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Topics Started By Fxhome Dude

General Chat

Battlefield Bad company 2

7th Feb 201032
General Chat

What has been your favorite game so far in 2010?

12th May 201029
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Bungie and Activsion +Halo: Reach beta

29th Apr 201029
Filmmaker's Forum

Computer Production thread (Q & A)

24th Mar 201028
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Halo Reach

10th Sep 201024
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Who is going to be buying Halo reach?

26th Oct 200923
Filmmaker's Forum

Would this be possible to do with VisionLab and Blender?

8th Oct 200921
Filmmaker's Forum

Washed out skies.

6th Dec 20099
Filmmaker's Forum

Excellent FREE sounds...

20th Dec 20097
General Chat

10 cinematic films that changed filmaking

17th Dec 20097
Filmmaker's Forum

Assualt on Igenous raw footage,

10th Nov 20095
Filmmaker's Forum

About using greenscreens, what colors can I use.

12th Oct 20094
FXhome Cinema

WWII greenscreen test

14th Apr 20102