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AlamDV2 Plugin Requests

I need more air/space explosion variations

5th Jan 200422
AlamDV2 Plugin Requests

Be4uask30male... Think you could do more stuntmen?

26th May 200310
Filmmaker's Forum

I've looked everywhere, but can't find decent explosions...

22nd Dec 200310
Filmmaker's Forum

Place to get tons of free, high quality sound fx?

24th Feb 20038
Filmmaker's Forum

Adding bluescreen in AlamDV + masking

29th Apr 20037
AlamDV2 Help

Serial and username won't work...

25th Dec 20036
Filmmaker's Forum

Anyone know where to get free 3D models of people?

25th May 20036
Filmmaker's Forum

Shadows in 3D Studio Max

1st Jan 20035
Filmmaker's Forum

Think this will work for an "Agent-Morph" type eff

22nd May 20035
AlamDV2 Plugin Requests

Could the ChromaKeying filter be redone?

18th Dec 20024
Filmmaker's Forum

Where can I get the Agent Smith instrumental rift?

4th Jun 20033
Filmmaker's Forum

Need help in creating the Armageddon destruction of Earth

22nd Feb 20033
Filmmaker's Forum

Making laser fire???

29th Dec 20022
Filmmaker's Forum

Where can I find good quality sounds from Star Wars?

2nd Jan 20032
Filmmaker's Forum

Some questions about Poser 4

2nd Jul 20032