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Topics Started By JoelM

General Chat

Weta vs. ILM

4th Jan 2005100
General Chat

Raise you hand if you think John Stewart sucks at this?

6th Mar 200632
General Chat

The Descent (2006)

7th Aug 200631
General Chat

Senior Prank Ideas

24th Mar 200630
General Chat

Are horror movies going over the edge?

4th Nov 200629
General Chat

Getting my wisdom teeth pulled later today...

12th Apr 200627
General Chat

Director Steven Spielberg dies at 60

1st Apr 200625
General Chat

*LOOK* Greatest auction on eBay ends at 12:00 PST Today!!!!!

27th Mar 200520
General Chat

Look at this amazing robot!

19th Apr 200619
General Chat

Let's see everyone's local theater!

7th Oct 200618
General Chat

Blank Firing Guns For Sale!!!

22nd Aug 200416
General Chat

GTA:SA Big Foot, UFO, and Leather Face!!! - Fact or Fiction?

9th Mar 200515
General Chat

Let's kick off the new year right with a 3D challenge!

25th Dec 200515
General Chat

Get a satellite photo of you house!

20th Dec 200514
General Chat

File Hosting

20th Jun 200414
General Chat

Cheap Airsoft Guns!!!

28th Jan 200512
Filmmaker's Forum

DVD from WMM Creation Problem, Help Urgently Needed

9th Nov 200511
Filmmaker's Forum

Converting DVD to VHS?

21st Apr 200611
General Chat

Win32/Fotomoto (Trojan Virus) -Suggestions welcomed

12th Jan 200811
AlamDV2 Help

How do I turn my Winamp movie files into AVI and Quicktime?

14th Jun 200411
General Chat

Muzzle Flash Test

20th Jun 20049
Filmmaker's Forum

Digital Video to VHS tape help plz

18th Oct 20059
General Chat

AlamDV2 question... yep, you read right ;)

23rd Oct 20069
General Chat

Paris Hilton strikes again at E3

12th May 20068
General Chat

My first 3D Model!!!

9th Dec 20048
AlamDV2 Plugin Requests

Gun Plugin

30th Jun 20047
General Chat

YouTube Forums Code

11th Sep 20067
AlamDV2 Plugin Requests

Chrome Gun Parts

18th Jun 20045
General Chat

Virus Trouble!!! Please Help!!!

3rd Jan 20065
AlamDV2 Help

Whoa! What happened?

5th Jul 20045
General Chat

M4A1 Pulse Rifle Sounds

10th Aug 20044
Filmmaker's Forum

Question with film editing, "motion control blend"

27th May 20094
Filmmaker's Forum

Need help finding a piece of audio (surprise, scare, shock)

22nd Dec 20074
General Chat

Create your own 2007 Chevy Tahoe Commercial

15th Mar 20064
General Chat

Awesome 3D Image Plane / Tutorial Website

15th Jan 20083 Website Help

Clean out my FTP space?

9th Jul 20043
FXhome Cinema

Hopper Attack

16th Aug 20043 Website Help

My Movie Maker icon dissapeard

20th Aug 20043
General Chat

More voices for text-to-speech?

25th Mar 20053
General Chat

Official King Kong Trailer

4th Dec 20053
General Chat

YouTube Search Broken?

5th Jul 20093
General Chat

"Combat Missions" -Anyone have information?

29th May 20061