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Filmmaker's Forum

Any ideas for first person Camera shots?

8th Dec 200925
Filmmaker's Forum

Exporting QT Animation files with Visionlab. Why so BIG?

13th Jun 200811
CompositeLab Help

3DS Max Z-Depth

12th Apr 20109
EffectsLab Help

Creating Blood Splatter

7th Feb 20075
Filmmaker's Forum

Sound filters? For CB's Walkie talkies etc.?

17th Apr 20075
VisionLab Studio Help

Any way to use different effects for different layers?

6th Jul 20095
VisionLab Studio Help

"Multiply" layers with FXHome

17th Apr 20103
VisionLab Studio Help

Halfing a scene

12th Sep 20093
Filmmaker's Forum

VisionLab has been very very good to me. :-)

8th Jul 20101