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FXhome Film Project


World building and design

May 2008185Simon K Jones

Any word?

Dec 201068mikeb8

FXhome Film Project 2008 announced!

May 200865Simon K Jones

VFX Post Production - Join the team.

Jul 200856ashman

VFX- Post Production W.I.P and UPDATES (Image Heavy)

Apr 200939coldside

Fracture Online Premiere

Aug 201136ashman

August '09 update

Aug 200929Simon K Jones

'FRACTURE' Teaser Trailer

Aug 201027ashman

It's A Wrap: Shooting the film

Aug 200827Simon K Jones

March 2010 update from the director!

Mar 201026Simon K Jones

How to get involved

May 200825Simon K Jones

Auditions & casting

Jun 200819Simon K Jones

November '09 update

Nov 200917ashman

SketchWork - From The Cutting Room

Jun 200816SketchWork

Schwar interviews the crew on set

Jul 200815Simon K Jones

Schwar's Set Tour!

Jun 200815Simon K Jones

Set construction: Time lapse video

Jun 200815Simon K Jones

Ashman Presents FXHOME FILM - Production Diary

May 200815ashman

Meet the crew!

May 200814Simon K Jones

Fracture Poster

Jun 201112ashman

Project Update 05-04-10

Apr 201012ashman

Set dressing: Time lapse video

Jul 200810Simon K Jones

Watch Fracture online!

Sep 20119Simon K Jones

Terms & conditions for posting in this forum

May 20086Simon K Jones

UPDATE - Website and Sebastien Regert interview

Jun 20115ashman

Fracture’d Memories by Julian Boote

Aug 20105ashman

What software was used for fracture

Aug 20105Mad Mike

Fracture Official Soundtrack

Mar 20104Sid Barnhoorn

What software did you use to make the building.

Aug 20094RedSock34

FXHome Film Project: A Big Hoax

Apr 20103Atom

Cast & Crew

Jun 20112ashman


May 20112FXhomer57724

Fracture Official Soundtrack (now also available on iTunes)

Mar 20102Sid Barnhoorn

Follow us on Twitter!

May 20111ashman

Artists with Photoshop and compositing skills needed!

Aug 20101ashman

Fracture launches on Facebook

Jul 20101ashman

Latest information

May 20081Simon K Jones

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