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Filmmaker's Forum

Rip DVD WITH Subtitles

1st Apr 200834
Filmmaker's Forum

Stock Footage keying problem :/

16th May 200722
General Chat

afraid of the future...

8th May 200720
Filmmaker's Forum

New Microphone

14th Feb 200716
Filmmaker's Forum

Soundtrack by Moby for free

24th May 200715
Filmmaker's Forum

need a new microphone with minijack!

6th Apr 200713
VisionLab Studio Help

Making effects slower [ANSWER]

19th Jan 200711
Filmmaker's Forum

Illegal using my production name?

15th May 200711
FXhome Product Discussion

Advantage with a Core2Quad?

12th Aug 200710
FXhome Cinema

Storli 4 Trailer

22nd Feb 200710
General Chat

Wohoo! Just purchased VisionLab Studio!

14th Jan 200710
Filmmaker's Forum

Animating a Gun

13th Jun 20079
EffectsLab Help

Bullettrail - "Matrix-Move" possible? [ANSWER]

26th Dec 20068
General Chat

How to build a Lightsaber gripe?

19th Jan 20078
EffectsLab Help

Difference between Download/Amazon Version? [ANSWER]

4th Jan 20078
FXhome Cinema

"Tatzeit" (time of offence)

5th May 20094 Website Help

Any way to download the Videotutorials?

11th Feb 20073
Filmmaker's Forum

Music for Lightsaber Battle

14th Feb 20083
FXhome Cinema

Storli 6 - official Trailer

22nd Apr 20083
Filmmaker's Forum

Your Location (GER)

30th May 20072