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General Chat

How are you going to buy Battlefront II?

18th Sep 200528
Filmmaker's Forum

Looking for good DVD Burning Software

18th May 200623

Lightswords: Good quality lightsword with only one layer!

12th Feb 200619
Filmmaker's Forum

How do you make a Movie in 3D?

8th Aug 200518
Filmmaker's Forum

Easiest and unexpensive Greenscreens?

17th Mar 200617
Filmmaker's Forum

What's the difference between bluescreen/greenscreen?

23rd Dec 200515
Preset Requests

Optic. A gold lightsaber clash similar to in Star Wars.

29th Dec 200515
Preset Requests

Particles from EffectsLab Trailer?

5th Feb 200614
General Chat

How do you make an image's pixels little images?

16th Apr 200613

Neon Light: Making good ship engine flares.

4th Feb 200613

Grading: Smallville SuperSpeed

23rd Jan 200713
Preset Requests

How do make Optic: Len Flares?

22nd Jan 200612
AlamDV2 Help

I unistalled ALAMDV2 and I need help getting it back!

9th Mar 200512
Preset Requests

More Fireworks.

4th Feb 200611
AlamDV2 Plugin Requests

An Explosion like the one in Episode IV A NEW HOPE

6th Mar 200510
Filmmaker's Forum

How do you create planets on Adobe Photoshop

7th Aug 200610
AlamDV2 Plugin Requests

Light Saber Clash from Episode III

28th Mar 200510
Filmmaker's Forum

Boris FX?

14th Aug 20089
Filmmaker's Forum

I need help finding a song for my SW Movie

29th May 20059
Filmmaker's Forum

How do you make those cheesy animations?

3rd Mar 20068 Website Help

Anyone know anything about DigiGrade?

6th Mar 20058
AlamDV2 Plugin Requests

I need help on the PLUGGER!

7th Mar 20058
Preset Requests

How do you make Magic Particles?

9th Jan 20067
General Chat

Anyone have a link to the SW3 Theatrical Trailer Music?

18th Mar 20057
AlamDV2 Help

How do you make Force Lightning plugins?

7th Aug 20056
General Chat

How do you make FONTs?

23rd Nov 20056
General Chat

Narnia Sequel

5th Feb 20066
FXhome Cinema

Random Crap: Teleportation

16th Mar 20096 Website Help

What's "FXHome Super User" and how do you get the

6th Mar 20056
Filmmaker's Forum

What 3D program did UNCLEPAIN use in Prodition?

6th Mar 20055
FXhome Cinema

The Typical Family of Jedi 2 (Trailer)

20th Aug 20085
EffectsLab Help

Any good stock media links? [ANSWER]

29th Jan 20065
Preset Requests

More FXpreset Meteor Effects?

23rd Sep 20064
FXhome Cinema

Jedi Versus Wizard

26th Jul 20114
Filmmaker's Forum

Question about movie credits.

29th Jan 20064

Lightswords: Cutting through a Wall

5th Mar 20064
AlamDV2 Help

How do you make glow and transparency when making a plugin?

5th Mar 20054
General Chat

Is there a trial version for 3DS. . . .

23rd Apr 20053
Filmmaker's Forum

Need specific sound fxs!

9th Jan 20063
FXhome Product Discussion

Does cLab have all the same features as Chroma?

13th Mar 20063
Filmmaker's Forum

Tim Kring's Heroes sound FX or Soundtrack?

19th Jun 20073
Preset Requests

Magic Color Thingy.

31st Jan 20063

Lightswords: Alternative effect to Masking

7th Jan 20083
Filmmaker's Forum

Know of any good Logo Sound Fxs?

28th Nov 20062
AlamDV2 Plugin Requests

Alternave Lightning Effect

20th Mar 20051
FXhome Cinema

Romeo and Juliet Scene 1

5th May 20091