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Filmmaker's Forum

An Appeal to All My Friends at FXhome

2nd Jul 200925
General Chat

How many "War of the Worlds" ?

10th Jul 200923
FXhome Cinema

H.G.Wells' The War of the Worlds - PART 2: The Coming of th

7th Sep 200922
EffectsLab Help

Sky Looks Artificial-Small Square Pixels After Effects Added

6th Jul 200921
Filmmaker's Forum

Advice for Hosting of Videos that Run over 10 Minutes

3rd Aug 200919
FXhome Cinema

H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds -2009 Part 1 Prologue

25th Jun 200912
General Chat

Another Helpful Staff/Member- Simon Jones!

13th Oct 200911
FXhome Cinema

H.G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds" Part 3

14th Jan 201011
EffectsLab Help

Special Effects- Stock Footage

1st Dec 20099
Filmmaker's Forum

FXhome's The Greatest! FXhomer's are True Professionals!

10th Jul 20098
EffectsLab Help

Cannot Install Update.

3rd Oct 20098
General Chat

Quick Hello to You All

16th Nov 20096
Filmmaker's Forum

Helpful FXhomers

11th Sep 20096
EffectsLab Help

Update On Not Being Able To Render Effects

6th Jun 20096
EffectsLab Help

Cannot Get Special Effects to Render

5th Jun 20096
Filmmaker's Forum

A Sincere Apology.

10th Jul 20096
General Chat

Viewer Count Sticking on YouTube?

4th Jul 20095
Filmmaker's Forum

Question Regarding Smoke Effect.

14th Oct 20094
General Chat

I Had My Five Minutes of Fame - TWICE.

7th Jul 20094
General Chat

The Passing of Karl Malden- 97 years old.

2nd Jul 20094
Filmmaker's Forum

War of the Worlds Request

26th Jun 20094
EffectsLab Help

Pencil and Eraser?

21st Jul 20093
EffectsLab Help

Delay or sticking of frame advance or frame back keys.

11th Jun 20093 Website Help

Submitting Poster Photo- Photo is rotated?

18th Jun 20093
EffectsLab Help

Added Layers Cause Deterioration of Picture Quality

25th Nov 20093
FXhome Cinema

War of the Worlds Trailer

27th Jul 20093
Filmmaker's Forum

"War of the Worlds": PART 2 Has Been Removed From

9th Sep 20091
Filmmaker's Forum

War of the Worlds Diary #1

29th Jun 20091