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How do I avoid jagged edges while compositing?

30th Sep 200720
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Placing A 3D Model Behind An Actor Without Using Greenscreen

9th May 200810
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camera tracking in 3d app to use for greenscreening

27th Sep 20079
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How do I make shadows conform to the contours of the land?

3rd Oct 20079
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Ok here is the real problem with my jagged edges

5th Oct 20079
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T2 Puddle person

26th Sep 20078
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How do I clone someone like the video of the girl?

24th Sep 20077
Preset Requests

Ghostbusters Beam Effect Preset Request

25th Jul 20076
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Cloning The Girl On The Vision Lab Studio Demo Video

13th Jan 20095

Artificial Camera Shake TUTORIAL?

13th Apr 20105
CompositeLab Help

Light Spill in Compositelab Pro HELP? [ANSWER]

2nd Nov 20074
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where to find effectslab lite presets?

20th Mar 20094
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glass shatter?

6th May 20102
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ghostbusters beam Preset help

15th Jan 20081