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Please post MuzzlePlug and PowerPlug questions in this forum

Jan 200815malone

After Effects crashes while invoking MuzzlePlug

Jun 200910goingo


Mar 20097Terminal Velocity

Can't use presets

Aug 20086FXhomer35739

PowerPlug Outage [WIP]

Apr 20086Lord XT

How Do I add in Sound effects

Oct 20085FXhomer65980

using the downloaded pre sets

Mar 20085FXhomer32918

PowerPlug Videos

Apr 20084JackPot

MuzzlePlug availability?

Mar 20103camerabuddha


Jun 20093FXhomer70298

Stock compatibility

May 20093EBC films

the demo broke explorer.exe

Mar 20093waterboy418

Power Plug in the real world

Sep 20083Retromedia

Can't Use the VisionLab preset?

Sep 20083FXhomer32368

How to match up the muzzle at the time it's supposed to fire

Aug 20083FXhomer35739

After Effects plug-in question

Jan 20102Ramsey

Muzzle Plugin does not work with AE CS4 and Mac OSX 10.6.

Aug 20092FXhomer72662


Aug 20092Apocalypse Studios

Muzzle Plug on computers?

Jun 20092Sepulcretum

will not import

Apr 20092FXhomer52408

After Effects CS4 and MuzzlePlug?

Nov 20082FreeFallStudios

Presets Library

Jan 20082Axeman

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