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Filmmaker's Forum

Panasonic HVX200

22nd Aug 200723
Backdrop Requests

Needing devastation

18th May 20079
EffectsLab Help

Help! I want to animate my company logo [ANSWER]

29th Jul 20077
CompositeLab Help

Turning 30 zombies into 3000 [ANSWER]

18th May 20077
Preset Requests

Ejecting shotgun shell

28th Jul 20077
CompositeLab Help

I need to get rid of things in the background [ANSWER]

22nd May 20076
EffectsLab Help

Blood splatting effects

28th Oct 20085
CompositeLab Help

Terrible hot spot on green screen! Need some help.

30th Mar 20114
EffectsLab Help

Need a bit of muzzle flash help- trying to learn.

3rd Apr 20114
EffectsLab Help

Bluring/pixelating just one thing in a clip?

17th Apr 20114
CompositeLab Help

Resizing actors [ANSWER]

10th Aug 20073
EffectsLab Help

Fixing dark footage

18th May 20073
Filmmaker's Forum

DVX100B question

12th May 20093
Filmmaker's Forum

Anyone ever use any tracks from "Immediate Music"?

2nd Nov 20082
Filmmaker's Forum

Premiere audio problem

25th Aug 20072
Filmmaker's Forum

Anyone Good with Graphics?

5th May 20102 Website Help

How do I check just the threads in the forum I'm watching?

28th Oct 20081
Filmmaker's Forum

Anyone have any thunderstorm footage laying around?

28th Oct 20081
Backdrop Requests

Need video of an audience- prefer teens at a convention

11th Apr 20111