

creating textures in photoimpact

Feb 20096jim703

Serial number of Visionlab Pro demo version

Oct 20086Nami Malaysia

FR] Site pour turoriel !

Mar 20086FXhomer41683

matte painting in composit lab

Mar 20086Rockfilmers

Black INk Productions ILM lightsabers

Mar 20086Black Ink Productions

Muzzle flashes: Basic flashes

Jun 20056Simon K Jones

AlamDV Plugins: Converting into movie files

May 20056LilCaesars

morphing effect

Apr 20115JemarcusOgletree

Flying help

Aug 20105FXhomer129135

Anyone wanna attempt to recreate some of these effects

Aug 20105IrishCInema

how to make a logo for the side video using ,

Aug 20105Micah master studios

Artificial Camera Shake TUTORIAL?

Apr 20105chrisakamagic83

Super Strength?

Nov 20095powersurge

Preset system tutorial

Sep 20095Axeman

green screen

Jul 20095analarbd

Time stop

Jun 20095Poseidon1231


Jun 20095Poseidon1231

Green screen lighting tutorial

Mar 20095DVStudio

Hit by car

Jan 20095TheBubster2000

Tutorial - Fire man & Invisibility

Sep 20085IPresents

How to walk through walls

Jul 20085cottonproductions

Grading: Glowing Eyes

May 20075polrbear

Masking: Make an Old Pirate's Telescope in CLab of VLab

Apr 20075Plainly

Hitfilm displacement help?

Nov 20114Darthjay13

Sound effects help

Nov 20104Azulon'sAssassin

Green screen issues

Nov 20104Azulon'sAssassin

How can I make the Harry Potter Apparition in Effects Lab

Oct 20104Blue Dragon Productions

Talking Fruit?

Mar 20104Obispo

how to composite out the black of stock footage

Dec 20094pinkyandthesheep

how to get the screen proper

Nov 20094xtremed

Beach Landing and Superheroes DVD

Oct 20094Underdog Productions

how render works

Jul 20094analarbd

No Effects ?

Jun 20094FxRandy

Matte paintings

Jun 20094Poseidon1231


Jan 20094FXhomer57573

How to have sound!

Jul 200840 0 0TheDirector0 0 0

black lightsaber tutorial

Mar 20084Darth Stazz the Powerful


Dec 20074Sagerman

Particles: Smallville-Style Heat Vision

Feb 20074pixelboy

Lightswords: Cutting through a Wall

Mar 20064jrg2134

Grading: Vertical lines

Feb 20064Oeyvind

Clones throwing balls

Apr 20113EJR32123

Cloning in Composite Lab Pro

Mar 20113EJR32123

Sony Vegas Pro 10 Help !

Mar 20113Sufian796z

Tooning or Rotoscoping

Jan 20113cazg

Security cam help.

Dec 20103Azulon'sAssassin

Flying help. NOT SUPERHERO!

Nov 20103Azulon'sAssassin

artificial camera movement tutorial?

Nov 20103Efxdude132

Burning Village Tutorial

Nov 20103FXstudios99

How To Do Heroes Fireball Effect

Aug 20103midtriplet

artificial footsteps

Aug 20103JemarcusOgletree

Create textures in Gimp and animate in Visionlab.

May 20103spydurhank

make a good cloudy sky effect in less than 2 minutes

Nov 20093Home video films

REQUEST: Cinematic Lens Flare Tutorial

Oct 20093ben3308

Can i do green screen in effectslab pro w/o a mask effect?

Oct 20093FXhomer47426

how to use stock footage

Sep 20093Buchanan Brothers Films

Slow motion tutorial.

Sep 20093spydurhank

Still image of a face onto a moving body

Aug 20093FXhomer85209

New tutorials

Aug 20093Rockfilmers

Muzzle flashes

Apr 20093CoolBeans Studio

How do you insert downloaded presets?

Mar 20093JSaint777

I need help for a bullet trail video.

Jan 20093Tgdrake

An easy way to clone in Elab

Dec 20083MarcusH

how to make a video like this ?

Oct 20083teenagelobotomy

Big explosion

Sep 20083Nazmi

How do I install other effects to the editor?

Sep 20083DRAYKO

Alpha Channel with Text

Sep 20083FXhomer64687

How to cut off body parts in Effects Lab Pro

Jun 20083Z films

Tips on how to market / Distribute your Film

Mar 20083FXhomer18202


Mar 20083riftmaster

Green Screen

Jan 20083movieprodigy

Lightswords: Alternative effect to Masking

Jan 20083jrg2134

Lightswords: Lightsabers Made Easy

May 20073The Editing Room

Compositing: CGI Compositing Entirely in EffectsLab

Mar 2007320alex

Lightswords: Realistic Lightsaber Glow in a Dark Room

Feb 20073Darth Stazz the Powerful

Grading: How to match lighting from backdrop to foreground

Aug 20063Buu

Muzzle flashes: Automatic weapons

Jun 20053Simon K Jones

Harness, green rope

May 20112juneau

AlamDV2 Not Letting me download

May 20112FXhomer98523

Green Screen Masking - Help!

May 20112TonyGibblePhotography

Masking Question

May 20112prfctdark

Car Air Bag

Oct 20102JemarcusOgletree


Sep 20102FXhomer82767


Aug 20102FXhomer67850

how do i make a demon face warp?

Jul 20102JustJoe

"Laser Saber"- Video Tut

Jun 20102Bucees

Super Jump Tutorial - Easy

Apr 20102StupidLikeAFox

ball of electric energy

Mar 20102bradleymaustin

Professional Animated Titles

Mar 20102defs69

How can i do the healing & cut head effect from Sylar

Jan 20102Utuayey

muzzle flash question

Jan 20102Roncace

Chucky style doll tutorial

Nov 20092Kie77

demo virsion

Jun 20092FXhomer81151


Oct 20082teenagelobotomy

A blender tutorial!

Sep 20082Movienerd

How to make a big explosion in visionlab pro?

Sep 20082Nami Malaysia

how to make light swords a diffrent way

Aug 20082matchyman

color calibration, important? what is it?

Feb 20082FX500

Rendering and saving

Feb 20082Filmguy2008

Muzzle Flash

Jan 20082White Eagle Entertainment

How to retain sound when rendering.

Dec 20072Axeman

Compositing: Cloning in effectslab

Jun 20072Videoace123

Grading: How to make realistic interactive lighting

Feb 20072Black Ink Productions

Lightswords: Lightsaber Ignition

May 20062NickD

My FXhome Tutorial Channel

Jul 20111matchyman

How to composite media with a white background in effectslab

Jun 20111EJR32123

animated text on fire

Apr 20111lsander

Fading Particles

Mar 20111Darth Stazz the Powerful

Greenscreening Series and Other DV Tutorials

Oct 20101DVStudio

AVATAR Photoshop Tutorial

Sep 20101Kie77

Text Creation in Lab Products

Sep 20101DVStudio

How to create water stock footage

Aug 20101Vdeogamer

How Do I Set Paper Size as Default

May 20101Barry In Las Vegas

Sky replacement with breakdowns.

Mar 20101spydurhank

Fast Effect & Human Torch & Invisibility TUTORIAL

Feb 20101IPresents

MGM Logo with my cat. (good for beginners)

Aug 20091Kie77

fly carbet and cloning

Aug 20091analarbd

How to Light a bluescreen for under 30$

May 20091Z films

Creating Simple Titles In the Lab Products

Mar 20091B3N

Digital Vertigo Effect

Jan 20091Rockfilmers

3d Severed Arm

Sep 20081StupidLikeAFox

Anyone up to making a gleam tutorial?

Dec 20071Merrick

Neon Light: Understanding the Neon Light Engine, Part 2

Jun 20061NickD

Neon Light: Understanding the Neon Light Engine, Part 1

Jun 20061NickD

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