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Filmmaker's Forum

So many Camcorders! Yet so little money...

16th Jan 200716
Filmmaker's Forum

When you only got one camera...different angles possible?

10th Feb 200713
Filmmaker's Forum

Is CampusTech a trusted store for editing software?

4th Feb 200712
Filmmaker's Forum

Yeah, magic is fake, but how do you pull this off?

12th Apr 200710
Filmmaker's Forum

"Lighting is everything" Assistance please.

31st May 200710
Filmmaker's Forum

Any cheap softwares to create "creative" font?

2nd Feb 20077
Filmmaker's Forum

How to make a person fly? (useing greenscreen)

24th Jan 20077
Filmmaker's Forum

Canon GL2 vs Sony DCR-VX2100

6th Sep 20076
Filmmaker's Forum

Microphones - Stereo Vs. Mono

13th Oct 20076
Filmmaker's Forum

Interviews 101?

11th Dec 20074
Preset Requests

Bullets hitting dirt

28th Jan 20073