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FXhome Cinema

The Terra-Cotta Soldier

31st Jan 200844
General Chat

FXhome Icons for your Object Dock!

2nd Oct 200624
Filmmaker's Forum

Getting sharper videos on YouTube: howto

21st Mar 200716
Filmmaker's Forum

Why fanfilms?

9th Feb 200816
FXhome Cinema

The Terra-Cotta Soldier - Trailer

22nd Sep 200615
FXhome Cinema

Macbeth 1932

19th Dec 200614
Filmmaker's Forum

Have any of you Star Wars fanfilm makers seen this:___ ?

7th Feb 200713
FXhome Cinema

Jefferson Jones & Jax Skywalker - Teaser

13th Sep 200612
Filmmaker's Forum

Best Cheap, 64bit, Noise Reduction Plugin?

11th Jun 201012
VideoWrap! Help

Is smaller iPod compression possible? [ANSWER]

7th Sep 200711
FXhome Cinema

Alternate Ending of The Terra-Cotta Soldier

7th Jul 200810
Filmmaker's Forum

Any Photoshop experts around? (help with animation in Ext)

23rd Jan 200810
Filmmaker's Forum

Legalities of using Lulu or other publisher for a fanfilm?

8th Sep 200710
Filmmaker's Forum

Where's the new AG-HVX200A (or XL1 for that matter)?

12th May 200910
VisionLab Studio Help

Vlab fullscreen issues on Windows 7 w/ taskbar at screentop

10th Dec 20099
Filmmaker's Forum

Easy way to get DVD video into Vegas?

11th Jul 20069
Filmmaker's Forum

Simple video animation program?

9th Nov 20078
Filmmaker's Forum

Motion blur/streaking?

16th Aug 20078
FXhome Product Discussion

Effective way to get fire on the ground?

29th Dec 20067
Filmmaker's Forum

Vegas 8 is here!

10th Sep 20077
General Chat

My FXhome Wallpaper (adventure theme)

27th Oct 20067
General Chat

How about some new PNG icons for objectdock & such?

14th Aug 20077 Website Help

Cinema not working?

7th Jul 20087
Filmmaker's Forum

Deals on Vue6 Esprit & Poser

18th Sep 20076
Filmmaker's Forum

Looking for 3D animator to help on film

31st Oct 20075
VisionLab Studio Help

Licensing & install on multiple computers? [ANSWER]

11th Oct 20074
Filmmaker's Forum

Firewire 800 vs SATA?

19th Dec 20074 Website Help

Questions about posting related movies to the Cinema.

18th Sep 20063
Filmmaker's Forum

Deals on Sony Creative Products!

11th Jan 20093 Website Help

Another question about posting in the cinema.

19th Dec 20063
General Chat

Anyone here have a Lenovo desktop?

18th Sep 20073
General Chat

Can anyone else access

27th Sep 20073
Filmmaker's Forum

NEWS: Sony Vegas 7c update released!

12th Dec 20062 Website Help

How does the cinema handle flash .flv files?

22nd Jan 20082
Filmmaker's Forum

Looking for 3D artist to help with a few shots on film.

28th Dec 20062
Filmmaker's Forum

Vegas wins another convert from Premiere.

17th Nov 20061
Filmmaker's Forum

My Video Gallery

1st Oct 20071
Filmmaker's Forum

Good price on some audio tools.

8th Feb 20071