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Filmmaker's Forum

Using copyrighted music... on a nobudget film?

27th Jun 200348
Filmmaker's Forum

HDV or not?? DCR-VX2100 vs HDR-FX1

14th Feb 200527
Filmmaker's Forum

Glidecam Gold V-8 Special with a vest only $179???

14th Feb 200525
Filmmaker's Forum

I want footage on 3ccd vs 1ccd!

4th Mar 200423
Filmmaker's Forum

Voice dubbing, make it more "real life", etc..

13th Jun 200318
Filmmaker's Forum

WANTED: Deep voice for a trailer! :)

27th Jul 200517
Filmmaker's Forum

Wheels for a moving tripod! (Attached images..)

4th Mar 200417
FXhome Cinema

CRACKMAN - The movie! :)

15th Oct 200315
General Chat

WANTED: American producer/actor, age 30 for SHORT job!

13th Mar 200413 Website Help

I think I'm gonna buy AlamDV... what do you think? :)

12th May 200313
FXhome Cinema

CRACKMAN - The trailer!

7th Oct 200311
Filmmaker's Forum

What is the best DV Codec? Microsoft, Matrox, MainConcept?

3rd Mar 20059
Filmmaker's Forum

Steadycam with vest $1399 - (Smooth shooter by RainArt)

7th Mar 20056
Filmmaker's Forum

Glidecam Smooth Shooter REVIEW! (Steadycam+vest = Sweet!:)

26th Apr 20056
Filmmaker's Forum

Hosting movies at

20th Aug 20034
Filmmaker's Forum

Deinterlace panning motion - Jerks a lot!!?? =(

3rd Mar 20054