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Filmmaker's Forum

Some Info for all you Sony VX2100 Owners out There

14th May 200720
General Chat

What is this music from?

17th Jun 200710
Filmmaker's Forum

Miking a Horse?

26th Oct 20078
Filmmaker's Forum

A 126-LED On-camera Light Panel-for only $31.96?

17th Dec 20097
Filmmaker's Forum

Patching a Yamaha keyboard to a Behringer mixer

9th Mar 20076
Filmmaker's Forum

Need some songs-quick!

2nd Sep 20066
Filmmaker's Forum

Things to Do In Between Film Making Projects

26th May 20075
FXhome Product Discussion

Thank You from an Industry Professional!

19th Oct 20055
Filmmaker's Forum

A LANC for under $25.00 (US)? Are You Kiddin' Me?

29th Jun 20094
Filmmaker's Forum

Anyone here use YouSendIt?

3rd Feb 20084
Filmmaker's Forum

Ten Minute Film School

3rd Feb 20084
Filmmaker's Forum

Free .avi to .gif conversion programs? Anyone?

19th May 20083
Filmmaker's Forum

Using EffectsLab to cover objects in a scene

22nd Nov 20093
EffectsLab Help

Help with Masks!

7th Dec 20113
Filmmaker's Forum

Sony Vegas 6 Video Editing Software for 99 Dollars at B&

1st Sep 20063
General Chat

Using Two Firewire ports at the same time?

25th Aug 20072
General Chat

Low-cost Internet?

5th Jun 20072
Filmmaker's Forum

A Pet Sitter and Compositor's Dream Run Amok? You Decide!

12th Dec 20072
Filmmaker's Forum

Problems viewing QuickTime with Mozilla

3rd Aug 20072
Filmmaker's Forum

Anyone heard of Selfcast?

30th Aug 20081
Filmmaker's Forum could be Right For You!

13th Mar 20071