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FXhome Cinema

Cumulative VFX Demo Reel: 2003-2007

30th Oct 200716
Filmmaker's Forum

Need some cgi stock footage...

14th Apr 200616
Filmmaker's Forum

Requesting a 3D spacecraft model

16th Jul 200715
Filmmaker's Forum

Need advice on a rather ambitious effect.

28th Nov 200614
FXhome Cinema

Blazing Sabers II - Promotional Trailer

1st Jun 200612

Particles: Abyss-Style Water Creature in EffectsLab Pro

21st Mar 200711
Filmmaker's Forum

Anyone want to host my video?

24th Dec 200611
Filmmaker's Forum

Video Capturing Dilemma...

21st Dec 20089
FXhome Cinema

Awesome Rangers 2: Lightning Edition

7th Jan 20119
General Chat

Buying a new digital still camera, have some questions...

3rd Nov 20078
Filmmaker's Forum

Looking for advice on another effect (fangs)

14th Jan 20077
Filmmaker's Forum

A request for camcorder advice...

5th Nov 20097
Filmmaker's Forum

Some embarassingly basic questions regarding interlacing...

19th Nov 20097
General Chat

New Test- "Abyss" Pseudopod

3rd Mar 20076
VisionLab Studio Help

Render questions

27th Oct 20106
EffectsLab Help

Are the particle textures saved in the FXpresets? [ANSWER]

30th Oct 20065
AlamDV2 Plugin Requests

Heat Vision

6th May 20054

Particles: Smallville-Style Heat Vision

26th Feb 20074
AlamDV2 Help

WEb page not responding.

13th Feb 20054
Filmmaker's Forum

Antique car scenes, but no antique cars...

3rd Dec 20094
Filmmaker's Forum

Looking for advice/information about boom microphone

2nd Aug 20083
General Chat

Advice on new Laptop...

10th Apr 20083
FXhome Cinema

The Christmas Cookie

2nd Jan 20073
AlamDV2 Help

plugin folders

5th May 20051