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Filmmaker's Forum

Q:If you had $300 for either a Cam or 1 semester Film School

24th Jul 200632
Filmmaker's Forum

Q:Going to film school or not? With todays technology, Why?

2nd Jul 200625
Filmmaker's Forum

Q:Best low budget (<$99.00) Video EDITING Software?

8th Jul 200611
FXhome Product Discussion

Q:If FX Lab is £89 and Comp Lab £89, why is studio £299?

9th Jul 20065
Filmmaker's Forum

Dear sweet lord, are there any programs like this for pc...

7th Jul 20064
Filmmaker's Forum

Q:Here is the maximum I need to do, now, what is the minimum

10th Jul 20064
Filmmaker's Forum

Q:Challenge:How would you create a scene like this today?

11th Jul 20064
Filmmaker's Forum

Q:What is the best super SUPER cheap DV cam I can get?

9th Jul 20063
Filmmaker's Forum

TIP: (Idea) Pro, Backlit style greenscreen idea...

9th Jul 20061