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FXhome Cinema

Warlord vs Lee (TEST Sequence)

1st Mar 200458
FXhome Cinema

Episode Alpha - Progeny Cut

24th Apr 200638
FXhome Cinema

Rudy Picardo's Two Minute Demo Reel (Revised 2005 version)

7th Feb 200531
General Chat

Potential "FREE" music for your movies

4th May 200427
FXhome Cinema

Alpha Phi Alpha - Reloaded (MOVIE TRAILER)

1st Apr 200426
FXhome Cinema

The Art of Voice Inflection - Educational Video Case Study

21st Oct 200425
Filmmaker's Forum

Help with some filming ideas based on pre-vis

6th Jun 200523
FXhome Cinema

The Matrix Rejected (Made in 2003 with AlamDV)

20th Mar 200622
General Chat

Request for Kapowwe Toy Guns site References.

20th Aug 200420
Filmmaker's Forum

Assistance with Grading Sample

3rd Nov 200517
FXhome Cinema

The Matrix Rejected

10th Jul 200316
Filmmaker's Forum

Motion Tracking Software suggestions and Maya 6 help

10th Feb 200515
FXhome Cinema

PRE-VIS: Four Deadly Brovas

16th Dec 200415
Filmmaker's Forum

Your opinion on shot sequence

21st Jan 200614
FXhome Cinema

Episode Alpha Trailer (DRAFT)

27th Jun 200512
General Chat

FREE Movie Captioning program

27th May 200410
AlamDV2 Help

Exporting AlamDV Projects for Final Cut Pro HD

15th Dec 20049
Filmmaker's Forum

Help needed for video project

8th Nov 20048
General Chat

"Avalon" film - Interpretations and other films

7th Jul 20046
Filmmaker's Forum

Help with "test screening" for Episode Alpha

9th Sep 20056
FXhome Cinema

Episode Alpha: Pre-visualization sequence with Teaser

21st Oct 20055
FXhome Cinema

Virginia Tech All Sports Video 2004 - 2005

4th May 20054
Filmmaker's Forum

Advice on Pre-production timeline.

7th Dec 20054
Filmmaker's Forum

Help with making a short vignette using minatures

27th Jul 20062
General Chat

Advice for Production level Post-Production/DVD Duplication

17th Nov 20052
AlamDV2 Help

Light Saber Blur and Blur option when exporting video

27th Dec 20042
Backdrop Requests

Background for "wall of weapons"

21st Feb 20052
Filmmaker's Forum

I want to purchase a NEW lavalier microphone

8th Aug 20031
General Chat

Assistance in making a simple video requested

3rd May 20071