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Filmmaker's Forum

Shotgun Mic on a cam with no Mic input?

14th Jan 200428
Filmmaker's Forum

Fresh newbie, dumb questions...

7th Jan 200412
FXhome Cinema

Aflakkk Commercial

21st Jan 20048
AlamDV2 Help

"Holes" in images rendered with blur?

23rd Jan 20047
Filmmaker's Forum

Help! Where to find a clip of static?

6th Feb 20047
Filmmaker's Forum

Low, low budget lighting?

9th Feb 20047
Filmmaker's Forum

Blocking shots for dialogue scene?

9th Jan 20046
Filmmaker's Forum

It looks too good! How to "dirty up" a render plug

11th Jan 20043
Chromanator Help

Applying a preset to multiple objects?

12th Apr 20051