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Tommy Gundersen

Date JoinedTue, 25th Jan 2005, 4:48pm
Topics Started45
Old UsernamesSkytta productions (changed Mon, 16th Oct 2006, 4:52pm)

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General Chat

Any World of Warcraft fans here?

5th May 200533
General Chat

Gonna be a DJ for a party - Need recommendations from YOU :)

25th Feb 200826
General Chat

My server...

5th Mar 200524
General Chat

How do I make this type of title?

12th Mar 200519
Filmmaker's Forum

My intro to my next movie

19th Jul 200517
General Chat

Music composer available for work :)

5th Apr 201017
General Chat

A basic force question....

28th Jan 200516
General Chat

Text at the start of a movie...

3rd Mar 200516
Filmmaker's Forum

My next movie...

12th Jun 200515
Filmmaker's Forum

A possible good free-hosting

18th Mar 200513
Filmmaker's Forum

Blue/greenscreening - How expensive?

23rd Mar 200612
General Chat

Gundersen goes John Williams

23rd Apr 201010
Filmmaker's Forum

Want music for your movie? I'm composing for free!

15th Nov 200710
General Chat

I HATE norwegian service!

27th May 20059
General Chat

Short Soundtrack Demo

11th Oct 20089
General Chat

Make plug ins...:S

26th Jan 20059
General Chat

How to compress a movie (was: My movie)

3rd Mar 20059
General Chat

Sound problem...:S

25th Jan 20058
General Chat

Halo Reach - Soundtrack tribute by Tommy Gundersen

13th Sep 20108
FXhome Cinema

Agent Peter Brickman

14th Apr 20058
Filmmaker's Forum

Title animation

11th Nov 20058
General Chat

New website. Finally got it the way I want it!

7th May 20097
General Chat

uhm... Movie submittion problem:S

29th Jan 20057
AlamDV2 Help

Kodec problem...

31st Jan 20057
General Chat

Terminator music!

8th Jan 20097
Filmmaker's Forum

Just a problem...

31st Mar 20057
General Chat

Something happened when I....

28th Jan 20057
General Chat

Submitting a movie...

4th Apr 20056
General Chat

Tommy's synthastic music - Feedback wanted! :)

4th Mar 20116
General Chat

For any "Dexter" tv-show fans ! :)

4th Mar 20095
General Chat

Norwegian electronic band asking for YOUR votes! :)

28th Mar 20115
General Chat

My own phpBB2 forum from

9th Jun 20055
General Chat


15th Mar 20055
Filmmaker's Forum


16th Apr 20055
General Chat

Dawn of The Phoenix

17th Mar 20095
Filmmaker's Forum

Neo's entrance...

17th Nov 20054
Filmmaker's Forum

SOLDOR - Intro

8th May 20054
General Chat

This man can control his balls O.o

18th Mar 20084
General Chat

Profile - Lightsaber color?

26th Jan 20053
General Chat

Big Buck Bunny

4th Apr 20093
General Chat

Our first movie coming before March 2005!

25th Jan 20053
General Chat

AC: Revelations contest - Help me become the lead singer!

17th Sep 20113
General Chat

Help to my forum...

4th Mar 20052
General Chat

Two new soundtracks - Your comments highly appreciated :)

14th Apr 20081
General Chat

Halo Ultimatum [Remix]

21st Feb 20091