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Filmmaker's Forum

Bachelor's Degree in Film

8th Apr 200734
Filmmaker's Forum

No clue what to write.

26th Jun 200721
Filmmaker's Forum

Inspiration for writing.

21st Feb 200718
EffectsLab Help

Burning building effects?

31st Jan 200717
Filmmaker's Forum


2nd Dec 200711
Filmmaker's Forum

Canon XL-1 wide angle?

6th Feb 200711
General Chat


7th Feb 200710
Filmmaker's Forum

Dummy parts.

8th Feb 20079
Filmmaker's Forum

Why wide-angle?

7th Mar 20078
Filmmaker's Forum

Earth stock footage

6th Aug 20078
Filmmaker's Forum

Filters for Century Optics .7x lens.

18th Apr 20076
Filmmaker's Forum

In need of specific sounds.

31st Jan 20096
Preset Requests

Oldboy look.

2nd Feb 20076
FXhome Cinema

MySpace Robot

10th Dec 20075
Filmmaker's Forum

Tripod for Canon XL-1S

30th Jan 20075
Filmmaker's Forum

HELP with Wide-angle adapter

25th Mar 20074
Filmmaker's Forum

Meteor shower footage

2nd Sep 20073
Filmmaker's Forum

Old Sci-fi music

25th Nov 20073 Website Help

FXperience points

8th Apr 20082