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General Chat

Are you registered to vote? If so win $100,000

5th Sep 200448
FXhome Product Discussion

What is DigiGrade

15th Apr 200446
Filmmaker's Forum

MY First Time color correcting

4th Jul 200434
Filmmaker's Forum

Preparing to make my movie

29th Apr 200427
Filmmaker's Forum

Prep Software.

4th May 200427
Filmmaker's Forum

Super 8mm and Sync'ing Sound

13th Jul 200421
Filmmaker's Forum

Film Dusts and Scratches...I want ::tear::

13th Jun 200420
Filmmaker's Forum

Super 8 ... any of you guys know?

6th Jun 200416
Filmmaker's Forum

MakeUp Question: Making Someone look older

6th May 200414
Filmmaker's Forum

Don't have AlamDV yet and asking for help.

23rd May 200410
General Chat

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

1st Aug 20049
Filmmaker's Forum

Shutter Speed vs Exposure...WTF?

22nd Jun 20048
Filmmaker's Forum

DV vs Beta vs DigiBeta? vs wtf?

15th Aug 20046
AlamDV2 Help

lightsword/other effect Frame by Frame?

16th Apr 20046
General Chat

Anyone here born on the 13th or higher?

19th Apr 20045
General Chat

Testing out a new effect

6th Jun 20043
Filmmaker's Forum

3CCD vs 1CCD Click on this thread it isn't a Question!!!

2nd Jun 20043
AlamDV2 Help

Masks? How?

27th Apr 20043
General Chat

Army Darkness Poster on eBay

22nd Sep 20043
AlamDV2 Plugin Requests

Multiply Equivilent...

6th Jul 20042
Filmmaker's Forum

Premiere Pro Screen/Multiply Key Bug Fix

13th May 20041
Filmmaker's Forum

Made A Teaser Trailer

25th Apr 20041