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Crazy Director

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General Chat

Lefty alternatives to the right handed stuff

21st Mar 200934
General Chat

External Hardrive

6th Mar 201013
Filmmaker's Forum

All presets have disappeared

5th Jul 20108
VisionLab Studio Help

Motion jumping error

6th Jun 20108
General Chat

Doctor Who! *Spoilers Warning*

25th Dec 20096
General Chat

Broken Camcorder

10th Sep 20094
VisionLab Studio Help

Background replacement without chromakey or matting

2nd Apr 20094
General Chat

Why isn't there a bbfc 12 certificate in the movie archive?

13th Mar 20093
VisionLab Studio Help

MagCore.dll Not found = Rendering errors

2nd Aug 20113
Filmmaker's Forum

Does framerate and interleaving matter?

30th Apr 20092