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Topics Started By Link123456

Filmmaker's Forum

Who here can make AlamD plugins? (And soon)?

15th Jan 200743
Filmmaker's Forum


5th Apr 200730
FXhome Cinema

The Legend of Zelda: The Movie scene 1

25th Apr 200727
Filmmaker's Forum

Burning down the village scene: ATTEMPT 2

24th Jun 200720
Filmmaker's Forum

Burning down village scene: Your opinion

22nd Jun 200718
Filmmaker's Forum

REAL Alpha channel problems

24th Jun 200717
Filmmaker's Forum

Need cgi/2D animation maker

16th Mar 200714
Backdrop Requests

Battlefield (Empty)

1st Nov 200713
Backdrop Requests

Stone steps leading to temple

21st Apr 200712
Filmmaker's Forum

Software request (?)

17th Dec 200810
Preset Requests

Any Smash Bros requests?

13th Mar 200810
Filmmaker's Forum

CGI Maker needed urgently

20th Apr 20079
Filmmaker's Forum

How to add shadows?

15th Jul 20079
Filmmaker's Forum

Can someone convert a 3D model for me?

6th Feb 20088
Backdrop Requests

Ocarina of Time: Navi

3rd Jan 20078
Preset Requests

anime style ring *Hey look what I made*

1st Sep 20077
Filmmaker's Forum

Blender tutorials *THE BASICS*

16th Jan 20076
EffectsLab Help

'Grade Object' in effects lab lite [ANSWER]

25th Feb 20076
Filmmaker's Forum

Our films new logo - your view?

17th May 20086
Filmmaker's Forum

Altering alpha channeling

29th Mar 20076
General Chat

sorry I'm new

22nd Dec 20065
Backdrop Requests


8th Mar 20075
Backdrop Requests

Majora's mask images

23rd Dec 20064
Filmmaker's Forum

Why does it never have sound?!

25th Aug 20074
Preset Requests

Twilight princess *Wierd blocky teleport effect*

19th Jun 20074
Preset Requests

Grading: calm fishing scene

29th Jan 20083
CompositeLab Help

Garbage Mattes and masks [ANSWER]

5th Sep 20073
Preset Requests

Liberator teleport

24th Dec 20063 Website Help

Please people can I have an upload site that WORKS?

23rd Apr 20073
Preset Requests

Smoke ring

4th Jun 20072