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FXhome Cinema

Chunky Death Bot

11th Apr 200226
FXhome Cinema

Cat Scrap, erm I mean Dogfight

8th Dec 200225
General Chat

A Scanner Darkly

21st Feb 200517
FXhome Cinema

Desire To Kill

20th Jul 200316
Filmmaker's Forum

The definative bullet time sequence

11th Jul 200315
General Chat

Only Me

25th May 200315
FXhome Cinema

The Double aka Dopelganger

4th Dec 200214
General Chat

2 asian and 1 French film

17th Sep 200413
General Chat

Do you speak a language other than English, if so can you me

10th Dec 200313
General Chat

Anyone like driving games?

27th Mar 200413
General Chat

UK Earthquake

23rd Sep 200212
General Chat

3D wannabees, looky here

25th Aug 200410
Backdrop Requests

sci-fi tunnel

4th Aug 20049
General Chat

New Citroen Ad

16th Nov 20048
General Chat

The Eel, Top Quality Gross Out Short Film

9th May 20056
Filmmaker's Forum

Quicktime effects

22nd Oct 20015
Filmmaker's Forum

Video Compression

28th May 20014
General Chat

Free particle plugin for C4D

6th Dec 20032