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Purchasing Help? Effects Lab v Composite Lab.

29th Mar 200937
Filmmaker's Forum

Fxhome Product Help

20th Mar 200927
Filmmaker's Forum

Water Effect?

26th Mar 200924
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Serious Help With Windows Movie Maker.

21st Mar 200922
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Levitation Effect?

19th Mar 200918
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How to convert mp4 files to avi?

13th Aug 200916
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Any tips on how to create a war simulated battlesceen?

19th Mar 200916
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Gunfire Shells?

17th Mar 200914
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Super Speed?

18th Mar 200912
EffectsLab Help

When I upload a video onto EL, will the quality decrease?

29th Mar 20094
Filmmaker's Forum

Making a title become part of the background?

30th Mar 20094
Filmmaker's Forum

Sharing video editing files between computers?

2nd Aug 20094
Filmmaker's Forum

Nikon Camera Problems?

22nd Mar 20093
FXhome Product Discussion

Sound Help?

1st Apr 20092