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General Chat

Senator Obama's World Tour

27th Jul 200879
General Chat

Have you got a Wii? First impressions please...

19th Nov 200647
General Chat

LCD, Plasma or wait?

12th Jun 200825
General Chat

Recommendations for multiplayer PC game for network

19th Oct 200719
General Chat

Is IE 7 pants or what?

3rd Nov 200619
Filmmaker's Forum

Free stock footage dvd - normally $549!

6th Aug 200718
General Chat

Freeware CD audio player

13th Apr 200915
VisionLab Studio Help

Macromedia Projector has stopped working error - Win 7 64bit

19th Sep 201115
Filmmaker's Forum

Another request for opinions on Vegas Studio

18th Feb 200813
Filmmaker's Forum

Production company names

4th Dec 200612 Website Help

Site slow in Internet Explorer

3rd Apr 200612
General Chat

How many fonts is too many in XP?

26th Dec 200612
General Chat

Why are so many people called FXHomer?

8th May 200612
General Chat

What virus protection / fire wall do you recommend?

6th Feb 20089
CompositeLab Help

Resolution setting for title image for gleam [ANSWER]

4th Dec 20069
FXhome Product Discussion

Alternative to motion tracking...?

16th Jul 20079
Filmmaker's Forum

New Sony HDV camcorder HDR-FX7E

9th Oct 20068
General Chat

New hard drive very slow

4th Dec 20078
General Chat

How to downlaod You Tube videos

27th Jan 20088
EffectsLab Help

Light saber clash / lens flare [ANSWER]

26th Mar 20078
General Chat

Sony Bravia advert - are the balls real?

16th Jul 20068
CompositeLab Help

Help key framing a filter so its effect reduces [ANSWER]

1st Aug 20068 Website Help

Remembering log in

7th Jul 20068
FXhome Product Discussion

Making stock footage available to buy as downloads

31st Mar 20098
VisionLab Studio Help

How do I import Canon HV20 footage into VisionLab?

26th Nov 20117
General Chat

Daz Studio - new version

1st Aug 20077 Website Help

Problems posting to forums

4th Apr 20067
General Chat

Tv Studio Ident with the slogan "What does that mean

7th Sep 20087
Filmmaker's Forum

What format / compression to use for the web?

18th Aug 20067
General Chat

Free firewall

19th Feb 20097
General Chat

Get a graphics tablet!

24th Jun 20067
General Chat

DSLR Colour Reproduction Assistance

3rd Dec 20087
General Chat

Star Wars in the garage

2nd Jan 20086
General Chat

Adding search facility to a website

28th Apr 20076
CompositeLab Help

Can't delete key frames for garbage matte? [ANSWER]

9th Apr 20076
CompositeLab Help

How do I get an animated gif into CompLab Pro? [ANSWER]

18th Nov 20066 Website Help

Home page movie - guide to presets used

13th Sep 20065
Filmmaker's Forum

Deinterlacing in Adobe Premiere Elements 2

13th Jul 20065
General Chat

What free ftp software?

1st May 20065
CompositeLab Help

Key grading and keying advice needed [ANSWER]

14th Nov 20065
EffectsLab Help

If only you could fix the position of a neon light...

9th Jan 20075
General Chat

DDE Server window: Application error

12th Oct 20064
Filmmaker's Forum

Free Adobe software for photos and sound

5th Jan 20074 Website Help

Mozilla log in problems?

2nd Aug 20084
EffectsLab Help

How can I make my muzzle flashes look different? [ANSWER]

22nd Jan 20074
FXhome Product Discussion

Sound tracks for credit movies?

7th Jul 20064
Preset Requests

A big splash!

27th Apr 20064
Filmmaker's Forum

When to grade?

14th Apr 20064
Filmmaker's Forum

Stock footage wanted by Footage Firm

10th Jul 20083
CompositeLab Help

Drop shadow effect on masked image [ANSWER]

14th Jul 20063
Filmmaker's Forum

Free stock footage website from Footage Firm

8th Jul 20083
General Chat

Web page file size - what size is acceptable?

7th Jun 20073
Filmmaker's Forum

DV field order question

25th Dec 20063
General Chat

Can't install virus checker - urgent help needed please!

28th Jan 20073
Filmmaker's Forum

More free stuff - 3D skeleton and zombie models

24th Aug 20063
General Chat

Web design advice - use of <select> tag

26th Sep 20063 Website Help

Alam DV type effects library?

20th Apr 20073
Filmmaker's Forum

Pong video game sound effects

27th Dec 20063
FXhome Product Discussion

VisionLab upgrade question...

10th Dec 20073
EffectsLab Help

Can you rotate a particle emitter? [ANSWER]

7th Jan 20073
General Chat

How do you make and sell video podcasts?

27th Oct 20062
General Chat

Windows Xp - icons missing

1st May 20062
Filmmaker's Forum

Licence for use of copyright music - UK members look here

8th Oct 20062
CompositeLab Help

Transparency of tiff image [ANSWER]

9th Apr 20072 Website Help

Future of the FX Home website?

23rd Sep 20112
EffectsLab Help

TIP: How to sync muzzle flashes with existing soundtrack

16th Jan 20072
Filmmaker's Forum

More free stock footage

2nd Jul 20071
General Chat

Thanks to yesterday's Live Chatters

27th Nov 20071
Filmmaker's Forum

HDV NTSC to PAL frame rate conversion issues

22nd Sep 20111