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General Chat

Poll for superheros

1st Feb 200736
General Chat

The Office Thread

2nd Jan 200831
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Who would win in a fight

8th Feb 200829
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It's Christmas Eve!

24th Dec 200728
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Guitar Players

9th Feb 200821
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Superhero Poll... Updated!

10th Feb 200720
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Help selling my movie

15th Aug 200720
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Getting a Phone... NEED HELP!

20th Jul 200720
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One Missed Call

6th Jan 200819
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Chuck Norris Jokes

12th Jul 200719
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Banners/ signiture Request

1st Jun 200718
FXhome Cinema

Frankenstiene vs. Dracula

22nd Jun 200716
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New Fxhome Movie

14th Nov 200715
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Heres a video a made:

19th May 20079
Preset Requests


13th Feb 20078
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Comedy Movie Contest!

2nd Mar 20088
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Why I like Fxhome

18th Aug 20077
EffectsLab Help

How do you save and submit a created particle. [ANSWER]

29th Dec 20067
Filmmaker's Forum

Exporting music to Windows Movie Maker

6th Mar 20077
Filmmaker's Forum

A new movie im making

15th Dec 20077
FXhome Cinema

Battle of the Nerds

25th May 20077
General Chat

Logo Request

30th Dec 20076
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17th May 20076
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Take a look at this

27th Jan 20086
FXhome Cinema

Living Dead Hunters in: Skeleton Killers 1 Trailor

2nd Aug 20076
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WOlfmother Break Up

19th Aug 20086
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Class Rep music video

4th Oct 20075
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18th Aug 20075
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Virtual Sets

2nd Feb 20085
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Web hosting

1st Apr 20075
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Greenscreen for under $50

7th Nov 20074
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Camera Help

29th Oct 20074
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Youtube Help

28th Dec 20073
General Chat

Wifi password

27th Jan 20083 Website Help

Private Message Not Working

22nd Dec 20073
General Chat

My Hauntfest Submission Help

30th Sep 20073
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Hauntfest Help

23rd Oct 20072
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My Superhero Poll is in...

2nd Apr 20072

Compositing: Cloning in effectslab

6th Jun 20072
Filmmaker's Forum

Buying Nightcast and Between the Lines

22nd Dec 20072 Website Help

How do i submit a movie?

25th Jan 20072
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19th Feb 20071
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War Movie Tips and tricks

9th Dec 20071
Backdrop Requests

Free Background...

20th Feb 20071