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General Chat

Is Ben3308 "Joe" from Blues Clues?

16th Mar 200825
General Chat

Looking for comments and suggestions about the website

7th Jan 200815
Filmmaker's Forum

You are not suggest Pro Gear is required to be professional?

14th Jan 200814
FXhome Cinema

Scene from Jedi Purge

17th Apr 200710
Filmmaker's Forum

Script Buddy - Online Resource

1st May 200710
FXhome Cinema

Switch Twisted

21st Aug 20079
Filmmaker's Forum

WARNING MUST READ HV20 Potential Buyers!

2nd Jul 20079
Filmmaker's Forum

Short FX/Composite Clip Feedback please

6th Jan 20088
Filmmaker's Forum

Original Music Score

14th Jun 20078
General Chat

Anyone in the community ever taken their product to market?

24th Sep 20077
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BBC Saving Private Ryan Beach Scene on a low budget?!

4th Jan 20087
FXhome Cinema

Jedi Purge Trailer

30th May 20077
FXhome Product Discussion

Any new tutorials planned for the future?

4th Sep 20076
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I found this one quite amusing...

11th Jan 20085
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So where did "Marathon" go?

5th Aug 20072
Filmmaker's Forum

Babelgum Online Film Festival

2nd Jan 20081
FXhome Cinema

Vader arrives at Coruscant

26th Jul 20111