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Fudge Dog

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EffectsLab Help

My Frames Flicker and i need help!

4th Sep 200912
VisionLab Studio Help

Director Player Error

17th Apr 201012
Filmmaker's Forum


15th May 20107
EffectsLab Help

My Film jumps frames!

28th Aug 20097
FXhome Cinema

Core's Lucida Trailers

23rd Feb 20116
VisionLab Studio Help

I am considering upgrading to Vision Lab.

17th Mar 20105
FXhome Product Discussion

Lightning On EffectsLabPro

5th Jan 20104
EffectsLab Help

Can't Find MagCore.dll

30th Jan 20104
VisionLab Studio Help

Commercial License

13th Apr 20104
Preset Requests

Alam DV2 Plugin Of A House

6th Sep 20094
VisionLab Studio Help


28th Mar 20104
EffectsLab Help

What I the Difference Between Interlaced and progressive...

5th Sep 20093
FXhome Product Discussion

VisionLab Studio Complete Kit

26th Nov 20103