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General Chat

Superman Returns~ <SPOILERS> Clips,Trailers,Ect.

2nd May 2006115
General Chat

Spot The Photoshop! [UPDATED NEW PIC]

17th Apr 2006106
General Chat

Oblivion : This game will destroy your life.

26th Mar 200693
General Chat

If I Could Be A Jedi -=) Picture Fabrication Contest (=-

3rd Apr 200628
General Chat

You will be Amazed, then go insane!

8th Aug 200625
FXhome Cinema

The Polcheck Chronicles - Case 1 : Get Randy

24th Mar 200623
Filmmaker's Forum

URGENT : Intellectual copyright

4th Oct 200621
Filmmaker's Forum

Buffy Shot, how does this look?

22nd Aug 200621
FXhome Cinema

The Polcheck Chronicles - 2006 X-Mas Special

19th Dec 200619
FXhome Product Discussion

FXHome MOdel with strange lip...

22nd Mar 200618
Filmmaker's Forum

Red Mark on Actress, Your thoughts?

23rd May 200615
General Chat

OMG! Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Demo

9th Aug 200613
FXhome Cinema

The Polcheck Chronicles - Case 2 : Totally Fragged

3rd Jul 200612
FXhome Cinema

The Polcheck Chronicles - A Very Polchek Christmas

10th Apr 200612
General Chat

Caption Game - Quoting Fun

3rd May 200610
General Chat

Oops! Special Effect Mistake in Superman Trailer!

8th May 200610
General Chat

Ferrari Rude Awakening - TV Add? Movie? What?

7th Jun 200610
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Spiderman 3 Teaser Description~

23rd Jun 200610
Filmmaker's Forum

Women Tied to Traintracks... music?

17th Nov 20069
General Chat

Gaming & Movie Franchises - A Step To Far?

23rd Mar 20069
FXhome Cinema

The Polcheck Chronicles - Case 3 : The Trouble with Charlie

8th May 20078
FXhome Cinema

CSI : Mona Vale

22nd Jun 20068
General Chat

HANS POLCHECK on Australian Idol !

16th Aug 20067
Filmmaker's Forum

Artists Wanted* for "Buffy : Forgotten Memories"

7th Aug 20067
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Freeware - Gta1 Gta2 and WildMetal

7th Jun 20067
Filmmaker's Forum

VEGAS5 Question - Plz Help!

18th Jun 20067
VisionLab Studio Help

How do get a layer from one project into another? [ANSWER]

4th Oct 20067
General Chat

E3, As We Know It, Is Gone

31st Jul 20066
Filmmaker's Forum

TCP Cinema Page not updating...

28th Mar 20066
General Chat

Jedi Pictures, what do you think.

7th Mar 20065
FXhome Product Discussion

VisionLab "Upgrade" Store Option (Mac-Win)

9th Oct 20075
General Chat

Superman Premier!

30th May 20064
General Chat

So bored...

16th May 20064
General Chat

The Shaun Micallef Program - Clever Skit.

28th Jun 20063
Filmmaker's Forum

Zippo Lighter in Mid-Air? Stockfootage?

16th Aug 20073
General Chat

HAPPY 2007 (pic)

3rd Jan 20073
General Chat

Real Optical Illusions

30th Mar 20062
Filmmaker's Forum

Vampire Dusting Plug-In... Where to get it?

21st Apr 20062
Filmmaker's Forum

Shatter Glass / Sugar Glass... Any one with Experiance?

22nd Mar 20062
General Chat

SyroVision off to LA -> NV -> BURNING MAN Yeeehaw!

24th Aug 20062
General Chat

"Reels of Steel" News Article on Short Film I Made

31st Oct 20061