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Filmmaker's Forum

Fight test movie, looking for comments

25th Apr 200627
Filmmaker's Forum

very good sabre fight requires FX - ing

15th May 200626
Filmmaker's Forum

CGI Shell casings (emtpy rounds) and or Shattering Glass

14th Feb 200624
Filmmaker's Forum

Need good actors or stuntmen?

8th Jan 200719
Filmmaker's Forum

Camera care

14th Mar 200614
Filmmaker's Forum

Broadcast Quality compression... HELP PLEASE

13th Jun 200612
Filmmaker's Forum

Camera persons required for kickboxing tournament

4th Apr 200610
Filmmaker's Forum

Bottles/ glasses being hit by stray bullets...?

27th Feb 200610
General Chat

Anyone with a HD camera - preferably high speed able to help

25th Jan 20088
Filmmaker's Forum

Sci Fi Project with guarunteed release

30th Jun 20098
Filmmaker's Forum

camera man required today...LONDON

20th Mar 20066
Filmmaker's Forum

GRADE / Some effects required for feature film

15th Jan 20116
General Chat

Any game designers here?

12th Jan 20096
General Chat

Want to learn Martial Arts for your movies? Fast?

7th Sep 20066
Filmmaker's Forum

Distibute your content

30th Jun 20095
Filmmaker's Forum

Film Locations Library

22nd Mar 20064
Filmmaker's Forum

People dancing in a nightclub

23rd Feb 20064
Filmmaker's Forum

Compression without noticeable loss of quality.

9th Mar 20063
Backdrop Requests

Warship (sunken) or shipwreck backgrounds?

18th Feb 20063
Filmmaker's Forum

Tv Project needs VFX, Animators, Compositors...

17th Mar 20093
General Chat

music from the contender boxing show

2nd May 20062
Filmmaker's Forum

Script editor / writer required for Feature film

12th Jan 20071
Filmmaker's Forum

Converting Quicktime VR's into somthing useful!

7th Feb 20061