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General Chat

Big Bang Day!

10th Sep 200829
Filmmaker's Forum

Upcoming movie

13th May 200819
EffectsLab Help

Help, Good Blood and Bullet hits

10th May 200815
Filmmaker's Forum

What can effects lab do?

7th Jun 200813
General Chat

Downloading Youtube Vids

29th Jul 200811
Backdrop Requests

Intro Logo

24th May 200810
FXhome Cinema


19th May 200810
Filmmaker's Forum

District 9

19th Jul 20108
General Chat

After Effects CS3 (Where can I BUY)

20th Oct 20087
General Chat

Youtube - Uploading Videos

6th Aug 20086
Filmmaker's Forum

Upcoming Movie

29th Jul 20086
EffectsLab Help

Upgrading EL

28th May 20085

Tutorial - Fire man & Invisibility

2nd Sep 20085
General Chat

Wanted 2008 Movie

27th Aug 20084
EffectsLab Help

Fxhome Software - Very Slow

3rd Aug 20084
Preset Requests

Partical Dust

26th Jun 20083
EffectsLab Help


19th Apr 20103
General Chat

Little Britain USA

3rd Oct 20083
EffectsLab Help


16th Oct 20083
CompositeLab Help

Flame On...Etc

29th Jul 20083
CompositeLab Help

Stock footage

28th Jul 20083
EffectsLab Help

Read, Need Help Quick. News Report

28th Jan 20102
EffectsLab Help

HELP ! Windows Movie maker crashes ?

30th Jan 20102
General Chat

Heros - Season Three

3rd Aug 20082
EffectsLab Help

Ergent HELP !

31st May 20102
General Chat

iPod Commerical (Contains Strong Lanuage)

20th Sep 20081
General Chat

Youtube Videos

28th Jul 20081

Fast Effect & Human Torch & Invisibility TUTORIAL

27th Feb 20101