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General Chat

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - LOOK SIR, SPOILERS!

6th Jul 200795
General Chat


24th Mar 200775
Filmmaker's Forum

Laptop or desktop to make movies?

27th Oct 200752
General Chat

Does money make happiness? Vote and debate!

20th May 200745
General Chat

Oh, dear, look at what the HP producers are going to do next

14th Mar 200826
General Chat

Favourite Movie Compagnie

2nd Apr 200722
Filmmaker's Forum

Suggestions For a Good NLE?

11th Jul 200720
VisionLab Studio Help

Submitting a preset [ANSWER]

11th Mar 200712
Filmmaker's Forum

2 questions about buying a camera

16th Jul 20079
Filmmaker's Forum

MiniDV cassettes

30th May 20079
General Chat

Character design - not sure if I should use it

7th Aug 20079
Filmmaker's Forum

Cheap 3D animation softwear

29th Apr 20078
VisionLab Studio Help

Help with digital selection [ANSWER]

11th Jan 20078
Filmmaker's Forum

Blender question: textures

14th Aug 20078
Filmmaker's Forum

3D characters: Bryce or Blender better?

10th Jan 20088
VisionLab Studio Help

Odd line at right of monitor [ANSWER]

15th Jul 20088
General Chat


25th Mar 20077
VisionLab Studio Help

Customizing your particle texture [ANSWER]

9th Mar 20077

Masking: Make an Old Pirate's Telescope in CLab of VLab

9th Apr 20075
FXhome Cinema


9th Jun 20085 Website Help

Little 'Problem', I guess you could call it

4th Feb 20084
VisionLab Studio Help

layers missing after having rendered [ANSWER]

17th Jan 20074 Website Help

A very nooby question about negative ratings

23rd Apr 20073 Website Help

Suggestion for the site

23rd Apr 20073 Website Help

Using banners in other places than

23rd Mar 20073