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Upsidedown Ratings?

Sep 200371Exclamation

Reward - Avatar Wanted

Jul 200269BDOG

Grammar mistake on front page :D

Jul 200251Cypher

New Site Changes 10 Jan 2006

Jan 200646malone

The New!

Dec 200546Simon K Jones

b4 must bow down and take leave

Nov 200243b4uask30male

suggestion: recording votes on plug-ins...

May 200243TMM Feature Requests

Jun 200337malone Bugs

Jun 200337malone

signature pic contest

Mar 200337wpl


Aug 200236cerveaupro

Negative Ratings

Oct 200335AndrewtheActorMan

No body likes me

Oct 200333ssjaaron

Suggestion: Cinema

Jul 200233Cypher

Gainin force powers

Jul 200232Xfurball

Prob with chat room

Aug 200231spotless

FX Home Reward System

Sep 200428Rawree

Glossary Additions

Jun 200328Hajiku_Flip

Force Points for movies and Plugins?

Aug 200226owen rixon

Ratings for useful pls, not just for funny.

Dec 200225Kid

Rating System? Good or Bad?

Jun 200224Hajiku_Flip


Feb 200922TheOutlawAmbulance


Dec 200222Xfurball

Two Thumbs Up For Tarn's Tutorials

Aug 200222moebius


Feb 200420DeezNutz24

we want YOU

Aug 200320Marek

Sick of random broken pictures!

Sep 200220cerveaupro

Credit Movies?

Feb 200919FXstudios99

Removing My Clips

May 200319Greybro

Plugins locked?

Jul 200219Anonymous

Submitting a Film in the Cinema

May 201118Viktorious

Apr 200318ggbros

Strange Popups

Feb 200318BrickMovies4U

How about...

May 200218GeeksGoneBad

Cant Find Plugin

Feb 200417Brettsta


Aug 200317Coureur de Bois

pending review!?

Dec 200217billy3d

Download Movie

Nov 200217ada1989

cinema voteing

Oct 200217wpl

Smilies :)

Oct 200217rmw

Gold user?

Jan 200516nickcelestin

A Useful Links Page Needed??

Aug 200216Cogz

Top 25 Movies

Aug 200216Gibs

New Lightsaber Handles? (Pics inside!)

Jun 200216Hajiku_Flip

Account image

Jun 200915sir alex

Just Messed up on registration key

Jun 200615Jazzmanian

Small Suggestion - WMV files

Dec 200315TAP2

New Zed Upload Problem

Oct 200315ssjaaron

Anyone else having problems?

Aug 200315BackOfTheHearse

oo Good Idea!?

May 200315jirwin

How much of an influence on the site do you need...

Aug 200215CoolKabe

Name Changing

Jan 200614Redhawksrymmer

video hosting problem

Dec 200414Greg Webb

Not plug-in maker?

Aug 200414Wizard

What's up with the website?

Dec 200314voiceoverwizard


Jun 200314HandsomeScholars

not showing

Jun 2003144036Douglas

I'm new

Apr 200314MrShmoe


Jun 200913sir alex


Feb 200913TheOutlawAmbulance

how do you put in alamb2 plugins

Jul 200713giyanks22

uploading preset

Jul 200613jgtrox2

payed once and got billed twice.

Apr 200513starfan

Suspicious PM

May 200313Rawree

I think I'm gonna buy AlamDV... what do you think? :)

May 200313nicmar

Messed Up Site Stuff

Oct 200213MechaForce

Find User Posts Error

Jul 200213Hajiku_Flip

new forum

Apr 200213av11d

Video upload question

Apr 200912Sephis85

Acount icon

Mar 200912sir alex

A very good suggestion for the site

Dec 200612Armageddon1212

Cinema Submissions?

Oct 200612Jazzmanian

Site slow in Internet Explorer

Apr 200612petet2

When will the FXVault be opened?

Jan 200612pcremag

Broken Film Links

Mar 200512ZukoVega

Details about movies on new website(ATTN. Malone)

Mar 200312voiceoverwizard

Safari Crashes?

Mar 200312dampeoples

Personal Top Ten Movies

Jan 200312MechaForce

"Looking for"..pop up

Dec 200212ada1989

How does the "force points" work?

Sep 200212rmw

Suggestion on top nav

Aug 200212Cypher

Weird webpage loading problem after accessing plug-ins page

Jul 200212moebius

Just wanted to say the website owns

Jul 200212Xfurball

Switch to Mac

Dec 200711ncsutennis01

how do i download Fxhome presets?

Jan 200711Snaffle J. Bean

Was my post deleted?

Dec 200311jstow222

chat problems

Aug 200311aaron 99

Cinema State

Jul 200311wpl

Suggestion for voting system

May 200311Sollthar

What is the best file format for cinema videos.

Oct 200211owen rixon

SUGGESTION : Tutorials Section

Oct 200211Sokar

HELP TEST: Javascript Tree Menu for new plugin categories

May 200211malone

Very good job

Mar 200211Cypher

Fxhome Cinema Sound

Jul 200810JasonX1024

error when uploading presets to http:/

Jun 200810ChampMM JRMMA

Pasting pictures into posts.

May 200810DVStudio

I'm new so don't laugh but I need help: More Proof

Dec 200710Horror Maker

how do i put my movies on website

Mar 200710smoorns

Chat won't work.

Dec 200610FXhomer15428

Why the strange page layout?

Dec 200410jstow222

How to Upload movies here

Oct 200410lunamask

32 bit color needed or 24 bit true color

Aug 200410homedogjedi


Feb 200410DeezNutz24

Signature Issues

Feb 200410AndrewtheActorMan

Suggestion - Deleted Post Notification

Jan 200410TAP2

Another question about this site.

Aug 200310neo_man89

New Lightsaber Hilts

Jun 200310Hajiku_Flip


Nov 200210Magic_man12

How do I rate posts?

Aug 200210metellius

How long to accept a film in the User Movies section?

Nov 20109jjuerss

Digital Backdrops

Mar 20109Car2n

Merge accounts?

Feb 20109njush

Effect Previews

Dec 20099Darth Stazz the Powerful

Let us download presets for the demo

Feb 20079LewisM79

Official Contest Section?

Oct 20059Serpent

Avatar/Signature Questions (was: Questions)

Jan 20059steelglass

Little Competitions

Oct 20049jstow222

Can't purchase Alamdv2 - Transaction problem with CC

Jul 20049XeroX

How about a yearly film awards fot fxhome?

May 20049Jonis

Alamdv3 price?

Jan 20049Colincsl

where did all the films go?

Nov 20039ilykdp

Categories for Voting

Jul 20039Magic_man12

Having trouble submitting a plugin...

Jun 20039SenseLess_Productions

Problems with Signatures...

Jun 20039AndrewtheActorMan

mobile device friendly site

Jun 20039wpl

Live Chat - Not working?

Feb 20039Equinox

A poll about plugin's

Feb 20039Spike

Plug-in Disscussion Board

Dec 20029Xfurball

signature template

Nov 20029arniie

Search Engine Optimisation

Nov 20029domdino

Stock Footage on

Nov 20029danial_02

post was rated but obtained no force knowledge

Aug 200291007

In defence of the self-appointed bad guy...

Aug 20029spotless

When will i be able to have an avatar?

Jul 20029Xfurball


Apr 20029v6proz

Need some help with importing FXpresets

Apr 20118FXMan1

Gaining FXhome experience

Jun 20098NateFlax

Introductory flash video...

Oct 20078A Pickle


Oct 20078FXhomer37083

bug in the forum

Oct 20068shadu

Movie hosting

Jul 20068Mr_E_Man

Remembering log in

Jul 20068petet2

Wrong picture in User Preferences

Jan 20068NickF

Front Page link

Jan 20068coldside

Cinema-Style Voting for the Preset Library

Jan 20068Jedimaster7889

upload from

Jun 20058wiggy

Cannot Seem To Get Upgrade

May 20058KnightDsgn

Anyone know anything about DigiGrade?

Mar 20058jrg2134

Web hosting ?

Oct 20048joebine

PC Plus Magazine Cover Disc AlamDV registration

Jul 20048Mike Swannick

Plugin Section Searching Inactive?

Apr 20048Brettsta

Rejected Movie

Mar 20048MarkB


Jan 20048Evman

Color for links within posts

Dec 20038Axeman


Dec 20038jstow222

Problems uploading a plug in

Nov 20038Superman

I can't sign in!

Oct 20038Anonymous

Play my movies on Quicktime Pro?

Apr 20038blaine

Clean things up around here.

Feb 20038Anonymous

Search for + and - posts?

Feb 20038voiceoverwizard

having trouble with jave chat!

Jan 20038Andreas

New lightsaber colors for the site.. With pics

Dec 20028DarkJedi07

An important question!

Nov 20028CoolKabe

How can you raise your force level?

Nov 20028be56

Help With Pic On Sig

Oct 20028ggbros

gold award

Oct 20028b4uask30male

Signature pics

Aug 20028ggbros

Spill Chucker?

Aug 20028X

Wow, that's cheap!

Jul 20028Cypher

Usergroup: Jedi Master

Jul 20028arniie

Adding to the Cinema with Vimeo

Mar 20097No Respite Productions

Cinema not working?

Jul 20087the Fiddler

A Really New People Forum

Jun 20087Buatha

Need help with posting a movie?

Oct 20077CyberLeech205

Fxhome extremely slow in newest firefox

Aug 20077Bryce007

Cinema movie ratings

May 20077Jabooza

banners dont appear

Apr 20077Darth Stazz the Powerful

Vewing the Cinema

Apr 20077The FE

Sample Video

Jun 20067TR3YD

Problems posting to forums

Apr 20067petet2


Jan 20067GeneralGrievous

Chat Problems

Sep 20057jstow222

change email

Aug 20057SGB

Plugins, Effectslab DV

Aug 20057SGB

more keysender issues...

Jul 20057Lord XT

Two User Names

Jun 20057Jeremy Davidson


Mar 20057jstow222

chromanator download page?

Oct 20047jedicowboys

CG forum?

Jul 20047rmw

AVATAR question

Jun 20047Denise CookXClam

about the cinema menu

Mar 20047boffa86

Other than Zed

Feb 20047DeezNutz24

dv3 post on website

Feb 20047Evman

Top Posters List

Dec 20037AndrewtheActorMan

New suggestion to Add to FXhome

Nov 20037ssjaaron

Found an error on the site!

Nov 20037Slick

Need ftp server

Sep 20037neo_man89

Ahh! what happened

Jul 20037HandsomeScholars

Usergroup Icons (Mac & PC)

Jun 20037Hajiku_Flip


Jun 20037N8man

Force Level Question...

Jun 20037AndrewtheActorMan

May 20037Redhawksrymmer

Membership Pending

Mar 20037Oily

hasn't been able to get inte to today.

Jan 20037Andreas

Force Rewards for Plug-ins

Dec 20027Axeman

Reply button for plug-ins

Dec 20027X

More colour more fun

Dec 20027ada1989

Avatar Image!!!!

Nov 20027danial_02

VIDEO Categories

Oct 20027jirwin


Oct 20027Animator

AlamDV2 should be added to

Jul 20027andrewlogan

TYPO:Plugin maker's usergroup

Jul 20027andrewlogan

"No XML data found in archive" error message

Jul 20116Azulon'sAssassin

Video Pending Duration

May 20116CableProductions

Opps? About the banners and the poins system?

Jan 20116TvReagan

Plug-in explanation

Sep 20106FXhomer129135

signature question

Jul 20106jawajohnny

Embedding YouTube in Forums

Jul 20106Atom

Search Suggestion

Oct 20096TheOutlawAmbulance

Ignore Feature Suggestion

Jun 20096No Respite Productions

user icons

Mar 20096FXstudios99

Pics on forums

Mar 20096TheOutlawAmbulance

Question on the website banners?

Dec 20086ChampMM JRMMA

Postage and Handling Costs

Dec 20086Galdors

Photos on The Forum

Aug 20086JasonX1024

How to download from FX Library?

Dec 20076Shanghai

Ask Mr.Video

Oct 20076codyburke610

ok, who mixed my screen up!

Sep 20076xanetia

Some New Website Suggestions

Sep 20076film freak

Sound Effect problems

Jul 20076giyanks22


Jun 20076battlecam182

Force point. Help?

Apr 20076Crav3r

sentbox or outbox?

Mar 20076ajjax44

Suggestion: Movie Force & Point Browsing

Nov 20066nanafanboy

can i use YOU TUBE to host a video to submit here?

Nov 20066brandonvm

Gift Purchases of FXHome products?

Oct 20066Jazzmanian

Changing Email Address

Oct 20066Dancamfx disconnecting my pc from the internet

May 20066sk8npirate

Alam DV2?

Mar 20066lunamask

Preset upload problems

Dec 20056rmw


Oct 20056Patriot2011

Help, my movie has gone!!!

Aug 20056Lembi3

i have my old username and serial for alamdv 2

Jun 20056mrbug

Chromanator Key wasn't sent with the key resender?

Mar 20056tmaynard

What's "FXHome Super User" and how do you get the

Mar 20056jrg2134

Sometimes the site just doen't work :S

Mar 20056Remco Gerritsen

broken smiley

Mar 20056fertesz

Lost my magic code

Nov 20046Cirian

Just a question

Feb 20046DeezNutz24

Cinema not working

Feb 20046jstow222

pop down things on new website

Dec 20036Brettsta

Missing forums ???

Nov 20036padawanNick

i need somone to host my movie

Aug 20036ssjaaron

Rules for film uploading?

Aug 20036wdy

Got an Idea

Jul 20036wdy

chat problems

Jun 20036wpl

problem playing videos

Jun 200364036Douglas

Deleted posts, an answer

May 20036b4uask30male

Sig Pics

Apr 20036ggbros

just testing

Mar 20036gpmovies

Better subject lines for posts

Mar 20036wpl

Getting Really Annoyed!!!

Mar 20036owen rixon

Tube Wars

Feb 20036Equinox

The time has to be now to split test/film

Nov 20026b4uask30male

can you read Russian ?

Nov 20026b4uask30male

SUGGESTION : AlamDV Cover for our AlamDV plugins/backups

Nov 20026Sokar

suggestion: plug-in tutorial

Oct 20026wpl

'inactive' after email address cange

Oct 20026Anonymous

Where has the -1 rate gone?

Sep 20026Sollthar

This is neat.

Sep 20026CoolKabe


Sep 20026Movie_Manic

Plugin Search

Jul 20026Hajiku_Flip

Free sfx!

Jul 20026CoolKabe

Vault idea?

Apr 20026av11d

Changing from vision lab to HitFilm.

Aug 20115FXhomer82784

Purchased FX lab pro but it will not download on my mac

Jun 20115FXhomer108637

A search addition.

Nov 20105Azulon'sAssassin

Posting tutorial-need help

Nov 20105Azulon'sAssassin

Submitting a film query

Mar 20105Darth Stazz the Powerful

My topic disappeared!

Sep 20095Comadreja Incendiada

fxhome discounts

Jan 20095matchyman

Profile information not refreshing?

Jan 20095Jabooza

contacting fxhome

Dec 20085matchyman

Credit Movies

Nov 20085The FE

Can't download update

Sep 20085OwenParker

One thing that bugs me...

Jul 20085Mellifluous

Icons next to screen name

Jul 20085cottonproductions

live chat for mac?

Feb 20085Filmguy2008

where's videowrap?

Dec 20075Darth Stazz the Powerful

profile problem

Dec 20075Randomlard101

Is there a support phone number?

Nov 20075JOKKERfilms

I am an idiot - shipping/reseller questions

Oct 20075FXhomer37083

Changing poster graphic on film submission

Sep 20075Ouellette

Recognizing Locked Topics

Aug 20075ben3308

Suggestion for rating

Jul 20075RodyPolis

More tutorials, more users

Apr 20075kontrast

Q about the (gross) thing.

Mar 20075morph5690

pictures on your posts?

Dec 20065Darth Stazz the Powerful

Alam DV 2

Oct 20065lunamask

Home page movie - guide to presets used

Sep 20065petet2

Name Changes!

Jul 20065ben3308

Buying without a creditcard

May 20065thesiege

no magic code

May 20065FXhomer6590

Google Video Upload?

Apr 20065SMINC

Site Viewing Problems?

Feb 20065Magic_man12

preset downloads

Feb 20065Cuddles

Signature pictures

Jan 20065Oeyvind

Problem with site - Is it just me?

Jan 20065SMB

Cinema Box Office

Dec 20055Serpent

Google Video Support

Dec 20055irishcult

Problems With Profile

Jul 20055Vault FX

Mac Icon ?

Jun 20055Richard Summers

Which Software Should I Choose?

Nov 20045johnsherman1

Audio video "Split"

Oct 20045The Artur

Icon Problems

Sep 20045greenfireproductions

How do I get force points?

Jun 20045TheRenegade

Open site after viewing all topics

May 20045Evman

Home page movie not displayed in mozilla

May 20045Evman

Animated Gifs on Thumbnails

Feb 20045Brettsta

:-( I lost my magic Code :-(

Jan 20045Bassdee85

Incorrect profile info

Nov 20035voiceoverwizard

Age innacuracy

Jun 20035Equinox

Where have my rating tokens gone off to?

Jun 20035voiceoverwizard

Error when registering for website account

Jun 20035spaced65

what ever happened to the +0 rank?

Apr 20035wpl

New Series -- Need Hosting

Mar 20035Samsung

Plug-in Maker?

Feb 20035Oily

#of Veiws in the Movie format box VS. the Movie detail box

Feb 20035voiceoverwizard

Slow plug-in uploads

Nov 20025moebius

Zip file movie?

Nov 20025ada1989

Disappearing posts

Oct 20025Rob Alexander

new plug-in cato.

Oct 20025wpl

the top ten boxes

Sep 20025jfbiscardi

glitch with plugin

Aug 20025raider

Submited movies

Jul 20025Venger

I think something that would really help would be

Jul 20025Xfurball

Gold Member Status

Jul 20025Xfurball

Problem downloading plugins...

Jun 20025bat_21

Website Stats Funbox (+errors)

Jun 20025av11d

Possible general chat forum

Apr 20025malone

Very strange account problem

Apr 20114FXhomer115497

fxhome products

Apr 20114EJR32123

Download presets

Jan 20114FXhomer79097

FXHome HD Gore Footage?

Sep 20094Apocalypse Studios

Problems installing alamdv2 plugins.

Jul 20094kurten

Alam DV2 Plugins question

Jun 20094BIMO

Search suggestion

Apr 20094FXstudios99

shipping time

Jan 20094sir alex

How do you upload an avatar?

Dec 20084GBP4563


Dec 20084GBP4563

chat promblem

Dec 20084AwesomeFist

Mozilla log in problems?

Aug 20084petet2

News? Problem?

Jul 20084JasonX1024


Jul 20084nerfgunnerz3

Posting AlamDv2 plugins.

Jun 20084Chaofanatic

no more new alamdv?

Mar 20084Darth Stazz the Powerful

What are those colored circles?

Feb 20084MillerBros

Little 'Problem', I guess you could call it

Feb 20084Plainly

Order paid for on 17th but still "pending"?!

Jan 20084FXhomer47966

Posting Presets

Nov 20074DJP444

Posts for new movies in the cinima not showing up

Aug 20074SlothPaladin

How do I upload possible footage for others to use?

Aug 20074black ronin1228

New User, Slightly Confused, Need Help

Jul 20074GI George

FXhome Website Help FAQ

Jul 20074B3N

How do i get more force points

Jul 20074Bucees

Unable to login to old account

Jul 20074Hockey07


Jun 20074Penguin

Studio and Production name duplication

May 20074Big Rob

Buying Stuff...

May 20074Motoman

Effects Lab login problems

Apr 20074xoric

force and credit? i dont get it

Feb 20074carnie

The presets I downloaded won't show up

Feb 20074FXhomer22813

Uploading FXHome-edited Videos to Youtube

Jan 20074FXhomer34600


Jan 20074FXhomer5945

My other account

Dec 20064Guybrush


Dec 20064Hockeystyx87

I cant login and download updates anymore!

Nov 20064Joshua27

purchase info [ANSWER]

Nov 20064FXhomer18521

Your Gallery

Nov 20064irishcult

Why Divx?

Oct 20064Dancamfx

Feedback section

Oct 20064HandsomeScholars

Movie Cinema

Sep 20064FerretBoy

Viewing Past Negative & Positive Rated Posts

Apr 20064Gnome326

Um, How do you gain Force Power

Mar 20064cinemafreak

EffectsLab not showing up in profile. [ANSWER]

Feb 20064Redhawksrymmer

Able to press enter when logging in

Jan 20064Kristian

Where Do I Download My Regestered Copy Of Effects Lab?

Dec 20054RedFilms

What is the meaning of "Gross" on video pages? eg

Dec 20054enbienv

I need more info on EffectslabDV - help!

Jul 20054yasan1

Buy EffectsLab with paypal but without creditcard?

Jun 20054boomstand

Missing magic code & key!

Apr 20054blaine

"Computer Arts" Serial Number...

Apr 20054vizmagic

Anyone wanna host?

Nov 20044The Artur

Just a little suggestion...

Jun 20044Erico


Mar 20044wpl

Problem doing a search

Mar 20044MarkB

What does the Intellectual Property rights stuff mean?

Mar 20044MarkB


Feb 20044Evman

Ordering problems with chromanator

Jan 20044jessy

Top Posters

Jan 20044owen rixon

Movie/Plugin Submissions 19th to 29th December

Dec 20034malone

What happened to the new topic section?

Dec 20034mod_007

when will it appear ?

Nov 20034zazouzanzi

Mozilla, Linux, and problems with the drop down menus

Nov 20034Amadeus0

Comment and Question about

Aug 20034neo_man89

AlamDV Advertising

Jul 20034wdy

Why are there no comments sections for the 2 newest movies?

Jun 20034voiceoverwizard


Jun 20034AndrewtheActorMan

How to put images in posts?

May 20034JohnCarter

Frequent Questions Page

Mar 20034owen rixon

More Smilies Please

Jan 20034Bob Page


Dec 20024ada1989

Trophy-Winning Plugin Search

Nov 20024Hajiku_Flip

Multiple file format submissions

Oct 20024ZukoVega

Green Screen

Oct 20024nickcelestin

Out-takes Cinema

Sep 20024owen rixon

Do you miss the " have you seen "

Sep 20024b4uask30male

Submit suggestion

Sep 20024timoteobc

Malone & Schwar Cams - off?

Sep 20024CoolKabe

Missing Posts.

Aug 20024owen rixon

Numbers on main page

Jun 20024av11d

Minus lightsaber

Jun 20024Hobbes


Apr 20024MechaForce

EffectsLab Pro Presets without login

Mar 20123JMan247

After Activation Window Nothing

Dec 20113lubintriv

Submit Movie Link Missing

Aug 20113Darth Stazz the Powerful

How long for 'Pending' video to be Approved

Jun 20113CableProductions


Jun 20113EJR32123

when submitting a movie...

May 20113juneau

Signature not appearing

Mar 20113Azulon'sAssassin

chat room link

Mar 20113lsander

Fine the Demo in CS4 & CS5

Jan 20113DeWill

Deleting a vote

Jan 20113Solitary Productions

Account help.

Dec 20103Azulon'sAssassin

Where's the credit movies?

Nov 20103FXstudios99


Mar 20103Toruk Macto

Video Tutorial delivery

Feb 20103Utuayey

I need my serial #'s

Dec 20093voiceoverwizard

Submitting Poster Photo- Photo is rotated?

Jun 20093FXhomerTony

Time to approval

Apr 20093meast1431

Little Red/Orange/Yellow/Blue Circles

Apr 20093Mattex Films HD

My Movies Pic

Feb 20093BIMO

The only way to upload?

Feb 20093BIMO

Preset never appeared

Feb 20093BIMO

fx presets


Help with FXperience

Dec 20083GBP4563

Problem submitting film

Dec 20083DarthKomar

Private Messages

Dec 20083The Chosen One

body clone

Nov 20083FXhomer82368

intellectual property rights

Oct 20083Alcoholic Artist

how do i add the mac user icon please?

Oct 20083badmonk

My Webspace Domain is going, taking my movies with it

Oct 20083Jealous Flesh

Uber posters

Sep 20083Serpent

am I allowed to find source footage?

Aug 20083Qbeck

product key

Aug 20083matrix1981

Downloading new product

Jul 200830 0 0TheDirector0 0 0

I miss the "view your posts" link

Jul 20083irishcult

Website Search Feature

Jun 20083FXhomer46784

Preset lab help

Jun 20083xXMEGATOMXx

submitting movie

Jun 20083MichaelOmegatron

what is fxhome preset maker? where can i downlaod it?

May 20083Orin Da Man

Alamdv2 Submit Help

May 20083Mattex Films HD

Time limits

Jan 20083Dinoman

my videos have been pending for 3 days

Jan 20083videofxuniverse

Can't connect to live chat [ANSWER]

Jan 20083FXhomer41899

lost account!

Dec 20073poridgemaster18

Private Message Not Working

Dec 20073Videoace123

multiple platform?

Dec 20073Darth Stazz the Powerful

Little Idea i just had

Dec 20073Bucees

Where to find the update?

Dec 20073mikev37

i already bought it

Nov 20073Fhy Ting

cannot get my signature to appear right

Nov 20073Pixel edit

Opening the key file

Nov 20073FXhomer21195

old alam dv2 request

Oct 20073videofxuniverse

New to site, how do I build up point?

Oct 20073mia4south

Registering stuff with the site [ANSWER]

Sep 20073Staff Only


Aug 20073B3N

Preset downloads count?

Aug 20073Mr asger

my movie import question

Aug 20073RyanMichael

mark all topics as read.

Aug 20073jotoki

i added my video 4 days ago just wanted to know how soon

Jul 20073aguayopro

I can't upload a video

Jul 20073RodyPolis

Help... installing FXHOME on my mac [ANSWER]

Jul 20073santacrux

website host

Jul 20073Mr asger

Meteor Video

Jun 20073Motoman

AlamDV use problems maybe?

Jun 20073BrnDmgInc

Dowloading denied? HELP!

Jun 20073computoholic

Sound effects

Jun 20073007StyLe

A very nooby question about negative ratings

Apr 20073Plainly

Please people can I have an upload site that WORKS?

Apr 20073Link123456

Help with downloading Alamdv2 plugins

Apr 20073Penguin

Suggestion for the site

Apr 20073Plainly

Alam DV type effects library?

Apr 20073petet2

Gold Bars

Apr 20073The FE

saber color

Apr 20073The FE

Force Points

Apr 20073Hartman


Mar 20073irishcult

Using banners in other places than

Mar 20073Plainly

Invalid Key?

Feb 20073FXiceman38

Any way to download the Videotutorials?

Feb 20073Tuffy

How do you create your own tutorial?

Feb 20073DJP444

Won't let me download new version of Effects Lab Lite

Dec 20063mementofan

Another question about posting in the cinema.

Dec 20063the Fiddler

newer version available

Dec 20063rushhour123

CD Option and Computer Crash

Dec 20063Tay


Nov 20063Zero767


Nov 20063Mumblefilms

Profile not updating?

Oct 20063doone128

How do you download presets?

Oct 20063Regor Hammer

Cinema bug

Sep 20063SlothPaladin

Questions about posting related movies to the Cinema.

Sep 20063the Fiddler

Different Store Prices...

Sep 20063NickF

i just reposted My rejected video Bishop County murders

Sep 20063aguayopro

Forgotten my password (please can anyone help)

Sep 20063rigomrtsfx2001

New Set of "Production Forums"

Jul 20063SteveW

Not gaining Force Points

Jul 20063brennanmceachran

Lost efxlab and comosite lab pros

Jun 20063yosterman

Frequently asked questions: Fxhome FAQ Read first!

Jun 20063film freak

Uploading Presets (was: Importing fxpresets)

Jun 20063Gman 007


Jun 20063GlennS

Movie Management revision?

Mar 20063A Pickle

Weird FXhome Site Layout

Mar 20063Harvey

Importing video Alam DV

Mar 20063lunamask

Site Suggestion thingie

Feb 20063Serpent

Problem with Opera

Jan 20063BorAx

View newest first

Jan 20063rickblackmon

Can't find product key file

Dec 20053cespinar

How to add icons on the right side?

Dec 20053padawanNick

Not registered

Dec 20053Movie_Manic

Camera Used

Jul 20053jstow222

Hosting movies... [ANSWER]

Jul 20053wiggy

EffectsLabDV T-shirt... IN BLACK!

May 20053iggy88

Key Resender?

May 20053skynet2004


Apr 20053sk8street65

Question about AlamDV2 Trailer on main site...

Feb 20053chadzero

Chat error!

Oct 20043Thonhaugen

magic code problem

Sep 20043haythem2005

Registration Problems

Sep 20043PenguinDude

My Movie Maker icon dissapeard

Aug 20043JoelM

Windows/MAC Icons?

Aug 20043fwerbin

Clean out my FTP space?

Jul 20043JoelM

Tutorial Additions Suggestion

May 20043Brettsta


May 20043theone

i have lost my magic code what can i do to get a new one

Dec 20033Anonymous

Cant login

Sep 20033Anonymous

Check Your website link in the memberlist

Aug 20033voiceoverwizard

Everybody with a website, dont forget http

Aug 20033Andreas

Web and FTP upload

Aug 20033rmw

Problems in Cinema

Jul 20033Succubus

Can't view plugins page!

Jun 20033Hadgical

voting on movies... no rating...

Jun 20033ericgui

Stars without force

Jun 20033b4uask30male

I can't login !

Jun 20033Anonymous

holy macaronie (well it rhymes)

Jun 20033Redhawksrymmer


Jun 20033rmw

Experincing Problems in Forums

May 20033Exclamation

Login problems...

Mar 20033cerveaupro

Movie Maker icon, Plug-in Maker icon, and OS icon.

Feb 20033xencade


Feb 20033nickcelestin

mIRC help.

Jan 20033Andreas

"Windows User" Question

Jan 20033CurtinParloe

Post Rating

Jan 20033oliciv

Post points.

Dec 20023Xfurball

iMPROVE submiting plug-in ( Malone!! )

Nov 20023ada1989

vote-on-a-post categorys.

Oct 20023Andreas

same post more than once

Oct 20023b4uask30male

Include category (and subcato.) in plugin-view possible?

Oct 20023DVAce

Movie host site.

Sep 20023rmw

Can't find Presets section anymore

Apr 20122Azulon'sAssassin

Future of the FX Home website?

Sep 20112petet2

Body sculpting software

Sep 20112Planet

White Back ground for plugin!

Feb 20112Imps13

Help me understand AlamDV2 plugins! how to install and use!

Feb 20112Imps13

ALamDV2 Plugins Commercial Use

Aug 20102TristanYoshi

Greenscreen help?

Jun 20102FXhomer94581

Accidental double account

Jan 20102FXhomer934083

forgot my password but cant get it back

Sep 20092shaman king

Account Deleted? HELP ASAP

Jun 20092FXhomer97524

Postage and Handling Costs

Apr 20092Galdors


Mar 20092Terminal Velocity

"My Movies," in the Cinema page, I have a question

Feb 20092BIMO

I got a good preset

Jan 20092ultimategamer129

What do you want to happen to the Website?

Dec 20082FX Stopmotion CGI Films

If i buy video convertorwill i be able to downloadfreestuff?

Sep 20082FXhomer52156

I have just purchased the fxhome photokey but still can't do

Sep 20082FXhomer77021

Sort members by location

Aug 20082Pyromarius

demo not opening after download

Aug 20082FXhomer52754

what is a gold user?

Jul 20082ChampMM JRMMA

Email adress problems

Jul 20082FXhomer58767

video for download

Jul 20082nerfgunnerz3

Is there a place I can get backdrops?

Jul 200820 0 0TheDirector0 0 0

Any chance fxhome team would upgrade effects pro with a 3d c

Jun 20082mjones100

AlamDV2 Plugin Requests?

May 20082Dinoman


Apr 20082Poseidon1231

mac user icon

Apr 20082Darth Stazz the Powerful

FXperience points

Apr 20082BringPopcorn

screen recording program for tutorials

Apr 20082Darth Stazz the Powerful

videowrap contest

Feb 20082Darth Stazz the Powerful

Messaging: Sent or not?

Feb 20082MillerBros

what does the demo do? help please

Feb 20082alongreat

Submitting a movie

Feb 20082MillerBros

A site italian

Jan 20082Step92

Difficult time getting the Key?

Jan 20082Gator09S

how to post videos from youtube

Jan 20082FXhomer13394

How does the cinema handle flash .flv files?

Jan 20082the Fiddler

FXhome Cinema - YouTube, or...?

Jan 20082ragnar

my videos have been expected?

Jan 20082FXhomer58608

A place for everything, and everything in its place

Jan 20082CurtinParloe

How do I get a refund?

Dec 20072FXhomer41147

Store It wont accept my Card [ANSWER]

Dec 20072FXhomer69442

Website suggestion

Dec 20072Jabooza

Help me with plugins!

Dec 20072Shanghai

why was my topic deleted

Dec 20072RodyPolis

visionlabs enhanced neon light feature

Dec 20072Darth Stazz the Powerful

How do i export to Windows Movie Maker?

Dec 20072Shanghai

cmyk or rgb code for the back screen green/blue

Sep 20072FXhomer59427


Sep 20072Rockfilmers

code error when submitting a preset

Aug 20072Darth Stazz the Powerful

Product Download Question,

Aug 20072jimmymcp

Suggestion for Presets

Jul 20072The Duelist


Jul 20072SlickV19

alamdv2 pluggins

Jun 20072FXhomer23020

Viewing movies in the cinema...

Jun 20072battlecam182

Big problem with login

May 20072FXhomer23634

Uploading presets

May 20072Rockfilmers

Putting Pictures in Forum Posts and Signitures

Apr 20072Snook360

live chat

Feb 20072fxmaniac

fx video

Jan 20072FXhomer751

How do i submit a movie?

Jan 20072Videoace123

Paying For Effectslab

Jan 20072Thrawn

Home page video will not work.

Dec 20062FXhomer15428


Nov 20062stevehawking

Logout Problems

Oct 20062Multiwagon

Preset Media

Oct 20062Serpent

Gold bars and forum icons? [ANSWER]

Oct 20062Darth Fughog

user "Aguayo " rejected why?

Oct 20062aguayopro

Something for german users?

Sep 20062NS5

how soon can you review my first film clip [ANSWER]

Sep 20062aguayopro

force points?

Aug 20062MST productions

"(SPAM)" apperars on PM's.

Jul 20062lwmedia

Google Checkout

Jun 20062brennanmceachran

Where are the FXhome credit movies? [ANSWER]

Jun 20062A Man

That Picture at the bottom of the post

May 20062cooldude

delete account

Apr 20062FhyTing

Poll Question !

Mar 20062devilskater

cant change my email

Feb 20062airhead1790

Width issues.

Dec 20052Serpent

The music that is downloadable on the website?

Oct 20052Avenger111

Old alamDV 2 Problem!

Jul 20052aries123

Buy AlamDv 2

May 20052sam1

AlamDv2 upgrade?

May 20052rmw

Erronous Movie Links Warning

Apr 20052EelcoG

FXHOME Hosting?

Feb 20052davidnagel

where do i get my product information from?

Oct 20042supersam

Can not download plugins

Oct 20042steveI

Help on web sites!!

Jun 20042DRAYKO


Feb 20042Evman

who made the this movie?? the one with the alarm clock.

Feb 20042mod_007

need reviews - message for schwar

Nov 20032ThE Big ChiPowSki

Better voting system

Oct 20032polemarch

Box sizes problems in Top 10 Movies options.

Jul 20032cerveaupro

Can't access Plugins Site!

Jul 20032robpratt

soooo... firewall chat problems...

Jul 200324036Douglas

Where is the E-mail address edit on my personal details page

Jul 20032voiceoverwizard

Chat name

Jun 200324036Douglas

Force meter/bar

Dec 20022Xfurball

Visions of the Darkside

Nov 20022paulpeach

Can this be ... i ... have ... a complaint

Oct 20022Movie_Manic

Suggestion: FTP for plugins download

Oct 20022metellius

movie mess up

Oct 20022nickcelestin

Broken Tutorials section

Sep 20022Kid

Photokey Background Section?

May 20111Boyd Photography

Need help with banner in gmail

Feb 20111EJR32123

How do I check just the threads in the forum I'm watching?

Oct 20081Josh3B

video tuts

Jul 20081FXhomer751

I want to buy but my country is not supported by paypal

Oct 20061FXhomer19651

Promotion Forum?

Feb 20061Daarzak

More Matrix sound effects.

Mar 20051Wizard


Jun 200314036Douglas

Some cool script

Apr 20031ada1989

Bug: cinema, recent additions list sorting.

Feb 20031Kid

Wrong backround on images in cinema section

Aug 20021Kid

682 topics