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General Chat

Pirates of the carribean 3

12th May 200759
Filmmaker's Forum

Ok people do the STAR WARS but wheres the TREK?

4th Jul 200722
Filmmaker's Forum

You new this was coming...(HP related) -NO SPOILERS-

22nd Jul 200721
Filmmaker's Forum


10th May 200719
Filmmaker's Forum

Need good logo designer! Pay force for good result...

25th Apr 200716
Filmmaker's Forum

Need Help finding that Free Movie Planner

28th May 200813
General Chat

Harry Potter RPG

30th Aug 200711
Filmmaker's Forum

Vue 6 - Tardis

16th Jun 20079
Filmmaker's Forum

Tracking motion dot program?

30th Jun 20078
Backdrop Requests

moving corusant

3rd May 20077
Filmmaker's Forum

Location Location Location!

17th Jun 20076
General Chat

The Harry Potter Role playing game

20th Jul 20076
Filmmaker's Forum

Need help with the hologram effect

27th Apr 20076
Backdrop Requests

time tunnel including tardis?

9th Jun 20074
Filmmaker's Forum

Making sets

1st Jul 20073
Backdrop Requests

shuttle launch

27th Apr 20073
EffectsLab Help

Help with applying second layer of lightsabers onto first?

23rd Apr 20073