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Topics Started By mercianfilm

Filmmaker's Forum

Scribble presents 'The IInd' production diary!Yay

29th Apr 200769
General Chat

Your greatest movie?

27th Mar 200745
General Chat

Cloverfield revealed at last?

28th Jul 200734
Filmmaker's Forum


3rd Jun 200725
Filmmaker's Forum


2nd Jun 200721
Filmmaker's Forum

Mercian film presents 'The fall of Britannia' (Working title

11th Oct 201021
Filmmaker's Forum

3D and Live action?

22nd Apr 200719
Filmmaker's Forum

Your budget?

11th Jun 200717
General Chat

Wow! Halo!

9th Aug 200716
Filmmaker's Forum

Filming in a church?

24th May 200715
Filmmaker's Forum

Studio lights

17th Jul 200714
CompositeLab Help

Resizing? [ANSWER]

18th May 200713
General Chat

Another Halo film topic!

12th Nov 200712
Preset Requests

Any way of getting arrows?

28th Mar 200710
General Chat

Games workshop

19th Apr 20079
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23rd Jul 20079
Filmmaker's Forum

Thinking of buying the XM2.

16th Mar 20079
Filmmaker's Forum

Need help with some crowd simulation

23rd Mar 20078
General Chat

Will this be copyright?

28th Apr 20078
General Chat

Help! -camera reccomendations?

3rd Jan 20078
General Chat

woohoo! My budgets back on track!

19th Apr 20086
Filmmaker's Forum

How difficult is 3ds Max?

13th Jul 20076
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5th Sep 20076
General Chat

Anyone with paypal (Uk) that can help?!

5th Aug 20075
CompositeLab Help

Maximum layer capacity [ANSWER]

13th Jul 20074
General Chat

May be gonea a while

16th Nov 20073
Chromanator Help

Would a green screen look better against blue material?

10th May 20073
FXhome Product Discussion

Very noob question about the software

27th Mar 20073
EffectsLab Help

Meteors coming from above the camera?

13th Apr 20073
Filmmaker's Forum

How do i get my film onto my computer?

3rd Jan 20072
General Chat

Can't wait to see 300!

25th Mar 20072
General Chat

Sci fi convention thing at the national space centre

2nd Nov 20071
General Chat

Happy new year!

10th Jan 20081
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Free web portals?

9th Jun 20071
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2nd Jul 20101