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Building a Studio

May 201033er-no

TUFPC - Category Two (FINISHED)

Aug 201031B3N

Show Us Your Photos!

Jan 201026B3N


Jul 201023B3N

TUFPC - Category Three (FINISHED)

Aug 201019B3N

FXhome Photography Challenge (Judge Hunt FINISHED)

Jul 201019B3N


Dec 201018Helge

TUFPC - Final Category...again.[FINISHED]

Sep 201018B3N

New Forum!

May 201017Atom

Studio Logo Design

Jun 201015er-no

New camera Help~

May 201014SuburbanElement

Photo Competition entry HELP!

May 201113Joecool1081

Studio Portraiture

May 201012ben3308


Jan 201111Poseidon1231

What camera should I get for College?

Sep 201011StupidLikeAFox

The Unofficial FXhome Photography Challenge Introduction

Jul 201011B3N

Color photographs from early 1900's

Oct 20108Poseidon1231

Help with Green Glare

Mar 20117FXhomer63858

Camera help

Aug 20107Poseidon1231

Psychedelic/Manipulated Photography

Jun 20107Serpent

Where can I buy backdrops and overlays from?

Oct 20116FXhomer108825

One of my pics...

Sep 20116MamaCas

Photos I did(new pictures added)

May 20116Poseidon1231

Help with Camera Choice

Apr 20116FXhomer63858

FXhome Flickr Group

Jan 20116Serpent

Converter for Tamron 200 mm lens?

Sep 20106The FE

Lens help

Jan 20125Poseidon1231

Canon Lens

Apr 20115Poseidon1231

Photographer recreates retro photos

Feb 20115rogolo

Lens hood

Jan 20115Poseidon1231


Jan 20115FXhomer95087


Dec 20105danielgwood

180mm Tamron vs Sigma

Dec 20105FXhomer82347

Camera help

Sep 20105Poseidon1231


Jul 20105FCRabbath - Free photo, video, training

Apr 20105Axeman

First Go using PhotoKey 4

Dec 20114Cypher

My Photography - Feedback? Age 16

Apr 20114StupidLikeAFox

PhotoKey 4 or Pro for T-Shirt Printing?

Apr 20114FXhomer116854

Green Screen ideas

Nov 20104FXhomer107440

Canon XH-G1

Nov 20104engel003

Outdoor portrait lighting kit help

Nov 20104mosrherz

Photos are not aligning up?

Sep 20104You're The Star

Nikon D60 external flash

Aug 20104danielgwood

Looking for a decent Fisheye lense

Jul 20104film freak

Strobe kit for the Canon 7D

Jul 20104Joecool1081

Free workshop next weekend (July 23-25 2010)

Jul 20104Axeman

Digital Backgrounds

Aug 20113gvkohl

"The Mountain" amazing timelapse footage

Apr 20113danielgwood

Fxhome has a photographer's forum?

Apr 20113RodyPolis

my new childrens animation

Feb 20113videofxuniverse


Aug 20103B3N

US & UK Photographers: Know Your Rights

Jul 20103rogolo

panoramic with 7D

May 20103Toruk Macto

green screen paint

Mar 20122timeclock60

SD card VS Compact Flash card

Feb 20122Yessong

Green Screen Issues

Feb 20122IndianaGirlForever

Throwable panoramic ball camera

Oct 20112danielgwood


Oct 20112FXhomer108825

Photos Come to Life

May 20112DVStudio

Check these out

Apr 20112Poseidon1231

24-hour photo

Jan 20112danielgwood

Lineage* Teaser Poster

Oct 20102Kilroy

Photography and Imaging Links

Jun 20102Serpent

Trick Photography

Jun 20102Chao2

canvas size

Jun 20102Normanlegoullon


Jun 20102Anonymous

Saving in PSE after creating in PK3

May 20102FXhomer107032

Tell us about your photography!

May 20102Simon K Jones

First Communion portrait

Oct 20111FredJClaus

Photoshop Actions to speed up photomontage creation

Sep 20111Martin Kimeldorf

workflow for event work-how to trim time?

Sep 20111alvin

HDR photography

Jun 20111Poseidon1231

Canon Rebel XSI

Dec 20101Poseidon1231

Massive holiday sale at

Dec 20101Axeman

Canon Ef Adapters!

Nov 20101The Nemesis2161

Fujifilm S200EXR

Oct 20101Poseidon1231

Good news for UK photographers

Jul 20101Simon K Jones

Military and Law Enforcement Art and Commercial Photography

Jul 20101Serpent

FREE Studio Lighting workshop online

May 20101Axeman

80 topics